benzin and disel station | Fuel Station



Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: 42.267990, 60.109570
Altitude: 71.0 masl


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diesel cost 5700 som / liter. pump did not stop when full


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Paid 7.000 som per liter today.

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got diesel for 5700 sum / liter. pump did not stop when full

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Diesel was 9000 the liter today. So I skipped this one.

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Diesel was available, 5700 Som/liter, looked clean without bigger particles!

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Have no Benzin at the moment. Use the other petrol station 1km further (80 octane as well)! If the guy is not present there , knock at the house left of the petrol station

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diesel cost 5500 som per litre, first you have to pay for it

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