180 Little Colorado River | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 34.84153, -110.06375
Altitude: 1579.6 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

We drove back about 200 yards off road, we had 4 wheel drive but also have a 30’ vehicle. Had a lovely sunset and can walk to the edge of the cliff down by the river. Quiet and peaceful. Lots of blooming wildflowers and cactus. Great bird viewing as well. T-Mobile and AT&T both work fairly well.


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nice a few cows very quiet. A few bars of cellular service Verizon.

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Here’s the scoop, the coordinates end at the offshoot road to take. Hang a right not to far after, up a slight hill and there are about 3 spots to choose from. Two will fit a camper (nothing huge) and one is good for a small set up.
If you go straight (like a we did mistakenly) a patch of pavement goes over a wash and there is a decent drop off, sketchy with the camper, had to get traction boards out to lessen it. Do NOT go right after the pavement, there is a nasty washout that is impassable.

We drove all the spots in the area, many of the dirt road off shoots lead to the canyon and some have spots for a small set up. Almost everyone was not camper friendly in terms of required ground clearance. Some flat spots by the road, but we prefer not to be so visible in an area like this.

Locals use this area as a dumping ground, party area and shooting range. Shame how trashed it is. Be very aware, if not for the off season I’d feel pretty sketched in this area. 180 is not patrolled at night either.

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Wow. Beautiful and so peaceful. Lots to explore and we were visited but a bunny that thought better of getting closer. Weak cell coverage but ok if you climb a bit.

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Beautiful spot with a few trees, small canyon and some Verizon cell service. We drove just beyond the posted coordinates to get away from the dirt road and closer to canyon. It is fairly quiet here. A group was partying down canyon, so we heard “thump-thump” in the evening and distant train all night. All in all a nice spot for a quick stop on the way to the Petrified Forest.

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Gorgeous spot! Nice walk up the (currently) dry riverbed. Had the place to myself on a Saturday night.
Track is in good shape, bit of a dip turning off the main dirt road, but I just took it slow and was fine in my Ford e150 van with a back rack.
Not much trash, but lots of broken glass - be aware if you have a dog.

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what a GREAT place to stay! clean, quiet, safe, peaceful. plenty of space to stay. i use dodge grand caravan.

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Quiet spot, dirt/gravel trails doable in a 2wd.

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Beautiful spot! Arroyo is dry now in winter, would love to see it flowing. Seriously sad that people have dumped trash and there are broken bottles everywhere, I'd love to participate in a clean up if there was one. Do what I can while I am here but a lot of it is large debris. Don't let it deter you from coming through, the beauty of the spot is more powerful than the trash. It's windy but I think the rocks help protect you a bit. I didn't park up higher for that reason but it was totally doable in my 30' skoolie. Definitely NOT if it's wet though. A lot of the track has a rock base but not all of it. Road in was in good shape, a little washboard but I've seen far worse. Decent Verizon signal.

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Gorgeous location and mostly quiet (more below).

Access easy. 4wd no issues. 2wd may have a few slow and easy moments.

Stayed 1 night. Unstructured Fire pits are nice, especially as it got down to 20 overnight.

Overlanders keep this place clean.. no trash coming in.

A few people plinking away with weapons until sunset but they were miles away. Freight trains were constant all night but extremely distant.

Gorgeous sunset!!

Was awoken at around 2am by a small group of locals partying around the bend (earlier in the trail). They were harmless and left after about 2 hours.

Very disappointed to see all of the trash they left strewn about and the fire that they’d failed to extinguish properly as we departed in the morning.

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Posted up about a quarter mile down the road from here, quiet and flat. Didn’t see anyone else, did hear some hunting late at night. Recommend, especially if your checking out the petrified Forrest near by.

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The stars are picture perfect! However, once you get down the road this far you will definitely need 4 wheel drive once you reach the fork in the road after making the last right off of the dirt road to get to a spot. We stopped at the fork due to deep rivets and just parked on the road.

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Great spot, as others have mentioned. Quiet, terrific view. You can hear occasional cars passing by on the nearby dirt road but no one bothered us.

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I drove a little further down the road than the location said. Awesome sunset, extremely fast Verizon/Visible speeds.

No one around.

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lovely spot with a great cliffside view. looking down the cliff i noticed a lead climbing route with anchors. pretty rocky offroad and high clearance is recommended

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We drove back about 200 yards off road, we had 4 wheel drive but also have a 30’ vehicle. Had a lovely sunset and can walk to the edge of the cliff down by the river. Quiet and peaceful. Lots of blooming wildflowers and cactus. Great bird viewing as well. T-Mobile and AT&T both work fairly well.

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