Toll gate / Speed control area | Checkpoint



Last Visited: about 2 years ago
GPS: -15.64953, 28.24266
Altitude: 1092.0 masl


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Toll gate at this point. Show receipt obtained at border.

Drive 60km/hr or less as there are plenty of police speed controls and checkpoints along this stretch.

When they stop you you have to get out of the car to meet them.


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This particular point is a toll gate. Show toll receipt obtained at border. Drive 60km/hr or less on this stretch, unless otherwise indicated

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there ARE POLICE along this long strecth

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here are plenty speed control. when they stop you you have to go out of the car to the officers. They may not come to you...we waited for a while and drove away because nobody talked to police stop they send us back...
it was 40 we had 47 but they told us it was punishment enough to drive all the way back :-)
nice officers but be careful it is expensive in Zambia

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