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7 months ago
27.9 masl


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To enter in the reserve, you need to pay 32 pesos pp ( plus 70 pp at the entrance of the ruins) and if you enter after16h30 you can pass for free because it's closed... if you don't have a lot of money like us...


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This place is permanently closed.

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as explained, no more payment at this gate, request for item closure done

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We thought we could beat the system by staying at Michol and arriving after 4:30pm, but you pay the 97p for park entry when you buy your Palenque ticket now.

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Now it's 97 pesos by person, it's an official one, you need to pay it near the museum in the same moment with your billet for the ruins which is now of 85 pesos

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mise à jour : l'astuce d'arriver plus tard ne marche pas/plus car si vous n'avez pas le bracelet ils vous font payer à l'entrée du site archéologique...

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the fee now is 90 pesos pp, which is totally a scam. You've got 3 options,

1. drive thru and be very clear telling them you are just going to your hotel and you're not gonna pay (because you checked in the day before after 430)

2. find the road that surrounds the place, there's no one in the other side, it's about 15 km on a dirt road.

3. come after 430

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We passed by at a Saturday 3p.m; we have to pay 36Pesos each person;

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2:45pm, we had to pay 36MXP/pP to enter the park. It is valid for 5 days.

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Pagamento obrigatório para entrar nas ruínas, $36,00 Mexicanos por pessoa. Nessa área aceita cachorro, mas na ruínas não. Para entrar nas ruínas são mais $75,00 pesos por pessoa.

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We passed on a sunday at 6pm and it was closed... thus free.

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still there, price is 34 pesos per person.

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Just passed this at 3pm and they also did not charge us - maybe because it's Sunday?
Beware this is just the caseta for the park, you still have to pay another fee if you want to see the ruins!

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its not the real coordinate its just less than 100 meters after.
to enter in the reserve you need to pay 32 pesos pp ( plus 70 pp at the entrance of the ruins)
and if you enter after16h30 you can pass for free because its closed... if you dont have alot of money like us

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