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This is the actual port from where you take the ferry.

Passenger and car shipping to UAE possible from here.


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Hello my freind, welcome to our country IRAN🌹
I'm an international tourguide that living in Bandar abbas,also I work in iran customs and ports as an official customs Clearance person.
So I can suggest to you our abilities and useful teamwork for saving time and energy here.
1-best of our services is various sea transportation that many ferry are available everyday
2-customs Clearance procedure will be done in 2 hours.
3-other tourguide help in the city,like: transfer to hotel and airport, buy tickets, reservations, exchange money, internet access are in our categories.
Please let me know, if you have decide to travel with calm and relax sense, it's essential because of arrange everything before, send a new message in my whatsapp number:+989174177103

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Update: Sharjah -> Bandar Abbas

Campersize: 6m x 3.5m x 2.3m, 7t
Passenger: 2

Car transport (just in case of big cars): Ask Mr. Osman (Abdolrahim Haghayegh Shipping) for offer, +971 55 434 1800 (WhatsApp), 25.324542, 55.374795, Al Hind Tower, Office 1508, he won't be in the office until the afternoon

Passenger transport and small cars and bikes: Ask Mr. Nazar (AL HILI MARINE SERVICES LLC) for offer, +971 50 463 4379 (WhatsApp), 25.329260, 55.367535, Al Kahn, Sharjah, entrance is street side

Appointment for passenger ferry was cancelled, we ended up flying with Flydubai.

Camper: 2'500 AED, 670 USD
Flight: for 2 people: 1770 AED, 477 USD
Hotel Apadana Bandar Abbas for two nights: 27mio IIR, 54 USD
Port fees in BA: 8.6mio IRR, 20 USD
Delivery order fee: 24mio IRR, 58 USD
Agent services (Morteza): 58 UDS
Insurance (optional): 43 USD

Remarks to Morteza:
He is a very friendly and helpful person at the port. He charged $58 for his services, but you can also do it without any help, there are enough guides below. But was cheating us regarding insurance. He asked 43$. We realized too late that according to the policy it would only have cost around $18. Don't fall for his friendly face. Agree the prices beforehand if you want to use his services. Be careful and don't let his friendly face fool you when it comes to money.

We got a conditional 7-day visa for Iran. We were only allowed to cross the country to Pakistan with a guide.
If you need a guide, we highly recommend ours:
Masoud, +98 939 758 1326 (WhatsApp)

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DO NOT leave anything small and valuable in the car before departure. They will ask you to leave the car in warehouse day before the departure. Don t give the “security” keys from your car or take every small and medium staff from your car with you. They will robe something from the car while “searching” for drugs… Very expensive and overpriced ferry. It goes only for 6 hours and costs about 1000 euros (including all payments in UAE port). The ferry by the way is sponsored by Iran government. So I think 90% of money just goes into somebody’s pocket. But unfortunately no alternatives to travel by ship from Iran to UAE

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I have been in Bandarabbas last month,
This person help me for release my car from customs

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As we found it really complicated to get a clear picture/prices from all the experiences on iOverlander concerning the ferry to and from Bandar Abbas/Bandar Lengeh/UAE/Dubai and the fixers involved, I want to add our lengthy (sorry!) experiences which might help you decide.

We travelled from Bandar Abbas to Sharjah and had contacted the mentioned (iOverlander) Morteza by mail. Our experiences with him were as followed: after sending all the measurements/photos of our mobile homes off to him, together with copies of visa/passport/car-papers/Carnet de Passage, he organised the papers and gave us the price for the transport of our vehicles, i.e. €800 and €125 for the passenger tickets. After staying the night in BA in our mobile homes, we contacted him in the morning. He met us within a few minutes, together with his brother-in-law Sina. Both of them are pleasant enough and speak English quite well.
However, Morteza, after seeing our vehicles immediately said that they were bigger and therefore more expensive than he had expected. We told him that we sent him photos and the exact measurements, so he should have known. Sina took us to get the numberplates handed in and also we went to the place to have the engine and chassis-numbers checked (which has to be done before one can return the numberplates). It took some time because he didn’t know where to go exactly.
After a whole time spent finding chassis and engine numbers we were too late to get the numberplates returned (the office closes at 2 pm, ladies should also cover up correctly otherwise you have to wear a chador). (TIP: top up with LPG as that is absolutely unobtainable in UAE and lock away all valuables or even stuff that you cannot miss, our friends missed a special lamp after the transportation to UAE).

Next morning we had to first organise the numberplate-return and after that we had to leave the mobile homes at the Bahonar port. (We had booked rooms at Homa Hotel). This took nearly all day. It was completely unclear why we had to accompany Morteza to and from the loading shed, he kept saying “5 minutes” and then we had to wait for hours on end. No information as to what was being done, how long it would take, how much it cost etc. The total amount in the end was not only the price of the ticket for the transportation of our vehicles, also of course the passengertickets, but then he also wanted a “anam” (= tip) for his brother in law….and he charged a commission of €125 per person (and NOT per mobile home) AND furthermore over the total amount a 10% “tax”….. Morteza kept warning us about the UAE and the rates they would ask us…. :))) He himself turned out to be the most expensive by far.
After a long day spent waiting and waiting for God knows what, he drove us to our hotel. The next morning we had to be at the passenger terminal and were then handed our tickets. Take some food and drink with you as on the boat you only get one meal and a coca cola, there is nothing else to be bought.

Upon arrival in Sharjah, men and women were separately transported by bus to the terminal/customs after having handed in all luggage to be taken on a lorry. Therefore make sure that you have all your important stuff with you in one bag that you can take with you in the bus. After getting to the customs hall we were separated into two waiting halls, at a certain point the door of the men’s waiting hall was even locked, they could not get out.
Hours of waiting in line for first the women and then the men to get the passports checked and stamped, really hours! Finally after a chaotic reunion with our luggage and all passengers struggling to get their bags through the X-ray, we passed through a checkpoint and finally came out near the exit gate. By then it was appr 8 pm and we were pretty tired and hungry. A taxi was quickly organised and the driver took us to a hotel for the night (best is to book a hotel in advance).
Next morning we phoned the contact person Osman or Mahya (who would give us our cars as Morteza had told us) who told us to go to Khalij Port and get our mobile homes. That was all they did…. luckily I had received an email from Morteza with the necessary form for delivery of our mobile homes.
The procedure at the Sharjah port does not require help from a fixer, the people working there are helpful and friendly. Near the entrance to the port, the officials working there tell you were to go (first of all go to the building on the left before you reach the entrance), they will show you everything and one of the men takes you onto the port area by car, a lot of to and from by car, some fees to pay, government charges, X-ray, port fees, clearance and also storage for the vehicles on the port area. A total of 350 Dirham. The vehicles were parked at Shed 6. It took us appr. 5 hours to get our vehicles and after driving out we parked nearby on Sharjah Beach.

Returning to Iran after several weeks, I contacted another agent mentioned on the iOverlander), AbasAli…… He replied quickly , and after asking repeatedly and sending the particulars of our vehicles, he told us that our mobile homes would cost $500 and a passenger ticket $100 and per mobile home $150 commission, so a total of $750 for a mobile home and two passengers. As this was a great deal cheaper than we had paid coming to Sharjah, we sent him our copies of our visas for Iran, etc. and told him which date we wanted to get the ferry from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas. He told us to contact Al Hili Marine Services in Sharjah upon arrival in UAE, we would be able to pay by card there and also that we could check the prices at Al Hili. I told him that we were expecting to pay the prices that he had quoted to us….. It still all sounded good…..
As soon as we got back in UAE/Sharjah on a Saturday, we walked to this office, however, the office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Mr Abas Ali had also not informed us that for two weeks there would be no passengerferries from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas. We decided to take the ferry on the Thursday to Bandar Lengeh and also have the mobile homes transported there as well. Also, the prices that Abas Ali had quoted were incorrect: our mobile home and our passenger tickets came to a total of 2810 Dirham (appr $950) to be paid in cash! not card. There is an ATM just outside the Al Hili offices.
Al Hili Marine Services provided excellent service, they were friendly, professional and with clear information printed on a paper stating which form is to be used at which building/department, what you have to do first, second etc. NB make sure you do NOT get “transit” put onto your form, as in Iran that means that your vehicle will be transported on a trailer to the exit border!
We received our tickets after payment and next morning we brought our vehicles to the port. After the necessary procedures we met one of the staff of Al Hili who handed over our Carnet de Passage and vehicle registration. (On the form the customs lady had filled in she had put Bandar Abbas as destination, this was easily corrected, but check the information on your forms!). Total cost to hand over your vehicle was 45 Dirham, the whole process took appr 2 hours. No financial “surprise extras” added in UAE as happened in Bandar Abbas.

Next morning the passenger ferry would leave at about 10 o’clock from Dubai Rashid port. Our taxi came to the hotel at 6.30 and was not able to find the passenger terminal. It is at terminal 1 (which is not mentioned on the traffic signs). Same procedure as entering UAE but ten times quicker. However, the ferry left later at 12 noon, the voyage took about 5 hours.

The Friday we waited at the hotel Diplomat (only hotel in BL). In the evening we received a message stating that our vehicles were being shipped that day and would arrive at Bandar Lengeh in the evening. We had been told they would be shipped on the Thursday, but it was the Friday.

Next morning we were to contact mr Sheikhi at the Baran Afarinan Khalijefars Shipping Company. We took a taxi from our hotel at 8.30 am to the port. About 100 m opposite the office of Baran/Mr. Sheikhi is situated. They open at 9 am.

NB Opposite Baran Afarinan Khalijefars is an office of Iran Insurance, open from 8 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm. Insurance for two months for our vehicle was appr 12.000.000 IR. You need vehicle registration, Carnet de Passage and customs declarationform so you can only organise that after you retrieve your vehicle. Mr. Mehrdad knew his business, pleasant and quick.

Unauthorized persons (i.e. the vehicle owners) can NOT enter the port area. You are obliged to get help from an authorized person. I speak Persian but was not allowed to go to the custom office etc. to organise things myself.
The lady at Baran office phoned Wahid (+98 935 077 82 55). As we were slightly weary of additional “extras” we asked for an exact estimate of the costs. Wahid was clear after some insistence and told us that he needed 20.000.000 IR for customs and then 50.000.000 IR for himself as a salary and fees, stating that the evening the vehicles had arrived, he also had been busy with paperwork etc. As we had two vehicles for him to organise, a joint effort, he agreed on 40.000.000 IR adding up to a total of 60.000.000 IR (€160) per vehicle.

Wahid worked all day to get our vehicles for us. The customs office (situated to the left of the entrance to the port) closes at 2 pm. We mostly stayed at the Baran office, but at a certain point we had to join Wahid at the customs office (good thing in Bandar Lengeh is that everything is within appr 100 m of the port/office), because “they wanted to meet the owners”. An extra problem was that our itinerary from Bandar Lengeh to Bazargan (Iran/Turkish border) will be appr 45 days as is also the amount of time on our visa. The customs official told us that coming from UAE one can only spend 30 days in Iran on a CdP (?) Finally we ended up at the Custom manager’s office who decided that we would get 45 days to travel to Bazargan (he had never heard of this 30 day limit coming from UAE). In Iran things mostly work out as long as you stay calm and talk, talk, talk….
At 5 pm we finally were able to enter the port area to drive the vehicles next to the gate for a last inspection. Two officials checked the engine and chassisnumbers and one had a peek inside to see if there were no “electrical gadgets/drones etc” and then we were able to get our insurance organised in the office in the street opposite to the gate. We drove to Diplomat Hotel and spent the night there on the parking (entrance gate is 3.50 m high, so not suitable for big rigs, but one can easily park outside the gate), costs 500.000 IR and next to the parking at night the toilet facilities of the hamburger restaurant is open and you can also get fill your tank with water and eat a good hamburger.

Comparing Bandar Abbas to Bandar Lengeh we would certainly chose for Bandar Lengeh as exit or entry port. Bandar Lengeh is a small city and small port. It is all within a very short walking distance, so it hardly takes time to get from the office to the port/customs/insurance etc.
Al Hili in Sharjah gives clear prices and good information and perfect service.
In Bandar Lengeh Wahid worked really hard to get all organised within one day, perfect service as well! Next time we would, however, phone him the evening that the vehicle arrives to agree upon his fee etc and then he could start early in the morning as soon as the custom office opens at 8 am.

Bandar Abbas is far more “shady” in their dealings and seems far less reliable and more open to “extras”. The fixers there should professionalize their business and be clearer with their prices, not just write something on a piece of paper or state prices that are far too low and drag you all over the place without any (clear) reason. Also Bandar Abbas is so immense that driving to and fro takes much more time. For a numberplate they give a letter to show in Bandar Abbas…..it is up to you if you want to go to the trouble to get a plate or not.

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Hello thank you for visiting Iran My name is Morteza.
5 days before arriving at BandaAbas pleas inform us

A: Document we need for car shipping and passenger process :
Valid Carnet/visa/passport
of owner

Your charges for 1 passenger and 1car

1-we have1 way and 2 way passenger ferry ticket for person's from Bandarabbas to Sharjeh
Foods and drinks are free
no internet -this jurny will takes 6-8 hours .
You can go out to smoke
Our passenger Shipp will moving Mondays and
Thursdays at 8:00 am and we can confirm you and your camper car at difrent ship same ship (because of size and weight
But we can care sedan and SUV cars around 2000kg and hight Les than 2.3 meters

Also you should pay for all local charges/port Jety taxs/Embarking/ paperwork/fixing and Lashing/sea freight for your car from Bandarabbas to UAE Sharjeh ( Mina Khalid port)

You can pay just in cash by
Dollar/Euro/IR Rial/Derham

Please be informed:
Customs will be open Saturday to Wednesday 8 am up to 1 pm .
One day before ferry passenger departure we should finish paper works
We can confirm your passenger & Cars/motorbike s/trucks/buss/ and ...ticket just from Bandarabbas to UAE(Mina Khalid port in Sharjeh city )
this information is valid for 60 day
for more info please contact us
tell/what's app


[email protected]

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I shipped my motorbike from Bandar Abbas to Sarjah.
The motorbike is loaded in the passenger ferry that runs every Monday and Thursday at 9am.

* In Bandar Abbas
1 - I went on Wednesday morning (7h30am) to buy the tickets in the Valfajr Shipping agency which is about 2km from the port. I paid a total of 450$ (100$ for me, 250$ for the bike and 100$ for bill of lading).
2- You then need to go directly to the port to do all the custom paperwork in order to take the ferry the next day. The guy in Valfarj directly contacted the custom agent Morteza (without telling me). When I arrived he was waiting for me.
3 - I initially wanted to do all the process myself but as Morteza basically own the place you are a bit f***. So I ended up paying 130$ (I believe it is 50 for him the rest is tax for the port). The all process took 11 hours it was a nightmare even with him I don't really know what was happening...
4 - When everything is done the motorbike is stored in a warehouse for the night so you need to leave the port, get an hotel again and come back the next morning at 8am.
5 - Next morning was easy, just the passenger process with Iran exit and they asked me to drive the bike into the ship, they took care of the strapping. A crew member came to me just before the departure to give me the "Bill of Lading". The journey took 8 hours.

* In Sharjah
6 - I arrived at 7pm, they first asked you to drive the bike of the ferry before all the other passenger are able to disembark. Then you have to follow the passenger bus that get you to the passenger terminal.
7 - At the passenger terminal, one guy came to give me the "Delivery Order" that cost 460AED (130$). He also gave me is contact, take it you will need it after.
8 - You then have to go stamp you passport nothing special but it is slow (took 1h30).
9 - Then I had to unload everything on the bike to put them into a scanner like every other passenger with their luggages.
10 - It was already 9h30pm and they told me that custom is closed and I have to come back the next day to complete the process. The bike has to stay at the port... Just before I left one officer came for the inspection of the bike it cost 20AED (5$).
11 - The next day (Friday for me) I had to come at 7am to complete everything because they only work until 10am. You have to go the custom main office that is right before the port is main entry gate. Unliked I was being told, it was only opening at 8am. There the process is easy:
--11-1: Go to the left side counter to get "Import Bill Of Entry" I needed the carnet, passport and "Delivery Order" I got at step 7 and "Inspection Report" I got at step 10.
--11-2: They sent me to the Cashier desk to pay 90AED (25$) for the so call "Bill of Entry" and they stamp the carnet. Be careful they stamped mine wrongly...
--11-2: Then I was sent to the right side of the building to pay 40 AED (10$) port handling charge and then they issued me the "Bill of Entry".
12 - Then you need to get a daily gate pass for the port, when you go out of the custom building it is located on the other side of the mosque facing the building. There is a parking and a small grey prefab is in the center where you can get it.
13 - Go to the port main gate and call the agent that delivered you the "Delivery Order" the previous day. He will come to get you and with all the document he will issue you a red paper that is the permission to leave the port. I left at 11am.

Total cost : Iran 580$, Emirates 170$ => 750$ all included !

Good luck !

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Thanks to the detailed description from diesel300 on their website in German, it was really possible to get your car out of the port without the help of a fixer. Just try! If you don't succeed, you can still hire one.

In Bandar Abbas port we paid:

80 dollar delivery order
33 dollar port fees

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I'm Mohammad, custom clearance expert in shahid bahonar port that we help to tourists for release their car,
so please text me with whatsapp for getting more information
it is my number:+989172234942

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We shipped our car from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas.

1. Price agreement with White Tern Shipping to 1200 AED for a Mitsubishi L300 (Mr. Usman told us a higher price)

2. Bring the CdP to Mr. Usman (Abdolrahim Haghayegh Shipping & Cargo L.L.C.) in Sharjah, one day before you ship the car.

3. Bring the car to the port of Sharjah on the shipping day and pay in cash to Mr. Usman. He took our car to the ferry - no gate pass needed.

4. We took the passenger ferry the next day for 1100 AED (2 person) and got the tickets from Al Hili. The ferry left with a delay and took 8 hours to Bandar Abbas.

5. Normally the car ferry will take 12-16 hours, but ours came late by one day because of the bad weather.

6. We wrote a detailed description of how to release the car in Bandar Abbas in German on our blog: https://diesel300.ch/verschiffung-uae-iran/

Important is to have enough time because the process is slow but the people are mostly friendly. They asked me sometimes if we need a fixer, but were not forced to take one.
We took all our valuables out of the car because we cannot lock the living room from the driving cabin. They have stolen a cup and a handtrainer from the drivers cabin, but nothing else. We do not know if they have stolen it in Bandar Abbas, on the Ferry or in Sharjah.

Costs in Sharjah:
Car Shipping: 1200 AED
Passenger Ferry: 1100 AED (2 Person)

Costs in Bandar Abbas:
Delivery Order: 40$
Port Fees: 5.8 Mio Rial
Copies: 500'000 Rial

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We came over from UAE (port sharjah - Bandar Abbas) the expensive ferry (Hormuz) was still out of order. So we shipped the truck with White Tern and our self with Valfajr speed catamaran.
The process in sharjah :

1. Called Mr Taqi Zadeh (White Tern) to get quote for the truck, shipping and date.
The shipping is nearly every day (takes approx 16h)
He forwarded us to Mr. Osman a very friendly young guy who organised the shipping.

2. Get a ticket for the personel speed ferry at the Al Hili office (take care here the fixers will be informed about your shipment)
Shipping times Tuesday and Friday (boarding at 7-8am, lift off at ~10am duration ~6h)

3. Make sure that Mr. Taqi Zadeh or Osman will keep you updated and send pictures

4. Don't leave anything in the driver's cabin! They even took our old hand cloves.

5. We brought the truck to the main gate where Mr. Osman met us. He drove it on board because we had to leave for the speed ferry

6. In Bandar Abbas!
Now the story begins. It's a long fight with criminal local workers. They all stuck together with the "Fixers" as a kind of Mafia. Never gone thru such a cheating and bad treatment than here.

Our very good Iranian friend helped us to get thru this nerv wrecking process and was multiple time asked how much he charged us for his help. They replied that they only hand out the car when we use the help of one of the criminal fixers.
We told everything to the "Boss" of the harbour. He asked for names.
Together we will try to stop this cheating and unnecessary crime.

Whatsoever, after 5 hours we got the truck.


Truck ferry 1600DHS
Personel ferry 1100 DHS
Port day pass UAE 40DHS/p

White Tern - ferry handling and insurance
21.000.000 IRR
Harbour fee 4.000.000 IRR
~1.000.000 IRR for copying the papers.

BTW : if you stuck in trouble there, go to the chief officer of Harbour. You will find him in the main office (big sitting group in the middle). Enter-turn right- first big office on the left.

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We shipped our car from Bandar Abbas to Sharjah/Dubai (Port Khalid).

We shipped our car with the organization "White Tern Shipping" (contact: Mr. Taqi Zadeh +989125084912). We asked them via WhatsApp for a quote for our car with the following measures: LxBxH 4.9m x 1.9m x 2.3m with 2.5t (1200 AED for a Mitsubishi L300).

It is a regular car ferry and will arrive in Sharjah after around 12 hours. This is different to a cargo ship, which can take longer or will wait outside of the port for a ?cheaper? slot to land.

Port fees for the care are around 70 euros, and if you're looking for a fixer, you'll need to pay around 50$.

We tried without a fixer and it was just not possible to get the needed papers to process with the paperwork. They sent us to another place, and there they sent us back. We showed them a picture of the needed papers, but they just ignored us. In the end, we decided to use the help of Morteza, who gave us the papers and finished the process with us. There are also other fixers around, and it is wise to check with them for a price one day before you ship your car.

After we did all the paper work, we waited until 11 p.m. to load the car onto the ship, but we finished the paperwork at 3 p.m. The ship just waited in front of the port to enter. In total, it took us almost 14 hours of paperwork and waiting until the car was on the ship. On the ship, they asked for a small amount to watch for the safety of the car (we paid 1 million Rial).

The delivery order we received from a person in the UAE.

After our experience, I would suggest the following procedure:
1. Check with White Tern Shipping for the price and the date
2. Go to the port one day before shipping and search for a fixer and define a price for his help
3. Go to the port early in the morning (around 9 a.m.) and start with the procedure together with the fixer.

Expected costs in Bandar Abbas:
Shipping of the car: 300 euros for a van
Port fees: 70 euros
Fixer: 50 dollars

Expected costs in Sharjah:
Daily Gate Pass: 10 AED
Shore handling: 145 AED
Bill of Entry: 90 AED
Security inspection charge: 20 AED

If you want to take the passenger ferry:
Ticket: 25 mio. Rial
PCR test in Bandar Abbas (27.196493, 56.300643): 2.5 mio. Rial

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Hello Dear.I am Morteza.we have an office at service hall of Bahonar Complex(PMO&CUSTOMS)BANDARABAS/Iran -for shipping and customs service(truck/car/van/motorbike).if you need to our help and information (have stamp on carnet du passage or shipment to Emirate or Oman)pleas feel free to contact us.

Tell/what’s app: 00989129623005
[email protected]

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We shipped our truck (10t) from this port to Sharjah (Dubai) with the agent Morteza (+989129623005). He is very helpful not only for the procedures at the port but also for other stuff you have to arrange in Bandar Abas.

900 USD for the shipping
200 USD for Morteza

I would not want to do the procedure alone.

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I already crossed more than 300 borders in my life with my Vespa, so I am used about paperwork and so on. What I can say, it's try to do everything by your self. I mean, what's the sense traveling around the world and not be able to fill 3 papers?! You are in Iran, when you will be in Burundi what do you do?! Do you call Morteza to help you? Sorry if I write this, but this is an application for travelers, not for tourists, so sometimes I don't understand this attitude to ask help to cross a border. Probably it's my fault.

Anyway, what I paid to go to Dubai by myself and my scooter is:

200$ for personal ticket
30$ bill of loading
43$ my Vespa ticket (160kg)
3$ for something (but with received)

First you go to custom, you have to copy your docs and show the chassy number. In one hour you have the stamp on your carnet.

The rest is just buy tickets for you, your vehicle... pay & smile.

Anyway, I had the chance to meet mr.Morteza. He is very good person, very honest and helpful. He gave me some tips just for free. So if you are not able to make some paperworks by yourself, he is really the perfect person.

Don't be offended about what I wrote, but sometimes travelers are too lazy and get in panic for nothing, come on!!!!

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Main port to The Emirates.
Modern facilities and infrastructure. Outside the gate small shops. There is a very good and price worthy restaurant on the first floor.

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Morteza helped me with the process for $50. Good service, but it took all day and evening.

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We also worked with morteza to arrange everything. Very easy, we called him in advance to make te reservation. Showed up the day of departure and he arranged everything with customs and paperwork. we paid $65 for 1 car including tax (+989129623005)

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We used the services of Morteza Abaszadeh. He is a very friendly, patient and helpful person that can turn your day at Port Shahid Bahonar into a manageable waiting game :-)
When he offered his help in the morning he told us it was up to us if and how much we want to pay him at the end of the day. We paid him €50 total for two vehicles.

Call or WhatsApp him on +989129623005
Email: [email protected]

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We arrived here at 8am. You have to be here at this time because there are 5 steps to do in the morning. After lunch the offices are closed. We had a super „fixer“ - actually he owns a tourist office and also helps with all the paper/costum works. Here his name and nr: Mr. Morteza +98 912 962 3005. The office is in the passenger hall (last huge building on the left when you enter). In the hall itself it is next to the main gate on the right side. Its called „Travel & Turism Agency Shoogh Safar Irangardi“ (written in green and English at the back of the small office). He speaks really good English and knows the procedure very well. He also knows all the people, which helps a lot. We were done with the 5 steps at 1pm. In the last step you will park the car in front of the ferry and then go back to the passenger hall.

At 5pm you need to be in another hall to buy the tickets. Especially the one for the car (you can buy the passenger ticket in most of the tourist offices in Iran in advance). The price for a Land Rover Defender TD5 (5 doors) was USD 530. After that we had to wait till 7pm. Then we entered the docks via the passenger gate. Passport control, visa check etc. From there we took the car and park it on the ferry.

We gave the fixer 50 USD. He does not have a fix price. He just told us at the beginning we could pay what we think his service is worth

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Thanks for your freight inquiry. We have Ro/Pax vessels services between IR. Bandar abbas (shahead bahonar port) and UAE Sharjah (port Khalid) with minimum 3 sailings in a week, from BND: Sat/Mon/Wed 21:00 departure, and arrival to shj destination next day morning & from SHJ: Sun/Tue/Thu 21:00 departure, and arrival to bnd destination next day morning.

*Ticket price from bnd to shj IRR 5,200,000 one-way & child half-price // IRR 8,000,000 round trip (each person).
*Ticket price from shj to bnd Aed. 300 + 35 immigration

*The sea freight for your vehicle will be as below details (one way):
Car normal size less than 1500 kgs USD,250 FIO
Car SUV size between 1500 ~ 2000 kgs USD,300 FIO
Van size less than 2500 kgs USD,400 FIO
Van size between 2500 ~ 4000 kgs USD,500 FIO
Van size between 4000 ~ 6000 kgs USD,650 FIO
Van size more than 6000 kgs USD,850 FIO

Local charges at BND; IRR 3,500,000 B/L FEE Local charges at SHJ; Delivery order fee : Aed.400.00 Stevedoring fee: Aed.125.00 PHC + custom charges payable directly to the port

*For reserve thicket pls refer to Bandar abbas agency morning departure as details address:
hoopad darya shipping co.
Pasdaran Blvd, Jahangardi St, Bandar Abbas Iran Mr. Zakeri Tel : +98 76 33425021
Mobile: 0917 957 79 01;
E-Mail: [email protected]

*For reserve thicket pls refer to SHJ agency as below details address:
Al Hili Marine Services llc.
Ground floor, Ikhlas Tower
AlKhan Area, Sharjah, U.A.E.
P.O.Box: 27522
Tel: +9716 5288575 - Fax: +9716 5288574
Mob: +971504634379
E-Mail: [email protected]

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This is the actual port from where you take the ferry.

You can probably do it without a fixer, but as soon as a fixer shows up, no-one will help you anymore 😝. You fix The car documents and Carnet in the morning and return around 15:00 to get everything else arranged.

Pricing - feb ‘19
1. Bill of loading for vehicle: 3.100.000 rials
2. Passenger tickets: 4.300.000 rials per person
3. Port vehicld costs: 1.000.000 - you pay this when the ship leaves but no-one asked us for the money.
4. Vehicle shipping fee: they showed us a pricelist, based on weight:
400 dollar: to 2500kg
500 dollar: 2500kg - 4000kg
650 dollar: 4000kg - 6000kg
850 dollar :6000 and above

If they want more money: negotiate hard. And the fixer won’t help much with negotiating the car fee.

Mind you: in Sharjah you also pay roughly 200 dollars for importing your vehicle into the U.A.E.

Good luck! The whole crossing and documents took us 30 hours from start to finish (arriving at the port in Bander - to leaving the customs in U.A.E)

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