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GPS: 44.06748, -121.30312
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Randy Oakley

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Dump station and potable water. water is free dump is $5 fee w/o fill up, $3 with. when I pulled in with my diesel rig, the attendant only charged me $3 as they don't sell diesel.


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The potable water is also rinse water for the dump, but it has a backflow preventer, so bring your own hose and sanitizer spray. Disconnect the existing hose spray the fitting, then attach your own hose.
If you use a collapsible hose (Silver Bullet, etc) , prepare for a free shower when you turn off the water, as the hose will collapse, sending pressurized water back to the backflow preventer. Better to disconnect the water at your wet bay, THEN shut off the water.
Water is hard to find in Bend, and free water is gold. We only found this one source, so please be kind and replace the rinse hose when you/re done, and be sure to thank the manager, who's a good guy.

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The dumping and water station is behind the building, free water and they already have a hose! Perfect!
Bm.aroundtheworld from Switzerland

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free water. potable. $5 to use dump, or $3 with gas.

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The employee was very kind and allowed us to refill for free provided that we make a partial filling (10 gallon)

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I was told it was free to fill up water even tho the sign said it was not. Open in January!!

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Free water fill via hose. $5 to dump. Decently clean. Backside of Chevron

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$3 fee for dump and potable water fill up. Just go inside and see attendant. Dump is behind store station, right in front of an old blockbuster that is still open!

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RV Dump is on the backside of the payment booth. Driveway sneaks up fast! Stay right when entering from Revere Avenue

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Still $5 without full up and $3 with. Clean and easy access. Potable water available. Possibly a tight squeeze for a really large RV. The last standing blockbuster is next door! Lol

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Dump station and potable water. $5 fee w/o fill up, $3 with. When I pulled in with my diesel rig, the attendant only charged me $3 as they don't sell diesel.

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