Ringing Rocks | Tourist Attraction

United States


Last Visited: 9 months ago
GPS: 45.94343, -112.23901
Altitude: 1700.5 masl


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Rocks that "ring" when hit with a metal object. Really neat!


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There once was a tor in Montana
That rang out a sonorous song
You just have to hit it with a hamma
They’re provided so don’t bring along
The road was too rough for our 2wd stuff
So we got out a walked a few miles
But this was good news cause there were good views
And so the whole way it was smiles!

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Pretty cool place! Make sure you bring a hammer to get the nest sound. Wouldn't recommend going all the way up without 4x4. Roads get steep, soft gravel in some areas and a lot of really rough rocks that will tear up lower vehicles & tires. We only made it part way in our campervan and then hiked in.

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Cool place to drive to and check out a weird work of nature. There is also a lot of surrounding mountain land to camp. We stayed just up the hill from the ringing rocks overlooking the valley below. It had great views and was nice and quiet.

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Rocks that "ring" when hit with a metal object. Really neat!

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