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7 months ago
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Beautiful waterfall with lake to swim and a beach in the middle of the forest with monkeys. Quite crowded, but ok because the space is ample. There is an official entrance, from the city hall, which costs 7 dollars (children over 6 years old pay 4) and the lifeguard - which is at the waterfall - said it has toilets and showers. There is another entrance to a private property, which charges 4 dollars (child $ 2), with only simple toilet. We entered through this one, where a group of residents of the region received us and one of them - who would be the owner - said that we could stay overnight without paying extra.


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This pin will lead you to the highway exit where where you need to make a right to get to the fall. If you continue on this road on the right side you will see the national.park emyrance where you need to pay $7/adult to enter. If you want to go thru the private entrance continue on the road and follow the other pin on the ioverlander. They charge $4/person and they are open until 5 pm
The NP closes at 3 pm. You cannot enter past tgat rime. The private entrance allows you until 5 pm..

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C'est ici l'entrée pour la chute. Des locaux vous diront de continuer tout droit afin d'accéder à la chute via un chemin alternatif. Plus long (5-6km) en terre et stationnement non sécurisé. Nous avons fait un bout du chemin pour voir, avec notre Mercedes sprinter 23 pieds puis nous avons rebroussé chemin pour aller à l'entrée officielle. La différence de prix ne valait pas le risque de la route et du stationnement selon nous.
À l'entrée officielle c'est 7$ par adulte et 4$ par enfant de plus de 6 ans.
Route plus belle, plus courte (1km).

This is the entrance to the fall. Locals will tell you to go straight ahead to access the waterfall via an alternate path. Longer (5-6km) in dirt and unsecured parking. We walked part of the way to see, with our Mercedes sprinter 23 feet then we turned back to go to the official entrance. The price difference was not worth the road and parking risk in our opinion.
At the official entrance it's $7 per adult and $4 per child over 6 years old.
More beautiful, shorter route (1km).

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This is a different entrance from the main one where you can simply pay with a donation. A bit of dirt road to make it but doable. Also, dogs are allowed through here and they can even enter the waterfalls.

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As a pensioner I payed 2000q. Don't forget your swimsuit!

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Cachoeira linda com lago pra nadar e uma prainha em meio à mata com macacos. Bastante frequentada, mas ok porque o espaço é amplo. Tem uma entrada oficial, da prefeitura, que custa 7 dolares (crianças maiores de 6 anos pagam 4) e o salva-vidas - que fica na cachoeira - disse que tem toilets e duchas. Há outra entrada numa propriedade privada, que cobra 4 dolares (criança $ 2), com único toilet bem simples. Entramos por esta, onde um grupo de moradores da regiao nos recebeu e um deles - que seria o proprietário - disse que poderíamos pernoitar sem pagar extra.

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