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9 months ago
7.4 masl


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Purifacadora easy access right off highway, 12 pesos for a garrafon (water jug), also have a hose to fill RV tanks Need a water bandit, didn't match our hose threads. worked great with that. Parked right in front. long hose


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Great easy access for any size RV. Lady operating store has variety of fittings and works to get you filled. On South side just before big Welcome sign on heading South.

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Nice long hose, easy fill for RV. just park in front. Need a water bandit tho, threads don't match our hose.

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Easy pull-in, right off the highway on the dirt road (right before turnoff into town). Filled a garrafone and 30 gallon RV tank for M$105.

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super easy water refill for our camper tank, $60 for 80 liters.

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Still here, payed 30Mex for 50Liters...
They have a house to fill up RV tank...
Easy access.

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Purifacadora easy access right off highway, 12 pesos for a garrafon, also have a hose to fill RV tanks

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