Vic falls Zim/Zam border | Customs and Immigration



Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: -17.92853, 25.85720
Altitude: 885.3 masl


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Going from Zimbabwe to Zambia

$50/500 Kwacha visa for 30 day (UK and NZ)
$80/800 Kwache multi entry visa
$50 for Kaza Visa which allows you multiple entry between Zambia and Zimbabwe for 30 days

$20/200 Kwacha Carbon Tax (was 275 kw on Sep 19)
$30 Toll fees (payable in USD only)

They have an ATM and exchange bureau on the Zambian side


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To enter Zimbabwe you need an PCR Test and proof of your Covid-Vaccination. To cross the border was less than 1 hour including a photo stop. On Sambia side you have to stamp out your passport and CdP. On Zimbabwe side on the left in the Container they will see your PCR Result. Than you have to go in the building on the right. We paid 30 USD (cash only) for Single entry Visa. They check our vaccination 3 times. Next counter was Customs where our CdP stamp in and we had to pay 20 USD ( could be paid by Visa or cash) for our car. We have a comesa, but they offer us the insurance as well.

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From Zimbabwe to Zambia
Don't use any agent you can do everything by yourself.
Zimbabwe side stamps your passport and the Carnet 15 min, not many trucks in the line.
Zambia side, 50$ for visa or 80$ for 2 entrance, only cash, you get visa just for 30 days and you can stamp it for more 30 days at any immigration office, up-to 90 days.
Toll road 20$ only cash.
Carbon tax 330kw for 90 days only cash.
Concil levy 25kw only cash,
As described before you can change any currency to Kwancha at the departure side at Bureau.
They asked us to do third part insurance also we had one from Alexander Forbes for all Africa.
We paid 500kw for 3 months.
Took us 1.5 hours

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From Zim to Zam.
Zim side 15min, no problems.
Zam, Visa no problem en fast (10-15min), paid $50pp.
Then getting the car in, that's little bit of a hassle and took us 2 hours. The staff wasn't polite and helpful. First you have to pay at several counters for Toll fee($20), Council Levy(25 kwacha), Carbon tax(240 kwacha if you staying in zam for a longer time, otherwise it will be 480 kwacha).
It is not possible to pay everything in US, you can change US at the other side of the building. (rates are better with higher notes).

About the third party insurance, we asked at the gate if we could drive trough into town to get the insurance and a Comesa. We told them we got an appointment with Nico insurance (recommended) and we were allowed to.

Third party for Zam for 30 days should be around 103kwacha in town.

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Zim to Zam:
50 USD for Kaza Visa for 30 days (which allows return into Zim)
50 USD for Zambia Visa (as well, bit silly)
Toll: 20 usd
Carbon Tax: 275kw (circa 20 usd atm, change bureau with good rates behind building)

Very quick and easy in Zim. Zam also ok. One of the fastest borders we have been through

Indeed few agents and "hasslers" which were a bit annoying

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$31 dollars for a motorcycle.

Carbon tax, road tax, and insurance for 3days.

Straight forward, relaxed border crossing. 10 minutes Zam side, 15 minutes Zim side.

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leaving from Zambia they wanted a council exit fee, I refused and asked customs if this was right and politely told me it's out of their hands but agreed it's a problem as nowhere else charges twice, I will be emailing tourism and Livingston city council about this as there is no sign requiring exit payment.....

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when you approach both border posts you'll be be hounded by touts, you DO NOT need them, say no and make sure they hear you, they will try and try but ignore, on the Zambia side their is a exchange bureau inside building where immigration is with very good rates, do not change with money handlers outside, both sides staff were great, if going to zim you are allowed to carry 40litres of fuel in correct fuel containers only

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From Zam to Zim:

Border open until 10pm (custom and immigration on Zim side working)

Zam side 10 min to check out

Zim entering with CDP and Comesa:
We could enter Zimbabwe after answering some question with our temporary german passports.
visa Zim single entry 30$ppn for 30 days
10$ road tax (valid for one month but to be payed again once you exit)
10$ carbon tax (valid for 30 days)
no checking of our car

very nice people at the Zim border :-)

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We went from Zambia to Zimbabwe with no hassles. On the Zam side you get passports and carnet stamped in on e minute very friendly. Get a gate pass to hand in at the boom gate where the guy checked the carnet. Then a random guy in an old faded uniform tried to get us to pay a Council tax, similar to when we entered Zam at Chipata. I flatley said no ans held my ground, I sensed this was a touch up. He finally gave up and the other guy opened the boom gate. ALSO NOTE, you can park bef6the border and leave a passport at the window and walk across the bridge for the views - recommended. then just return and collect your passport.

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To visit the bridge and see the old locomotive

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Going from Zimbabwe to Zambia

$50/500 Kwacha visa for 30 day (UK and NZ)
$80/800 Kwache multi entry visa

$20/200 Kwacha Carbon Tax
$30 Toll fees (payable in USD only)

They have an ATM and exchange bureau on the Zambian side

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