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Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 30.349760, -114.640517
Altitude: 10.6 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Unknown
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: No

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Well established camp ground in harbour. Right at the beach and sea and also a hotspring in the ocean which is quite cool to go and relax in. Camp site is 500 pesos (no water/elec). As of Jan 2021, no showers (not sure of this was a temporary shortage or not).


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Was a bit disappointed by this campground. 500pesos and we weren’t allowed to look at the camp sites without paying up front. No running water/showers or internet which are pretty common for places priced this high. Hot springs were nice and there is a nice beach. We didn’t ask about day use for the hot springs only.

Camp sites were very close together and there was a lot of trash around. As other reviews have mentioned it’s a good option for some but there are plenty of better options nearby.

This is a total hit or total miss depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re a hot spring lover, self-contained (own food/water) and don’t need water/elec during your stay, it’s great. The hot springs are an amazing natural phenomenon - cool salt water mixing with healing thermal water and an amazing view.

HOWEVER...if this isn’t you, skip it. It’s now 500 pesos per night (non-negotiable, stay length doesn’t matter). There’s no water, no electricity, and the local gas station is out of gas almost as often as it has gas.

There is one basic restaurant and one basic mercado (where she’ll sell you Wi-Fi or landline phone use).

We loved it and stayed longer than planned. We’ll hit it again on the way back to the US. Now that we’re in Baja Sur, we realize how expensive it was. But to get to soak in the hot springs was totally worth the price of camping.

SKIP THIS PLACE. NOW THEY WANT 500 PESOS. This place was beautiful and free. Now it's ruined. Not even the money, it's the point.

We came on a Sunday. It was busy at the hot springs but cleared out at dark. The springs were nice and worth a stay at an overpriced campground.

The "campground" was the most expensive we've seen in Baja for a parking lot with no amenities. It was also louder and busier than the free places we've been staying. If this is your first stop while heading south, dont worry it gets much better!

stayed one night, tent camping. it was very windy during the day, but fine at night in the palapa. they wouldn't sell us firewood said it wasn't safe with the wind. also no water was available. and electricity only when they ran the generator at night. bring your own toilet paper. also no garbage cans. you have to carry yours out. hot springs were a hit. we met nice travelers there. didn't try the showers. pretty bare bones but served us fine.

Dry camping near hot springs. 350 Pesos per night. Pretty beach front view.

No cell service. Market up the hill has slow wifi for 30 Pesos an hour.

Toilets but bring your own toilet paper. No showers.

Cool hot springs at low tide. Washed out at high tide. Good bathroom no shower. $350 pesos good vibes.

It's a nice camping spot with well built palapas, picnic tables, clean restroom with flush toilet (no sink tho) and cold water bucket showers (but they have stalls). You can notice that the place is been build up/upgraded and they take good care of the place and you. Friendly people. it's on the expensive side but it was a good introduction to palapas camping in Baja coming from the north. The hot springs are amazing too.
We were here on a Friday and Saturday. On Saturday the place got packed with locals but all very friendly.

A great camping spot with nice palapas. The bathrooms were very clean. I think there are 16 camping spots with palapas. The night we were there only 3 of them were occupied. Living in Colorado, my wife and I go to a lot of hot springs. The hot springs here were amazing! There is water flowing from a geothermal vent amongst the rocks on the rocky beach area. There is a nice concrete path to the geothermal pools. We found one to be the perfect temperature. We had a great experience! I don't see why this place isn't much more popular. The hosts were very polite. Well with the 350 pesos for hot springs and camping for my wife and I. I would highly recommend this spot.

very small and amazing beach strip, the hot springs its just so nice and beautiful, 2 min drive.
spent here 1 night and pay 350 MXC$ per car

Established campground with palapas, cold showers, and toilets. Pretty standard Baja campground. We absolutely loved the hot spring. It’s a short drive or hike up the road from the campground. Make sure to check on low tide times as that is the only time you can access the hot spring. The water varies from hot to cooler as you move towards the ocean.

18 usd for one night with a palapa. Kind of run down and bathrooms are mediocre but people are nice and hot springs are AMAZING. I soaked 3 times in the 18 hours I was there. Town was hit hard by storms but there is a nice point to watch the sunset and a small market down the street. This town is kind of hurting.

The campground had palapa to park by. No water or electricity. The bathrooms and showers were no longer in use. 350mx seems a little high. But the hot springs were great. The best time to go is 8 am. Just stayed one night for the hot springs experience.

$350mx a night, non negotiable. Very expensive for what you get. no water or power at the Palapas. no hand basin in the bathroom. Hot Springs are excellent.

A big disappointment. Very windy when arrived, but died down about 5. Very run-down and not worth the 350 pesos. Small bay very pretty at sunset. Electrical not safe, runs from 5-10, most palapas w/ electrical do not work. Doubt will come back here.

Dirty and rundown but very expensive (overpriced). The woman who runs the place is extremely unpleasant and rude. Came with the intention of camping as well but after an awful experience with the proprietor finished my soak and left. Free camping wild camping opportunities abound in the area. Would strongly recommend not stopping here.

Mostly Like described but pretty beat up. Road from San Felipe to puerto cito was under construction after hurricane. No showers WiFi or cell service. Restaraunt closed Site was decent and toilets cleaned each day. $350 for truck camper and 2 dogs only one other rig there. Springs were the highlight and worth it. Lots of clams to dig during low tide

Great hotsprings...sit in rock pools by the ocean. Expensive camping at 350 pesos but the nice beach and hotsprings made it ok. Women's washroom lacked a sink and toilet paper. Didn't try the showers.Palapa Campsites with cement pad and table. Sites didn’t have water, but they will bring you some if you ask. On site restaurant. Nice couple manages the place.

still nice place, lovely hot pools and very quiet. toilet, shower and electricity do not work. M$ 350.-/night incl pools.

Simple palapa at lovely beach front location with electricity /light during the evening. No shower. Hardly functional flush toilet. Convenient to hot springs.
160 pesos for cyclist.

Lovely beach camp ground. No wifi, under construction bathrooms and showers. M$ 350/night. Electric hookups, bid bin of water for washing and palapa are included.

Beautiful spot. Quiet and removed, even on New Year's Eve. They had a huge potluck in the restaurant space that night and invited us. Very friendly folks.

Campground with Palapas on beachfront. Electricity from 5 PM to 10 PM. We paied 300 Pesos. Flush Toilets and primitive Showers. We were there on Saturday. There were a lot of other Campers, all Mexicans.

Nice place. 300 pessos. Hotsprings are 200 pessos we heard but they didn't check us. No cell phone reception.

Just checked the place but didnt stay. Great location. 300 pesos NON negotiable. Hot showers-running water and very beautiful beach.

Beautiful bay with palapas, camping right on the edge with your own picnic table and palapa. electric hookups but they do turn off about 1am so be prepared.
hot springs on the beach- will check these out in a while.

Cute place. The hot springs are up the road from the camground, less than a kilometre. Hot water fills the pools in the rocks during low tide. The only wifi in town is up the hill at Pez market. 30 pesos an hour. Paid 300 pesos for one night. There are a few hours of electricity per night at the palapas. Also water and picnic table.

Really cool hot springs at the edge of the ocean. Cost to visit springs was $15US per car, $5 more to also camp. Campsite includes palapa with picnic table and gravity fed water spigot, flush toilets, primitive showers (carry a bucket of water from your spigot to use in the shower stall).

Amazing hot springs, about 10 pools on the shore, with waves lapping colder water into the springs,one of a kind, great international atmosphere, not to be missed!100 pesos for day use,
double for hookups/palapa

Well established camp ground in harbour. Beautiful beach and sea and also a hotspring in the ocean which is quite cool to go and relax in. Camp site is 300pesos. Clean toilets with potable water and primitive showers.