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about 1 year ago
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Showers for registered campers only (signs everywhere). Hot water, no coins or payment needed.


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Campground is open again but there are signs everywhere that the showers are only for registered campers, but we poached them anyway without issue.

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the campground only allows people in tents and you cannot sleep in your van. It is now very clearly posted that the showers are for campers only. the camp host said it was greatly stressed to her to NOT allow non-campers to use the showers. you can no longer pay just $2 for shower.

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Road closed, I assume showers are too. Sign says campground is closed.

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Closed. didn't say why, maybe covid? did not say when it was going to open.

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Talked to a ranger and during winter it is okay for them to sleep in the car. Nice spot with showers but would recommend to always ask if it is okay to stay otherwise they might start enforcing the rules.
He clearly mentioned that they do not want to have it as a general rule, especially when it is warm outside.

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Great private and hot showers (no time limit) for $2! A Park Ranger told me that if you purchase a campground ticket for $8 here, it also gives you access to the Smith Rock State Park (5$) and the showers ($2), so you basically pay $1 for the campground if you are by yourself. Campground is for tent only (no RV, no truck-trailer, and sign says no sleeping in vehicle, but unsure if they really care about that)

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Hot showers at the campground, $2, no time limit, free if you camp here ($8 per person, tent only)

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