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This place has a stunning view. To find this spot you should go up Knickerbocker Rd. We used 4x4 but I think with high clearance you can get to this awesome place.
Only open in summer ***


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A lot of snow right now, we can not go trought..

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This place was open as of 10/30-10/31/2022 (no snow). The view of the lake and the mountains west and north of the lake is breathtaking. Perfect for sunset.

People came here before set up some tree trunk benches etc that would be useful for enjoying a meal/cooking

If this spot is taken, there’s a few options along the 2N08 (the road that takes you here). But none of them gives an amazing lake view like this one

The drive up can be gnarly. 4WD not necessary but high clearance is recommended

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As of September 7th this trail has been closed due to forest fire. There is a road closed sign in front of the trail as well as a list of closed trails and consequences for going on the prohibited trails.

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Beautiful spot. Great view of big bear lake. Definitely a must see camp site. Nice and spacious site. If you have a 4wd it’s should be a fairly easy ride up. Could be done by 2wd with an experienced driver. Would not recommend with inexperienced off-road driver.

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Beautiful campsite with a view of Big Bear Lake. We actually camped up the road a bit further, lots of campsites! Need a 4x4 to get there but that’s the fun of it!

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Definitely need 4x4 and high clearance about a mile up this road. I tried with high clearance fwd and there is no way.

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4x4 / close to village / view is amazing / no fire pit

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The road to this spot (and the next one called Forest Clearing) is closed in winter (until April 30).

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epic lookout over big bear lake and town.

A little hard to get here. Two spots in the road in the beginning are pretty dugged out. I have a 4x4 though and got though it fine.
Once you get there though the spot is epic, there's a stone seat and plenty of room for a cook out or to park your van. stayed two nights. Saturday during the day we had alot of family's walk into our campsite to look at the view so just be careful. I think the campsite is actually part of a trail. No one bothered us at night. Overall 9/10.

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And epic camp spot with a beautiful lake view..
Very quiet have not seen other people, quite windy in this location.
Going to be sleeping in a rooftop tent

I chose to drive here from the south off the 38 over the Mountain. We’re in a Toyota 4Runner
off-road. Road was dry and not technical.
High clearance is needed, used four-wheel-drive but two wheel would’ve probably been adequate.

Highly recommend, Sun is setting now and the view through the fall trees overlooking the lake is simply amazing

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Idilic as always. Forest trail 2N08 is still torn up bad. Plus some new large rock falls. For me it's doable, if the wheels are either side of the very deep ruts. Others may need to miss out on this spot.

The forest service really should give this trail some TLC.

Up here for the peak of the Persieds on Thursday night. always a pleasure to hang a hammock up here.

No fires, no BBQ at this time. Stoves OK.

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Tried to go up to check this site out but it does not appear to be accessible without 4x4 anymore. I was doing OK in my 2wd jeep renegade until I got to an uphill section that was really torn up. I made a couple attempts but she just couldn't do it and even got a little stuck. Thankfully I was able to get unstuck fairly easily but then had to back down right along a drop off till I found a spot to turn around. A couple of hikers were walking by and said it's a lot worse than it used to be.

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We came up to see the fireworks. Unfortunately they were cancelled at the last minute. This spot was full so we stayed a bit further along at 34.22986,-116.89934. This is a dead ended gated road so we reversed in. We have a 4x4 truck camper and did get a few new scratches from overhanging trees. Stayed three nights without issue.

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primitive camping, nice view of lake... scratchy to get to off camber driving would not recommend sprinters... 4G T-Mobile, tinder box don't recommend fires... permit needed for gas stove.

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Stopped by this spot 18Apr2020 and the gate is closed with a sign stating the trail is closed for the winter.

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Awesome place to spend the night with a great view of the lake!

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Lots of single space pull-outs along a single lane dirt road. Riding in a Jeep, but didn’t need the 4WD. Lower spots had patchy ATT service.

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Small turnout up knickerbocker, large enough for a sprinter, didn’t have 4x4, saw plenty of low clearance sedans going further up the road. Strong cell service and easy access back down the trail into town.

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this place has a stunning view, to find this spot you should go up for knickerbocker rd, it's a road off, we used 4x4 but I think with high clearance you can get this awesome place. for any reason there is a abandoned camper on the top of hill. so if you see it that is the place

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