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this is new ferry port from Kuryk to baku
1 person 80$ (for the cabin on the ferry),

Motorcycles (two-wheels) 110 ($ / one)
Motorcycles (with trailer) 140 ($ / one)
Cars $360 USD.


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KZ>AZ; long comment but it should help as things are confusing there:
Park in front of the two buildings and go to the one in the right and enter from the other side. There is the reception where you can register your car and leave your phone number.
Then you wait until they call you to pick up the car papers. In my case they didn’t call but I met the truckers from the day before and they have been called so I went back to the registration/reception. This was 15h after the registration. They called all the names including mine and handed me my my papers (4 identical and 1 invoice). You can check the name of the vessel and see of approx arrival time.
Then you drive to the big gate. Go directly to the front of the line at the gate. A soldier will briefly check the car and a port worker will take one of the papers. Then you can drive inside the compound until the Big building on the right called „Service Center“.
Park on the parking opposite, close to the “vehicle inspection building” (there is a parking sign for normal cars) or ask where to park and go inside the service center using the side entrance on the right.
Inside on the left is the cash desk where you have to pay. Hand over all the papers, pay in cash and get a receipt. It was 13000 Tenge for me. There is an ATM but I don’t know if it works. The ticket will be paid in Baku.
Afterwards go to the second floor using the stairs opposite of the cash desk. Go to room #1 for customs exit declaration of the car. You need the declaration paper that you received when you entered CIS.
Then go downstairs to the reception and ask when the ship will be ready for loading. Then you go to your car and wait (20h for me). You will most likely wake up when the trucks start to queue for inspection and passport control, you can also go into the queue. Make sure that you don’t accidentally get your passport stamped if your car goes without you. The border control will take the second sheet and might or might not ask for an additional fee to waive the xray of everything that’s in the car. After the inspection, park next to the trucks and wait until the ferry arrives (6h). Someone will then come and collect the 3rd paper (you have 4).
Then wait again until the trucks start moving towards the pier. Get in queue. In front of the pier you’ll be checked once more by a soldier. Then someone from the ferry will tell you where to park. I had to wait and drive onto the ferry as last. Hand over the keys and car paper to the captain.
Now you can walk back to the exit on the right. Ask for a taxi and someone working there will drive you to Aktau. I paid 20000 Tenge, but most likely you could negotiate to 15000, which would be a more reasonable price. Yandex isn’t available there. In total I spent 2 nights in the port and half a night in Aktau (Turan Hotel, recommend). They told me the ferry will stay 1-2 days in KZ because of weather. So you never know wo how long the whole process will be. I needed to wait 2 full days in Baku.

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KZ->AZ We had the flight Aktau-Baku at 10th August.At 7th August we brougt the car to the harbour and had the paperwork in the evening. Slept the night in the harbour. In the morning 8th August I drove the car to the ferry. We put stickers on every cupboard door in our camper to prevent "loosing" stuff. This worked properly. From 8th to 10th we had a hotel in Aktau. Flight was at 2am, in Baku we had a hotel to sleep some hours. At 11am we took a taxi to Alat to pick up our car, took 2h. In Alat is nearly nothing, waiting area for passengers has AC, thats it. Bring water and food with you.
We paid in Kurik 29.000Tenge for the harbour and 10.000Tenge for taxi to Aktau. In Alat 78$ for customs and insurance, 350$ for the ferry and 48$ for the harbour. We have a 4.4t campervan, length 5.3m. Taxi Baku->Alat 25Manat

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Previous comments are right : Port is no longer on Aqtau in Kazakhstan but in Kuriq, as well as port is no longer in Baku in Azerbaijan but in Alat

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This is the new ferry port if you want to go to Azerbaijan. As far as we know you don’t need to go to Aktau anymore. We have been there and they said we should go to Kuryk. You definitely have to come here in person and WAIT until some of the staff arrives. He will sit inside behind a separate window and speaks a bit english. You can already register yourself and your car even when the ferry is not in the harbour yet. You will need passeports, car ID and insurance papers. They don’t accept only the insurance number! You SHOULD leave your mobile number here so that they can call you when the ship is coming. Be aware that all along the costline to the west there is no signal at all. So best would be to stay in the port or go to find place near Kuryk town.
There is a toilet and a waiting room with AC. Lunch and Dinner time there will come a lady serving Comca and some drinks. There is also a hotel where you can stay for around 20 USD a night. There is no wifi but good beeline connection. No shade outside at the parking lot. Everything here is very disorganised. Noone ever knows exactly when the next ferry arrives. The security guard does not know anything! So be ready to wait for a long time!
The first day we got given false information and missed the ferry...

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From Aktaou you can contact in advance by phone,sms or WhatsApp : Aslan +77753658407. He can tell you when the ferry is leaving and when you have to be at the terminal without waiting days at the parking. He speak a little bit English. It’s better to write him than to phone. In the terminal it’s already quiet long to do all the paper for you and the car. You have an ATM at the main terminal where you can have some cash to pay for the cabine 80 USD and about 12000 Tenge for the paper. For the véhicule you have to pay in Azerbaijan. There is a little restaurant. No shop. Some people stay at the parking for 2 days. If you want some informations from the Azerbaijan side you can contact Zaur +994709255676. Idem téléphone, sms WhatsApp. Better writing. Little bit English.

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This might be useful information for travellers going from Kuryk to Alat.
As far as we know are all ferrys going to Aserbaijan leaving from the port in Kuryk and the tickets are sold at the port directly.
Supplies/Sleeping: Kuryk port is located about 15 to 20 kilometers from Kuryk town, where you can get supplies and where also the closest ATM is located. There is a hotel at the port, which does have a restaurant as well, but it is located behind the gates, so you need to be a guest to get past the security guard (alas you cannot visit the restaurant unless being a guest, so bring supplies) Camping in your vehicle on the parking is no problem. There are no toilets and no showers and no fresh water.
ATM: the closest ATM is located in Kuryk town, but it is possible to change money at the port (we are not sure apart from US Dollars and Tenge which currencies they exchange)
Export procedure: nothing is going to happen, unless a ferry actually arrives. The port personel told us that usually every third to fifth day a boat is due to arrive (of course depending on the weather) No one can tell you exactly when the ferry arrives, so make sure you are prepared to wait. Once the ferry is known to arrive, the chaos begins. :) The paperwork for the cars was done by the officials in a very slow process. In our case it took from midnight, till evening the next day, with many, many hours of waiting time in between.
Passenger tickets: We only could buy tickets shortly before we could board the ferry. There is apparently one guy responsible for the ticket sales and he only turned up shortly before the loading of the ferry started. They told us to come in at 9 in the morning to buy the tickets and from that point on told us every hour, that we should come back in an hour and so on. So just be prepared to wait and don’t get nervous, eventually the ticket seller will show up. Passenger tickets cost 80 Tenge per person.
Cargo costs for cars/motorcycles: This is important! You can not pay for the cargo costs in Kuryk. We were given false information about this and ended up having far too much Tenge left, which we can not exchange in Baku! You will only be able to pay for the cargo costs once you arrive in Alat and you can only pay in Manat or Dollars. They charge 300 Dollars for a car. But be aware! Our friends travel in a WV van and they charged them 80 Dollars / meter, because the officials insisted it accounts for a minibus.
Life aboard the ferry: all meals were included in the ticket price. Bring a little extra food for in between, so that you won‘t get hungry. Bring your own toilet paper, there is non aboard! We shared a 4 bunkbed cabin with fellow travellers. The duration of the journey on board the Mercury-1 was in our case about 26 hours.

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no need to go to the city ferry office anymore. All registration, payment and paperwork can be done here. They are very slow and disorganised but it does happen,,,, eventually.

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Road to new ferry port is a bit rough, very dusty. Arriving from Alat the new admin staff at Kuryk seem hopelessly disorganised. Have plenty of US$ to pay for insurance, 'bridge fee' for vehicles etc.

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this is new ferry port from Kuryk to baku
1 person 80$, 1 motocycle 40$
good luck!

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