A-bun-dance Bakery | Restaurant



Last Visited: 9 months ago
GPS: 50.69143, -121.93757
Altitude: 260.0 masl


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A really nice bakery.... good buns and other sweet goods, great coffee, free WiFi, washrooms


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What a treat! Really glad someone thought to put this into Overlander. We had breakfast and coffee and walked out with a box of baked goods and a loaf of bread!

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Awesome bakery, reasonable pricing. They have some tables so you can also enjoy breakfast and lunch inside. In the off season closed on monday and sunday.

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Amazing, best cafe we’ve been to in Canada so far.
All the food was delicious and the coffee was good too. The owner came through while we were there and was extremely nice.
Well worth a stop through.
Good wifi too

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The cafe is still here! Omg, the cinnamon buns were HUGE!!! And delicious!
Nice place to stop :)

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Great baked goods excellent lunch place and bakery. All local people

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That place is still in business!! ...just the old Bakery 200m beside the „ A bun dance Bakery“ is closed and for sale.
We’re here the 2nd time on our journey and we’re still fascinated about the great selection of good Bread and sweet stuff!
And the Cappuccino is really good!!!

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Don’t worry, the café is still open and busy ! Great coffee and wi-fi. Laidback atmosphere.

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closed and building is for sale. business not operational anymore.

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Great place for breakfast or lunch or a treat anytime during the day. Lovely setting, good WiFi and delicious food & coffee. And don’t forget to buy (all items reasonably priced) a fresh loaf of homemade bread.

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A really nice bakery with fu.... good buns and other sweet goods,great coffee , free WiFi, washrooms

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