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about 2 months ago
2574.8 masl


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This is an archeological point which is a bastion of prehispanic cultures. Really nice spot. It's renewed the ruins and it's really nice to visit. 500 pesos, Monday not open!


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Very interesting archeological site, with a incredible view of the surounded mountains and the town. Also there is a botanical garden you can visit with the same ticket.
1000pesos foreigners
800pesos argentineans
400pesos students

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Now you pay for the PULCARA TILCARA, and you gain entrance in botanical garden, the ruin is in a good shape, worth the visit!

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entrada $500 pesos pp, mais uns $200 pelo estacionamento. lugar tranquilo para conhecer, há uma subida, mas é bem tranquilo. banheiros limpos.

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Entrance now is 500 pp for foreigners. The botanical garden is nice but not spectacular. The walk to the monument / ruins on top is nice! Closed on mondays

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Entrance now 350 which includes museum in town (which only had 2 rooms open on our visit). Great views from site though site itself not very atmospheric. Garden worth a wander for stone which sounds like a bell when you hit it!

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Closed due to strike. Waited all weekend to have free Monday entry but what can you do. South America is unpredictable

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Entrance now 300 pesos for foreigners. Couldn’t justify the visit for that price so can’t speak to the attraction. Looks like they have a “zoo” and garden as well. Don’t follow maps.me to get there, follow the sign in town.

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Yes Monday free. But they asked for a donation. normally not worth the entrance fee for foreigners. They have to pay more than the Argentionas. That's DISCRIMINATION

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this is a arqueological point which is a bastion of prehispanic cultures. Relly nice spot.

150 pesos the entrance, except if you comw on monday when the entrance is free.

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