Equator Line | Tourist Attraction



Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: -0.00265, 30.00086
Altitude: 945.6 masl


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Circular stone photo point marking equator line.


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The signs are road signs marking the line of the equator. Still no monument as yet due to road works. The official GPS point marking 0 degrees is a few hundred metres north of this location pin on the corner of the intersection of this road and the A109 in the town of Kikorongo.

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Equator sign posts are back in place even if there are still some road work ongoing.
The guy asked us 10000 ugx to show us the water experiment. We thought it was fun to see it and for that price, we asked him to take a picture of us with our 4x4 in front of the sign post!

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There are major roadworks and no sign at all

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Sign has gone due to roadworks. Maybe it will be re erected in the future.

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equator sign is removed but you can see the equator line and a guy doing the experiment with water turning other direction on nothern or southern hemisphere

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They removed the sign because of roadwork! In future there will be a new sign!

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Equator sign, good for picture. Can also do the water thing if you want to.

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Circular stone photo point marking equator line

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