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about 1 month ago
2864.5 masl


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They helped us to get an American gas bottle filled


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It‘s the guy (Alvaro) that works at Funda Gas outside the city (see other entries in iOverlander). At Fund Gas itself and at the plant Qhora Qhora nobody would do anything (we tried everything). But than Alvaro showed up and told us to come to his house (this location) where we could fill our US bottle.
You can also send him a whats app. +59167654012

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Guy wasn’t available when we showed up, but we left the tank there around noon. Was told to return at 6pm to pick it up. 35b to fill from empty.

Just note that a few times after, our stove wouldn’t start. We had to let the gas escape for a while, then wait, then try to start it. Not sure if air got in the tank...

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Rang the bell. Lady said the man wasn't there and to come back later. White 3 story building on the corner. J. Mendoza 382.

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Maybe we’re just blind but we couldn’t find this place. Tuesday at 9am.

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Please be aware: it's officially forbidden to fill the foreign gas bottles. So please don't talk about it in public - they'll get severe problems. Just knock at his door and ask . They will happily help you - give them a tip. We paid 25Bol for 6kg

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They helped us to get an American gas bottle filled

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