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To extend visa :
letter to explain why you want to extend (they write it for you in Portuguese at the photocopy shop nearby (1000kwz), 2 photos, 1 copy : visa + passport
10625 kwz.They said it's 2 weeks processing time :(
I cried a bit and they said since I am tourist they may be able to do in 7 days. eventually it did take 2 weeks...
they give you a paper so you can go around in the cou try anyways but you have to go back to luanda to fetch your passport


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Bad experience for me. Staff non helping, and none effort for non Portuguese speaking. You can edit all the papers needed at the copy shop next to. I finally gave up to do the extension here when I learnt that I could do in Benguela.

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Did my visa extension here.
All in all fairly easy processs but still takes a lot of time.print out the visa extension form which is on their website and bring it filled out with you. I forgot that and somebody printed it for me there. It cost me 10625 kwanza. Lets see how long it takes until I get it. The other informationis correct also the information about the copy shop and the letter they write for you.

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worked out very good, as written below you'll get your visa extension within 7 days. Make sure you arrive with long trousers even if you want to pickup your passport

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Location is accurate (residential area, street parking only, not easy to find a spot and not suitable for bigger trucks) Info regarding the supporting documents is correct, however, 2 copies of the mentioned letter are needed, one will be stamped and serves as your identification document till you get the passport back, the copy shop does instant pics as well (1000, you get 8),
People might wait at the entrance but there are different queues inside so go in front and show the security guy at the entrance your letter regarding the desired tourist visa extension, he will direct you to the first queue. That's where they print the slips with the amount (one is the extension fee , the second one is the fee for 2 forms and a folder , 11700 in total), next queue is for the payment and with proof of payment you get the forms at the counter next to the bank. They are in Portuguese, a local was very kind and helped me to fill out the forms... glue is needed to attach the pics! Last queue will take you to a table next to the stairway where 2 ladies checked if all required documents are attached. Even though it's not such a big process it took me 4 hours. They told me to come back in 7 days. That's what I did and it was ready for collection. Hand over your stamped letter to the guy at the entrance. From time to time someone will collect them and disappear to check if the visa is ready. Last step is signing. The 30 days extension starts the day after your initial 30 day visa expired.
P.S.: They refused entry to a couple of guys wearing shorts or sandals, so dress accordingly !!!

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to extend visa :
letter to explain you want to extend (they write it for you in Portuguese at the photocopy shop nearby (1000kwz)
2 photos
1 copy : visa + passport
12,000 kwz

they said it's 2 weeks processing time :(
I cried a bit and they said since I am tourist they may be able to do in 7 days (let's hope it works out!)

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