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Last Visited: 23 days ago
GPS: 41.833048, -124.035684
Altitude: 64.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

A hidden gem. sign:Cooper Flat. looks like a turn our but there is a dirt road that goes down to the river.

make sure you walk to the main river to find magical pools!!! we're ao grateful we found this place!


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Pretty and great river access but very crowded on the weekend and campsite ‘personal space’ doesn’t seem to be as much of a thing in California. Outhouse is available at the turnout above.

This place is going on my TOP fav places to stay. Yes, it is close to the main road so there is traffic noise, but it's right by the creek so that cancels out most of the noise. We were able to snag the second parking spot and had to use level blocks. Hike up the stream to get a private spot to swim or hike down the stream to get for a larger swimming spot in the open. No Verizon reception at all.

This place is absolutely stunning! The campsites are right off the road so there is road noise, but there is a babbling creek right next to the sites. On that note, there are quite a few mosquitos. The river access is super easy and there is even a beautiful trail for a stroll through the woods.

3 spots, only one can get level (2nd spot, to the left of the tree in the ‘flats’ at the bottom, most rigs will have to back in to get level). 2nd spot can fit a Class B or up to 27’ C, the others are car or small pickup spots.

Weekday in mid-august and it was packed, with 2 more who came down and drove iff because it was full.

Still, a pretty corner. Some highway noise.

Road construction is right above this spot at the moment.

Lovely spot for tents or tiny camper. Great creek and swimming! A hidden gem

Cute little spot, must have been cleaned up since the last people. The dude who was mentioned in the previous one (6/21/2020) wasn’t there anymore. Really a hidden gem and would recommend if you are looking a spot near by. Beautiful river down the path - we saw 3 water snakes.

A guy there that looks like he lives there out of his truck. Some garbage lying around. A bit trashed. 3 spots. Easy walk to river

Great place! Follow little road down. Below the highway, about 50ft away so you can see cars (but they don’t see you). Right next to a creek. No cell service at all (Verizon). 2 big sports, and you can squeeze 2-3 smaller cars into the turnaround area.

Great site! There's 3 small sites, just off the road. Some road noise at night. Nearby river was about 100m away and very beautiful. Too cold to swim in mid-June and was 50°F temp outside. Made a great overnight in the middle of the northern part of Redwoods.

very cool little place. it does look like a turnover on the road, but there's a barely visible road down. all gravel and very short. it goes down right down to the river. we stayed there a night with no issues. there's enough room for multiple rigs. firepits too. we hiked down the river and it led us to a huge river. it also had some pools that we tried to stay in but it was too cold. I'm sure they're great it summer. it's a short hike. i had no cell service (cricket or atnt).

Great little spot! I had it all to myself on a Friday night. You can hardly hear any vehicles with the creek and river being right there. I had a fire last night and a dip in the river to start my Saturday. A bit cold, but channel your Wim Hof and it’s all good.

Amazing little spot just off the road, very little headlight or car noise. Flat spaces for 3-4 cars or vans, don’t think anything bigger could fit.

Still magical and as described by previous posters. Stayed Sunday night 10/20/19 and had the place to myself.

Magical spot indeed! About 3 parking spots here. Lovely short walk down to the river w pools, small waterfalls, & great igneous outcrop. Watch for frogs & tadpoles as you step.

What a gem! As other people mentioned, make sure to walk out to the main river for a swim. Road noise ceases after dark for the most part.
Only annoying part was all the slugs & centipedes on the ground. Soooo many of them, had to watch our step.

Cool spot right off the road very close to Jedediah Redwoods. Creek noise helps cancel out the road noise. Established fire rings and lovely walk down to rivers and pools.

Every nice spot near the River
Un beau sport près de la rivière, par prudence aller voir a pied si il reste de la place car seulement 3 places et ensuite difficile de faire demi tour. Gratuit, aucune interdiction, en contre bas de la route donc sans bruit . Que pour les petits véhicules.

Could have easily stayed another night. just off highway as described. pack out what you pack in. Bit of garbage laying around. magical pools indeed! very pet friendly area.

A great one nighter. We didn't have a fire just slept.

Had a nice evening at the river. Place seems to be very popular, several cars came by in the evening, but couldn't stay since all spots were already taken. Directly at highway so expect some noise throughout the day.

3 private spots. A little trash left behind leads us to believe these spots will be closed soon. Fire pits in place. River was low so no magic pools.

Excellent spot! Too small for big RVs to get down to; just right for 1-2 vehicles.

Beautiful spot woth a nice fire pit! Enough space for 3 van (we were 2), I'm gonna stay one more day and enjoy a hike along the main river. Please, keep this spot clean, I'll give you a "karma point" if you do it 😉

make sure you walk to the main river to find magical pools!!! we're ao grateful we found this place!