Cafe Brújula | Restaurant



over 2 years ago
42.9 masl


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Quiet place, clean, nice service, tasty food, good variety (see menu pictures),

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We had coffee, carne empanadas and cheese empanadas. Coffee was acceptable, empanadas not so good. We each had a scoop of pepino/menta ice cream in a cone which was delicious, makes our top ten list!

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Had the grilled chicken for lunch and it was lovely and a plain lettuce salad.
very busy but pleasant atmosphere.

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Really delicious ice cream that they make in-house. Lots of interesting flavours! We tried the Palta (avocado) and it was maybe one of the best ice creams I've had ($1800 for a big one flavour cone). They have a changing cake selection as well with large, fresh and delicious portions ($2650). I didn't have any real food but the table sitting next to us did and it all looked good, very standard.

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Homemade ice cream, cakes, pub/grill food and drinks!

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