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Need to get/hand in your vehicle import permit here.


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Friendly guy and very easygoing. Offered us even to fill our water bottles in his office. Took only a few minutes to cancel our Bolivian TIPs for our bikes.

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opening hours are now: Mo-Fryday:8:30 - 16:30 and Saturday: 8:30-12:30 (see photo)

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Lovely staff, they even checked us in after the official opening hours. Not sure when they are open but on a Friday afternoon at 5.30pm it's closed. He just took a picture of our car and the chassi number handed out the tip and let us proceed. No fruit or veggi control, no copies needed.

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Hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 - 12:30, 2:30 - 6:30 and Saturday/Sunday 8:30 - 5:00. The security guard at the gate asked to see our passports then let us drive in to cancel TIP. Officer came out to check license plate and look over vehicle, looked inside and asked where we were going. After looking on computer, he stamped TIP and gave it back.

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Attention ouvert jusqu'à 17h le week-end! Sinon tout est mentionné dans les autres commentaires.

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Aduanas office to get or canceled the TIP for your vehicle. Exciting Bolivia we canceled our TIP and got a signed and stamped copy of our canceled the document. Friendly staff.

Office closes from 12:30 to 14:00 for lunch

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we confirm all copies of documents are needed, including driving license also.
by the way, no sanitary check when arriving in Bolivia from Brazil, so you can keep your fresh food

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For the entry into Bolivia Customs request photocopies of passport driver with the input buffer of immigration, the license international drive, the output of Brasil of the vehicle and document vehicle identification.
Pour l'entrée en Bolivie la douane demande les Photocopies du passeport conducteur avec le tampon d'entrée de l'immigration, le permis international de conduire, la sortie du Brasil du véhicule et le document d'identification du véhicule.

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to entry Bolivia from Brasil, we need to bring the following copies:
- passport (the main page with your personalities)
- passport stamp entry and exit of Brasil
- passport stamp entry to bolivia
- vehicle document
they don't have the option to make copies for you, we had to go again to the centre

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It looks like the customs document you get from the Aduana Nacional de Bolivia depends on where you enter the country — and there are subtle differences that you should be aware of:
- In Yacuiba (May 2016) entering from Argentina, we received a document titled "Acuerdo Boliviano-Argentino" that was divided into sections titled "Datos *Personales*", "Datos del Vehiculo", etc. It was valid for 6 months.
- In Puerto Quijarro (July 2016) entering from Brazil, we received a document titled "Ingreso y Salida de Vehiculos Turisticos" that was divided into sections titled "Datos del *Conductor* (=driver)", "Datos del Vehiculo", etc. It was valid for 1 month only.
In Santa Cruz the police hassled us for infringing the law because I was listed as the Conductor (see second case, above) while my partner was driving. If they issue the second type of document to you and you are several people driving the car, you may want to insist they list the additional drivers on that form before you sign it.

Also the police hassled us for not carrying an "Orden de Traslado", a specific permit issued by local police stations that authorizes a given foreign vehicle to drive from A to B. (N.B. This document is not a phantom, I've see Brazilian drivers carrying it!). We got away by claiming that the customs officer (aduanero) explicitly stated we were free to travel around the country and didn't need any other documents other than what he issued us with — and by standing our grounds for up to 20 minutes. Don't pay tips, bribes or fines if hassled. Be polite and show that you have infinite time to ride this one out. Never admit any law infringement unless they point you to the relevant paragraph and you understand that paragraph and you actually did do something wrong.

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After lunch they actually reopened at 14:30 (on a Friday that was). Exiting from Bolivia, they took the permit for the car but issued us a similar document as a finalization of the process; apparently the records of handing in the permit are often lost, so the new document is a confirmation for our handing in the document upon exiting the country. The confirmation will be useful when we enter Bolivia again in a few weeks.

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Open 7 days a week between 9 am and 12:30 pm and 15:30 - 19:00. It is locaced close to the main road leading out of town, but on the road itself, so of you need to skip the aduana it is a good entry point.

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Nedd to get/hand in your vehicle import permit here.

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