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7 months ago
63.5 masl


Pit Toilets
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Free sites, pit toilet, tables right near the Colorado River

Nearest big town is Blythe. There is a small country store/bait shop in Cibola.


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Do NOT trust Google maps to turn left down a hill to get to the campground, I got my rear wheel drive Sprinter stuck immediately in the sand and had to spend $626 for a local tow service to off road rescue me out… thanks google maps…

Okay so hear me out… This place is amazing, free, pit toilets, right on the water, however…. For one, the mosquitoes and flies are absolutely horrendous… to the point where you have to close up at like 6 pm or you will be eaten alive by mosquitoes… The flies are just as bad but thankfully don’t bite…
Now for the locals… we were warned that this spot gets busy on the weekends but little did they tell us that the locals just take over this place… like they walk right through your spot and access the water right in front of your spot like you aren’t even there. We had a river front spot and the locals just took over it and we had absolutely no privacy. They seemed nice but I just thought it was kind of rude considering they had an entire pond with access to the river right in front of their haul of 5 campers but instead walked through our site. They also had multiple dogs not leashed up that they had no control over.

Also for the people on here that were here before me, pick up your trash, do not tell your kids to poop in the water or around the site when there are pit toilets within walking distance. Be considerate of the next people coming, you are who get spots like this taken away from us good people out here. Otherwise great spot…

Info pertaining area…
Blythe is about 30 mins away and closest big town however there is a small little convenience store about 5 mins from here for necessities…
Be careful of coyotes. Saw two of them while waiting for my tow jeep to come.

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Lovely quiet place with tables, shelters, clean toilets. No signs indicating there is any cost, or permit required. Close to wildlife refuge.

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Beside the Colorado River which could be good. There IS a 14day limit but few people adhere to this. Don’t know where they’re dumping blacktanks nor garbage? Can hear generators during the day&night and non rhythmic pounding of some sort of drums.

Get the $75 permit at Oxbow. Allows 1yr access to several different sites which have water, showers, dumb & garbage from here to Yuma to Quartzite.

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Hippie Hole.
The name of the place.
Besutiful laguna, mostly clean, but no dumpster. Please take your trash with you.
Looks like La Paz county tries to open paid site, but they give up.

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Still free. But place is being developed with power sites right now. Probably fee in 2023. Side note: this is a bird watcher Mecca in fall and winter. Even if you are not a birder: turn off your gadgets (and music and gen sets...) and listen to the song birds for once! Weak, but boostable t-mobile signal (good enough for downloading, too weak for uploads...).

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Beautiful spot. Only 1 other camper while I was there. Easy access and plenty of spots to choose from.

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Plenty of beautiful, open space and right next to the Colorado river! Covered picnic tables, trash can and pit toilets available. Not many camping here today but is big rig friendly.

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easy to get to. plenty of class Bs and larger rigs. but, downside is that it can get crowded on weekends and people play their music loud, or have noisy generators.

pit toilet and trash cans, but recommend you don't overfill the trash and try to pack it out.

if you have a smaller rig, consider tucking into a small spot along the water, accessible from a dirt road about 500ft south.

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shhh you don't want to go here. lol it's 😆amazing. love it so much. my dogs loved it. sunsets are so awesome.

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Great spot along the Colorado River. Quiet, not too many people. Garbage bins and pit toilet. Stayed 4 nights.

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Free sites, pit toilet, some tables right on the Colorado River

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