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Last Visited: almost 3 years ago
GPS: -1.46120, 29.48884
Altitude: 3637.5 masl


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Bisoke Hike 3-4h up. 75$. Really muddy. You need to be fit.


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it is a nice jungle walk and though but too much money for the hike!
there are gorillas living on that vulkano. if you are lucky the guide will allow you one minute with them when you are close. we had the feeling that we have been very close because we were not allowed to walk in special direction to go to toilet and they ask often if we are going to make other tours in the park. we said no because of the high prices! May be it would be smarter to lie! on the top you will spend 30 min and than the rangers want to leave.
we refused to take a porter but they followed us just in case. we did not like that they jump in front to lift you even if you don't want to.It was not nice because it disturbed the hiking expirience.They were friendly but the end they want to get a tip for giving a couple of times suport nobody asked for.
african policy! if you really dont want to have a porter say no,no,no with lots of energy!!!

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Bisoke Hike 3-4h up. 75$. Really muddy. You need to be fit.

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