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2 months ago
78.9 masl


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Entry is 80 Q per person, parking is free. Archeological site with UNESCO status close to village of Quiringua - you reach it on a well paved road. It is possible to stay here for the night as well - friendly staff.


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Note: they close the gate at 5pm and if you arrive late you need to get the security attention to let you in. The entrance is 80 pesos per person. The entrance is still good for the next day.

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I stayed here one night and it was all good after talking to the security guy he was really friendly we tip him 20Q before we left.

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Wow this place is hot! Our truck got down to 29 degrees C at 5am - that was with all windows open and fly screen up!!
There’s a lot of big trees towards the back car park ( which incidentally is definitely the best place to park due to noise from the banana plantation as per previous post). The trees though mean no Starlink
Do NOT park nearer the entrance buildings if you are going to be stopping any time soon- there is a hive of “African Killer” bees there. They are unbelievably aggressive.- I’ve never come across the like in 8 yrs of bee keeping. Apparently bred this way in Brazil and have gradually made it up here. My poor husband was stung 3 times!! Please be careful

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We had a lovely night here, it is as previously described.
Park your car at the far end of the parking lot to avoid the noise from the entrance gate to the banana farm (it works 24/7).
There are picnic tables, clean bathrooms with running water, water faucet, we were even offered a backet shower.
Very nice and friendly personnel, 10+ cats and a friendly dog.

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Really good for a night on the way from or ro Guatemala City and the archeological site is beautiful.

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we stopped here on our way from Antigua to Flores and spent one night. Entrance is 80 Quetzales per person, we asked the guard if it was okay to spend the night here and visit the place the next day in the morning and it was no problem and no extra costs. Bathrooms are open the whole night, a bit traffic noise from the Trucks of the banana plantation at night although it is just a small road. Gated and friendly night guards, felt super safe. we could visit the ruins in the morning before they opened for everyone, which was nice. Friendly lady in the last souvenir stall who was up for a little chat :)

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Closed, because has a tropical storme.
More 1 month

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Arrived at the gate after closing time (5:30PM) but the very friendly guard let us in and confirmed we could camp for the night. He would even let us use the staff showers. The next morning we were allowed to visit the ruins at sunrise, hours before the official opening. Great experience for us.

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Noisey night stop due to banana trucks all night UNESCI status due to stone carvings site is small and for 80q?! but great BIG trees

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Awesome guards! They help me so well.

Only had 60q on me. They let me camp inside next to the booth office and could visit the ruins in the morning.

Was chatting with them in the evening, they said very clearly that all travelers/overlanders could spend the night there.

Even let me fill a bottle from their water reservoir and gave me a plate of food!

The dirt road towards Morales is private property though! It's a huge banana plantation

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Possibilité de dormir si on visite le site

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We arrived mid-afternoon, paid the Q80 each entrance fee and were allowed to camp for the night. It wasn't too noisy for us. Got to see the site that afternoon and the following day. Safe and secure

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80 qtz ppers. Overnight free. Parking noisy because of trucks entrance to a huge bananas farm next door.

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Entry is 80 Q per person, parking is free. Archeological site with UNESCO status close to village of Quiringua - you reach it on a well paved road. It is possible to stay here for the night as well - we didn't but asked the friendly staff. We enjoyed the beautiful park with the very old tropic trees and the historic columns. (Nevertheless it would be nice if people ONLY post a worth/not worth a visit comment after they really visited the site.)

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We did not stay here, but you must stay here. The only problem is that they charge outrageous 80QZ/Person for entry for a few stelae. That is almost over for the super tourist ruins Chichen Itza or Uxmal! Then l100x but ieber the super cool figures & steles in El Baul, which are yet free!

It has a large parking lot BEFORE the ruins parking. Here you could theoretically stay. We ate here only lunch and on.

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Shady camping in the parking lot of the archaeological site. Toilets in the Visitor Center can be used. Since the campsite is located in archelogical site the admisssion fee of 80 Quetzal / person must be paid in advance (the stelae alone are definitely worth the money).

Caution: In February we have been attacked by hundreds of small horseflies which had no problems getting through our mosquito nets!

(Can of Coca Cola for the night watchman)

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