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1. Exit Belize = 40B/person (can pay by cards)
2. Cancel car permit
3. Mexico immigration: took all our food. Everyting. Fruits, veggies, meet, eggs. Asked for rice beans and cereal. We said we didnt have any. They havent check.
4. They didnt charge for the tourists cards (?)
5. Second check. They open the truck only. Very friendly, english speaking.
6. Fulmigation. 95pesos


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Bélize Exit :
- first immigration desk : passport control + payment 40$BZD per person
- Fill the exit form on the right side of building
- Second immigration desk : passport control + exit stamp with the exit form
- Cross the building from inside to reach « Customs » desk.
- Cancel TIP. Original stays here and get a stamp in the passport
- Last checkpoint on the road to check exit stamp in the passports

Entering Mexico
- First control from custom for fresh food, fruits, vegetables.
- For the dog : get the free import permit from SENASICA with vaccin proof, cet certificate issued within 15 days.
- Enter the immigration building
- Get the form, fill it and pay the 687MXN per person at Banjercito
- Get to the immigration desk with passport, filled form, payment receipt from Banjercito.
- Get stamped
We already had our TIP going for 47 more days so didn’t do anything about this.

- Bureau immigration, contrôle passeport. Paiement 40$BZ par personne
- Remplir petit formulaire de sortie
- Deuxième bureau immigration, donner passeport et formulaire
- Tampon de sortie
- Traverser le bâtiment par l’intérieur jusqu’au bureau « Custom » pour faire annuler le TIP. Tampon dans le passeport
- Dernier checkpoint pour vérifier le tampon de sortir du passeport

Entrée Mexique
- contrôle douanier : fruits légumes etc
- Pour le chien : inspection rapide de SENASICA, puis obtention du permis d’importation (gratuit) avec preuve de vaccination, certificat vétérinaire (moins de 15 jours)
- Entrée dans le bureau immigration. Obtenir le formulaire à remplir.
- Payer les 687MXN par personne.
- Faire la queue au bureau d’immigration avec le reçu du paiement, le passeport et le formulaire rempli.
Notre TIP étant valide pour encore 47 jours nous n’avons rien eu à faire pour cela.

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Used the Belice to Mexico border. Pretty easy to get through. Follow the instructions in the other comments.
I just want to add that in Mexico they charged us MXN$687 each.
The car TIP is 54USD + 400USD deposit that will be given back to you after you exit Mexico in any border

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Very easy and relaxed crossing. In Belize, everything in one building; pay your exit fee (40 BZD pP) get your exit stamp from immigration, go to aduanas and cancel TIP - drive to Mexican side, again everything in one building. Get FFM form from counter on the left -ask for 180 days! - fill in form, go to Banercito window, pay entry fee (Visa accepted), back to immigration, get FFM stamped, back to banercito, pay TIP (Visa accepted). Once outside, have vehicle inspected, driving out pay fumigation, pass through spray-lane and welcome in Mexico! Took us less than 2 hours - speaking Spanish definitely helped ...

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Did everything in 1 hour. Depends for sure to the people in duty if they want to check really everything or just a short look in the car. We were lucky. Had asked for just 90 days though...

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Checking out of Belize was straightforward and easy.
On the Mexican side they really gave us a hard time!
At immigration we needed to ask for the tourist card. Before the lady gave us the card she immediately asked us how many days we'd like to get. We said 180 days, because we would like to travel through the whole country with our car. Then she asked us about our specific route and hotel bookings or a flight home. We explained that we're camping most of the time and we don't have hotel bookings for the whole trip and that we will travel to the US by land. She went away and her college explained us in perfect English that it's now hard to put the 180 days into the system at the land borders. If you arrive by plain it's no problem but by land you normally only get 7 days and he has to put in a flight out or at least a hotel name. In the end he was okay with us booking a hotel 180 days in advance which we canceled after the border crossing.
After getting the 180 days on our tourist card they gave us a hard time with our TIP aswell. We're traveling with an apostilled poder and never had any problems at previous border crossings (traveling up from Costa Rica). Apparently the law in Mexiko is now that only family membership or work relationship allows to travel through Mexiko via poder. They even showed us a poster with the information about the poder (Point Nr. 3 on the attached foto). We said we're driving up a car from a good friend and that we can call him. But that didn't work. After a lot of talking we found a solution to get the TIP, but I guess, we've been really lucky..

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leaving Belize is easy, however on our day they DID NOT take card. so many of the tourists ended up paying horrible exchange rates to get their home currency changed. recommend you carry USD or bzd.

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Easy border, and very organized and professional compared to most in Central America. Immigration on both sides very busy on a Saturday morning, long waits.

1. Park on right opposite Belize building. First desk as you go in you pay, BZ 40/person, can pay on card. Then immigration at next desk. To cancel TIP go through double doors on left side, marked authorized persons only, to far end of corridor, exit left to the aduana on the incoming side of building. They cancel TIP (free). Exit and drive to next booth.

2. Show passports again and continue. Turn left at roundabout for Mexico, or go via free zone (you have to pay to park in the free zone, not sure how much, we turned around).

3. Drive across bridge into Mexico. Park on first lot on right. Get immigration card from guy there.

4. Go to second building and the Banjercito window. Pay 575 pesos per person. Get A4 printed receipt (make sure you get this!).

5. Go to immigration for stamp.

6. Get TIP from Banjercito - not sure of process as we already had ours from previous visit.

7. Drive through first checkpoint, looking for fruit, veg, eggs, rice etc. We had hidden ours and got away with it, but they were thorough with the other food we did have out, even tins.

8. Drive to next barrier. Cursory inspection on right.

9. Drive to fumigation, pay 95 pesos.


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Belize to Mexico
Corrections on GPS location.
Leaving Belize is straight forward.
Entering Mexico,
# At emigration, be clear about your requested visum length.
# normal is 7 days, you don't have to pay for a Tourist Card.
# 180 days, you have to pay 575 M$ p/p for the Tourist Card.
# RV, if that is not mentioned on your registration paper (like the Dutch) you need permission from a special customs officer to get your 10 years TIP costs 59 US$. No refundable costs to pay and you are allowed to store your RV in Mexico and leave the country. You don't have the normal 180 days TIP limit.
# The whole process including RV inspection took 4 hours. (no waiting lines at all)

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1. Exit Belize = 40B/person (can pay by cards)
2. Cancel car permit
3. Mexico immigration: took all our food. Everyting. Fruits, veggies, meet, eggs. Asked for rice beans and cereal. We said we didnt have any. They havent check.
4. They didnt charge for the tourists cards (?)
5. Second check. They open the truck only. Very friendly, english speaking.
6. Fulmigation. 95pesos

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