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Stunning view of the viaduct along a simple gravel track, looks like it would be busy in peak season.

Roadside 44.97770, 3.17786

The casino has NO air filtering system. After about 5 minutes of being inside the casino I literally couldn't breath and was choking on cigarettes smoke. My jacket reeked of cigarettes smoke.
And I'm from Vegas. I've been to smoky casinos. But NEVER like this one.

They don't allow overnight parking at the moment.

Snoqualmie Casino 47.51934, -121.83989

Quiet and safe place to stay, with hot shower, bathrooms and good Wifi.
We left our Campervan here for 2 nights to go to Lima with public transportation and stayed 2 nights in the city. If you want to leave your car here and go to the city, talk to them in advance, so there is no confusion. There are some regulations about when to use big amounts of water because it's a place in a dry area. And there are some dogs and cats at the refugio. One night for 2 people in the camper costs 40 Soles or 10 Dollars.

Refugio Lima -12.09727, -76.78055

we stayed here for 1 night but we could have moved in here we loved it. she charged 100 pesos per person for a nice place with a view of the river, water, a(cold) shower, toilets with paper,a picnic table, a swing above the river. just amazing

Paraje y Camping San Efrén 22.56845, -99.34950

Spent the night and it was relatively quiet. Signs say parking is allowed for 24hours max. There were 4 or 5 other campers.

It appears that they do somewhat enforce 24hour rule. Some vehicles had a sign taped to the door, saying they would be towed, if not moved by the 3rd at 11am.

Walmart at Tsawwassen Mills 49.04157, -123.08224

Not the best campingsite but it was good for one night between Potosi and Sucre. It's very close to the road and a little bit noisy in the evening and in the morning.

C'est pas le meilleur site de camping sauvage mais c'était très bien pour une nuit entre Potosi et Sucre. Le spot est proche de la route donc un peu bruyant en soirée et le matin.

Wild Camping -19.41118, -65.19063

Arrived here during the day and took a nap and nobody bothered us.
But when it turned night there were multiple cops taking turns and we woke up to some lighting flash lights in our van and talking in spanish about how they can open the van. When we opened the door and they were about to try some corrupt police bullshit we told them that we talked to the other police before already and they said it’s allowed to sleep here. They then said its okay and left. But since that was like the 3rd time that police bothered us and it would most likely continue the whole night, we left. There’s also not a lot of street lights there which makes you an easier target for either corrupt police or thieves.

It was quiet but not worth the stress

Quiet parking with shadow 20.98417, -89.64361

Great spot below Hwy 263. River at your doorstep. Road in can be a little rough, made it in with a 29' Class C.

Hudson Rd 41.81561, -122.58694

Very nice and quiet place at the beach. Location can be easily accessed, no 4WD required, as long you do not drive in beach sand.

We enjoyed our stay and felt safe.

By the sea 31.15381, -114.89182

Not the rv park of my life but ok overnight
25$ for the night
Make sure you register at the gas station at the exit and get your coins for the laundry machines for no services on site
Train runs in the backyard
music to me but not for most

Dateland RV Park 32.79557, -113.54476
Des routes & nous

Spent 2 nights here. No one came to see us. Nice view and pretty quiet. 4G OK with Orange.

Huge and hidden pull out in laterite 6.70667, 11.78057

Fairly primitive campground with incredible views. We’re self contained and didn’t need any facilities, so I didn’t check out what was there, if anything. It was very exposed and windy, which didn’t bother us but might be less fun if you’re in a tent. There were some friendly dogs. You can get a pretty good view of the Bufadora area from one side of the campground. Overall it was a great spot, I’d stay again.

El Mirador 31.72539, -116.72305
Francine the Travel Machine

Beautiful place to camp directly on the lake with mountain views all around. No cell signal or facilities but picnic tables and fire pits. We hiked Cerro Falkner Peak in the morning and this a is a great place to stay before or after doing that.

Lago Villarino -40.44637, -71.54565

As described. Beginning of November, during the week, nobody around.
Movistar cell coverage close to zero.

grassy beach -33.10426, -66.00467

Great spot with a beautiful view! I recommend getting here a little earlier to wach the sunset. Very few cars drove by, even in the morning. There was only one long-term RV with two dogs and some cool yard art and one other van. The "hoarder" in the precious comments and picture is gone.

Juan Creek 39.70224, -123.80391

We had a quit night and no problems! The trail is very nice. It was open in November.

Parc provincial Mashjimonje 46.26145, -80.30432

Passamos 3 noites aqui, tem supermercado e muitos restaurantes próximos. Além da praia dos pescadores, se descer pela Rua Mucugê bao acessar outra praia além de conhecer o centrinho muito charmoso da Arraial. Lugar seguro e tranquilo, com água disponível.

Municipal Parking - Arraial d’Ajuda -16.48871, -39.07545

We stayed at a pulloff a little past benson creek for the night. No issues.

Gravel Parking Lot 49.19902, -124.08172
Chateau Ski

Owners let us stay even if place is closed for season. $40 for 30 amps. They even provided water to fill up and allowed us to dump our tanks. Very quiet spot with great views. Well worth it.

Sid Turcotte Park 46.31072, -78.72091

Great spot with a nice view and easy access to the lake for a morning hike

Mt Shasta View 41.24385, -122.38410

This campground was renamed Elephant Hill Campground. There are 26 sites. Some are available for reservation and others are first come first served. We were fortunate enough to find a vacant site for the night!

Needles / Elephant Hill Campground 38.14731, -109.80261

Nice and quiet place, the staff from the hotel is very friendly and helpful. The sites look like they've had their best time for a long time, but we feel good and safe. 19$ + Tax = 404 Mexps. with full hookup.

Hotel Playa de Cortès 27.91248, -110.94605

Road in is quite rough and I'd imagine it's hard to navigate here after dark, but was able to snag a spot right after the first camping sign. Not much competition for space in early winter conditions

Methodist trails BLM site 38.51176, -105.98015

High pressure. You can fill your water tank very quick.

Roadside 22.82645, 41.12001

Around 5am the security guard arrived and 15 min later used their lights and sirens to rouse and evict someone sleeping in their RV. I was in my SUV with blackout curtains over the back windows. I assumed they’d kick me out too but I fell asleep while waiting and woke up at 10am. Once I took town my blackout curtains the security realized I had been sleeping there, they begin circling my car so I started leaving, they followed me with sirens on until I left the parking lot.

Walmart Parking Lot 38.36245, -122.69292

Still a quiet, flat spot with plenty of space

Tonopah Stargazing Park 38.05704, -117.21089
Des routes & nous

Nice place facing the mountains. It was probably a quarry used for the road construction. No one came to see us. You can ear the road but there is no much traffic. Lot of place to park.

Off Road 6.44507, 11.57495

Free camping! Also a campground down the road but not sure if they charge. The area is amazing and very little people; however, bring ear plugs!!! There’s a train that runs and they blow their horns all throughout the night. It felt like a train came by every 15 minutes (really didn’t time it out but it was super frequent). Picnic tables are available. Mosquitos were crazy during the time I went.

Lake Holbrook Campground West 32.68724, -95.54732

At this checkpoint the roads get closed overnight. when you arrive here at night, the military let you stay at their camp for the night and offers a bed and food. The people are super nice.

Military Camp 33.28860, 42.57119

The road get's closed after sunset but the military invites you to sleep at their camp. They are super nice and offer food, drinks and a bed. One of then soldiers share a hotspot with me. It's nice to talk with a soldiers but If you don't speak Arabic it's good to have a translation app installed.

Military Camp 33.28876, 42.57094

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