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Free hot showers in Pateros State Park along the river.


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the water pressure is intense! I went to the womens shower and it got nicely hot, but you do have to keep pressing the button, the water runs for maybe about 20 seconds or so at a time. this is a lovely little park with benches, outlets, outdoor sink, what a nice place.

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Beautiful park with free bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, electricity outlets, dish-washing station, and beautiful views. The bathrooms and showers were clean, however, the showers cannot be described as hot. The women's shower was mostly cold, with spurts of warm every now and then, and the men's alternated between cold and hot. Was still refreshing (and free)!

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As describes, nice quiet park, well kept and clean, clean restrooms with FREE hot shower. Didn’t see any homeless people, felt very secure.

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Free hot showers! Nice little park and very clean restroom and shower. $15 for overnight parking but shower is free.

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Free hot showers in pateros state park along the river.

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