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752.2 masl


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Really beautiful spot to watch sunset or sunrise from hot springs! Charged 10.000 per person for use of springs and camping. A little pricey but worth it. Cold showers and bathrooms. Open all year.
Update 14000 pp.


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Prices are now CLP 24.000 per person ... and the combo spa + camping was CLP 70.000.
The place was empty and we were a bit disappointed by the poor maintenance.
We left ...

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Really nice place, friendly staff (speaks some English), beautiful view around. The hot springs are great, it was super cold and raining when we got here but it was still awesome. There are a few small pools and when you want to go in they assign you your own one.
As written before, it is not cheap! We paid 40,000clp for camping with our van and use the springs (night and morning). Maybe there is some other option if you park outside and pay separately for the springs.

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14,000clp now. They agreed that we park in front for the night. But to use the pool in the morning you need to pay camping inside, which is more expensive than paying for the pool again... Water was too hot so had to add cold water for a while before entering. Otherwise nice comfy pools..

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really very nice and beautiful!!!!!

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Regarding the last comment from Sallyontour; this definitely is a natural hot spring. They do however, like most thermal resorts, need to have facilities to keep the thermal water hot, regardless of the varying and often very cold weather. We have spent a lot of time in this valley, know the owner and we have seen the actual hot spring. There are also other hotsprings (tinas de la vaca) set amidst the forest towards Sierra Nevada volcano and a geiser field called barros de toro. Both you can only visit with a guid from the Cañon del Blanco and are highly recommended.

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We found out that is not a hot spring, the heat the water from the river by a wood oven and call it hot spring! Otherwise the place is quit nice, but we think to expensive.

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Beautiful hot springs! We were here in off season and arrived after dark (6pm), it seemed empty and most of the pools were empty. But after ringing the bell the neighbour came by and showed us the two pools that were nice and hot. He turned on the lights and brought us a jar of cold mineral water each to drink. Best you can do after a snow hike! Ps we paid 10.000 each with a discount coupon the turist info office gave us in the municipalidad in Curacautin (on the plaza). Pricey but worth it and also a nice place to spend the night with the use of bathrooms. Seems there is wifi but the neighbour didn't know the password.

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Just drove out for the hot springs. 12.000 for adults and 10.000 for kids. Pricey but the owner was really nice. They have a campground and told us 13.000 a night for 4 and a camper.

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Really beautiful spot to watch sunset or sunrise from hot springs! Charged 10.000 per person for use of springs and camping. A little pricey but worth it. Cold showers and bathrooms.

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