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3 months ago
113.6 masl


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This is the right place of you’re coming for the south to fill your propane.
95 pesos for a 10 pounder.

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This location was not able to provide fuel for our removable tank. No reason was provided. The workers provided a different location that was close to the Walmart plaza in La Paz. There is a google map screenshot to the location by Walmart (Blvd Pino de Payas and Av La Cima) and a photo of the Caligas plant hours.

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Photo of Caligas hours and google map
Screenshot of fuel
Location suggested by Caligas attendees

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This location is for removable tanks only

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Here you can fill any propane tanks, place was busy but 3 guys were working so it was quick.

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Here you can fill your propane gas tanks. It is always busy so count in some time waiting

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We went to the other Caligas listed on ioverlander nearby but even though we saw someone filling a tank the day before, they had the nozzle for it, and other overlanders were able to fill a cylinder there, they told us they could not and sent us to this big plant down the road. Pull up to the caged area on the side specifically for refilling cylinder tanks. Pricing listed on the sign, we paid 149mxp for 10kg/20L bottle

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