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GPS: 27.96726, -114.02001
Altitude: 7.6 masl


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Refilling station for propane. $10.87 pesos a liter as of Nov 27, 2017. They handled the regular American connections. I am not familiar with other connections.


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Filled a five gallon tank here. $212p Nice guys.

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easy to pull next to the gate with large rv.

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$11.53pesos per litre.
Nice guys, they give receipt if needed too.

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11.53/litre isNovembers price. Nice guys.

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215 pesos for my 20 liters bottle. excellent service, he helped me from A to Z with my bottle in my truck camper (high storage).

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11.92MEX/liter onFebruary 18,2019
Fast and official

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Good service but they only accept cash. ....

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Refilling station for propane. $10.87 pesos a liter as of Nov 27, 2017.

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an other place to refill propane
we paid 9.95 pesos per litre

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