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6 months ago
2389.2 masl


Yes - At Sites
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Secure Parking
Running Water
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Hotel Posada El Viejo Oticón/Los frailejones de piña negra. A fabulous hotel in the beautiful town of Socotá. Hot water, good WiFi, very very friendly staff, clean and great bed! 48000 for a double room and (parking for bikes and cars/campers?)! Very very highly recommended!


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This is still a great little hotel, and still 32,000 for one person. Private room with bathroom, and secure parking for 1-2 motos in the inner courtyard. The entrance door is fairly small, my handlebars only just fit so a larger bike might not. It has great views overlooking the town too. Only downside is no breakfast/coffee option, and in this little town there’s not much to choose from so try to arrive prepared.

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Beautiful room for 32,000 COP. I stayed 2 nights because it was just so lovely. Would absolutely recommend it.

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Super lovely, clean, a wee treat after a few days cycling in the rain. 54k for two in a room, 32k for one (same size room). Wouldn’t say the water is hot but more than serviceable! Town has a nice vibe too.

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Great find. Cute place. Clean, comfortable and even hot water. The owner is lovely and he speaks pretty good English. If you come on the weekend or there is a cerrado sign knock anyways. He said he doesn't like to deal with the drunks on the weekend. 54,000 for 2 people. We are traveling by bikes and where originally planning to stop in Jericho, so glad we pushed on.

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Great place. Love the atmosphere. Enough space to store two bicycles. Basic rooms with everything you need. Parking lot for 4WD, motorcycle. Not enough space to park your expedition truck.

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Lovely, beautiful and quiet hotel. We would recommand it.

New hotel name: los Frailejones de piña negra
In lunch time (12-2pm) they might be eating somewhere so the hotel might look close (we were here and no one answered nor opened the door).

48,000 cop for 2 people
Kitchen: this is their private kitchen, first the lady said no. Later the guy told us we were welcome to use it.

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Nice little hotel w friendly manager. Price w bathroom was 44,000. Nice ice cream/sandwich restaurant in town.

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This place sounded great, but when we arrived no one was around. After waiting and eventually contacting the owner we were told they were closed today. We found another place in town, hotel Gomez.

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Lovely, quiet place just above town. Highly recommended. Kitchen available. Excellent WiFi.

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A fabulous hotel in the beautiful town of Soata. Hot water good WiFi very very friendly staff clean and great bed! 40000 for a double room and parking for bikes and cars/campers! Very very highly recommend!

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