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Last Visited: 2 months ago
GPS: 31.67816, -8.04863
Altitude: 403.0 masl
Phone: +212661145645


Repairs Vehicles: Yes
Repairs Motorcycles: Unknown
Repairs Bicycles: Unknown
Sells Parts: Yes

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Atraxion is one of the best workshops for 4*4 in Morocco. They have a good selection of spare parts in stock. Atraxion regularly supervises rallies and offers training courses for off-road driving. Unlike many other workshops, Atraxion is very well organised. The prices are good. It is possible to find cheaper workshops. However, it is not easy to find workshops in Morocco that provide the same quality of work.


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I am not someone who gives his car to just any garage. I live in Rabat and I spent half a year looking for a garage good enough to repaint my car. After seeing the results of friends who had their car painted at Atraxion, I was convinced and had my HZJ76 painted silver there. Today I picked up my car and I am thrilled. The team did a very good job. The communication with Aziz, the boss of the studio, was very pleasant. I also had the windscreen replaced, which also went very well. They did lose my holder for my mobile phone, but that's not such a big deal.

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my steering damper on my toyota landcruiser broke. they had a new one in stock and put it in right away. excellent and friendly service. very knowledgeable with regards to landcruisers. high highly recomnend and would always come back if i needed something

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We went in to get someone to look at our excessive engine oil consumption. After looking at it for 5 minutes while idling and unscrewing the oil filler cap the mechanic declared the engine was totalled and that it would take a week just to figure out what the problem was exactly. No further questions were asked about symptons while driving or anything else. The receptionist spoke English and was very kind to translate. Eventhough they did look at it and were nice enough, we got the feeling they weren't interested in helping us out. Got a second opinion down the street at another garage. They found the leak after actually looking into the problem (some disassembling and troubleshooting).

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We went in to get someone to look at our excessive engine oil consumption. After 5 minutes d

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It’s not a dealership mechanic. It gets the job done. Might take a while and your presence in the shop, next to the car, for things to move forward, but it’s no big deal. Zakaria, the owner, is nice and treats you well. Have called him in advance was useful: +212-661-145645. FB atraxion4x4. Couldn’t get a quote before the service, which is dangerous in Marrocos. They open at 8:30 and close at 18:00, Monday to Friday. Credit card accepted with 20% or so extra charge, due to taxes... ATM very close to the shop. Had my Toyota LC break master cylinder replaced and a few more ordinary services done.

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Garage très mauvais en mecanique
N'est intéressé que par des Humer ou similaires
Et surtout patron sans parole et agressif.
A déconseiller.....

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Off-road vehicle specialist as they race their own vehicles in the desert and also run training courses. Good prices

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