Guardaparque Monte Leon | Tourist Attraction



Last Visited: over 2 years ago
GPS: -50.20725, -68.94307
Altitude: 224.0 masl


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Register here before entering the national park.

ADMIN NOTE: Please do NOT mark this place closed unless it is PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Temporary closures are normal and do NOT need to be reported to iOverlander every week. Thanks :)


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Latest Check-Ins

Very nice and beautiful National Park. Good gravel road. Very windy place. A lot of Penguins at your fingertips. Please respect them!

First register at the Guarda Parque and then drive to the entrance of the park. Around 6km in distance.

Open from 9am to 8pm during summer season in december. Everything free.

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Park Ranger Station (Guardaparque) for the Monte Leon National Park. Register here before entering the park.

Camping not allowed here according to sign and based on info of park ranger.

Official opening times of park: 0900 to 1600.

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Park is closed today. We spoke to the very friendly parkranger:

- The road down to the shore is just open when it is dry. So they check the street every day and decide than if they open the dirt road for public or not.

- Penguins are gone during this time of the year (they will spend winter in Brazil). Maybe you can see a few lonely ones but the most of them are not here anymore.

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Road was open today. Seemingly shuts for bad weather, no significant road work being done. Road is gravel and you can definitely slide if not careful. Penguins still changing feathers. Drive to penguin sendero start about 30 minutes, walk for us was 25 minutes. You must leave the park no later than 6/6:30pm, leave the penguins at 5pm. Great stop!

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Due to Road constructions it is not possible to visit monte leon ...the ranger said that the only way its to wait sundays (no Construction work these days ) the Road Will be normaly fixed in june :(

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Cerrado por mantenimiento de la vía, solo abren los domingos.

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closed again. ranger says for another week.

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Park still closed unfortunately. Only possible to enter visitor center and use bathroom.

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This looks like a lovely park. Sadly for us it was still closed. The Park Warden said it should just be another week before the road is fixed.

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update for this week is the road closed !!

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Estancia open, 3 Rangers there
Road and Park closed (barrier at RN 3 with threat of muelta... gate behind is open)

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As of January 18 the park road is closed for at least 15 more days.

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Road and Park closed again because of road work by the highway Admin.

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The road is open again up to the penguin path, but not further. We managed with our small rental car, details see entry at entrance gate. Register here at the ranger station before entering the park.

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Park is open again. Did not have to pay an entrance fee Only the pinguins can be reached. Last part of the dirtroad near the coast is under construction.

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Infocenter is open. And the pinguinwalk too.
Last part of the road (to coast) still closed.

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road to coast and information are closes because of bad road conditions.
It seems it's closed sice a longer time.

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