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Great spot for a night. The bathrooms were spotless when I was there, and it wasn't too noisy aside from the nice highway white noise. However it was insanely windy. This might be common, judging from the wind farm a few miles east!

EB Whitewater Adobe Rest Area 33.92091, -116.66392

very empty, quiet village... bodegas/tiendas were closed, an old woman sold me some sublime :)

Yuracmayo -11.83821, -76.15844

was closed, when i was there, really busy road ... i cycled the 7km down to san mateo, where i got money, food and a nice place to sleep in that hospedaje brisas (30 soles, very hot water, clean room), cycling up again next morning was less fun, but no problem

Hospedaje -11.73399, -76.25843

great place! 30s for a clean room with very hot water - perfect. very friendly as well, got some snacks in the shop and could eat breakfast in the morning

Hospedaje Brisas -11.75435, -76.29535

great place! really nice options for tents next to the river, no cars at night

Field with rocks by the river -11.99664, -76.11565

clean washrooms, potable water, large flat parking lot, area for pets, picnic tables. could hear cars driving by, but wasn't terrible

Midland Rest Area 42.12655, -121.82494

Go to Mezquite Grill on the first floor right outside by the pool! Amazing wood fired pizzas for less than 200p, and 100p margaritas!

Hotel Misión Restaurant and Bar 26.01246, -111.33952

No issues going northbound. Waved us right through

Military Checkpoint 26.19108, -111.43941

Not the kindest host but offered us a welcome tea. Charged 80 Dhs for a camper car without electricity. Showers are warm and there is no Wi-Fi

Camping Hakkou 31.67317, -4.20111

Perfect place to stay a night. Our dog got to run and play w other dogs. There are a couple of other vans in the lot. Nobody bothering anybody. Pretty quiet and safe

Juniper Ave 43.70277, -124.10872

Alright for a night, saw other overnighters and felt fine

Walmart 44.44193, -73.12060

Clean & warm showers, helpful staff, nice atmosphere. We paid 8000 pp/pn for our 4x4 with rooftop tent. Separate amenities and kitchen available for RV/tents apart from hostel, but the hostel shared spaces are also available. Fully equipped and nice shady courtyard. A welcome stopover for us after several days of wild camping.

La Casa Del Sol Naciente CAMPING -22.90775, -68.20286

We arrived during the evening so it was dark and very few people around. No sign that says you can’t stay overnight; we were not bothered. Beautiful sunset!

Peggys Cove 44.49225, -63.91747

9315 East Blake Ranch Rd
Kingman AZ
55 sites - 30 & 50 AMP service Wireless,Showers are awesome, big and confortable. Cable TV
I paid 45.00 night

Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel 35.18089, -113.78832

Accessible by 4x4 Vehicle or Motorbikes that are off road capable.
A Camp Ground on private land with 3 simple huts that can be rented. Toilet and showers are very clean. There is a kitchen and a small house from the owner that may be used if asked.
150 Thai Baht per person and night will be collected casually.
Great view and very quiet place.
Truck Campers with 4WD or AWD are ok, just check the hight restriction due to power cables.

Look Sa Kae View Campground, Pieng Sor 19.39292, 101.18477

Again during the week it is deserted and we where alone.
The Campsite is not level and it needed a bit of effort to set the tent strait. Great view and very cold at night. (winter)

Look Sa Kae View Campground, Pieng Sor 19.39292, 101.18477

At the moment it's not worth driving the steep and narrow road up there. Just before the camping spot the road washed away. No way to reach it.

Eco Parque Santa Rosita 6.47960, -75.03804

To avoid. We were sleeping in our tent when the owner of the place came to us, at 11pm, saying "it's my territory, move". There was no agressivity, but still, no room for negociation with the language barrier. Needless to say, it's not a pleasant experience to be woken up that way and having to find an other spot around midnight.

Riverside 40.51983, 44.55938

Called and they allow overnight stays at this location. Got there before closing and when I woke up there were 2 other campers that parked around me that arrived over night. Lighting from street lights and noice from nearby highway.

Cracker Barrel Lakeland TN 35.22236, -89.74104

Shaw Safari is primarily a self drive safari company. They have 10 vehicles which are a mixture of Landrover and Toyota. The reputation of the business is clearly linked to the reliability of those vehicles. They have a fully equipped workshop, inspection bay and trained mechanics to support that business. I needed work done to our Toyota and after speaking with Paul the owner (who offered me the choice to visit Toyota) I decided to get the work done and a service here. We have tested the vehicle on rough roads since and I can not fault the work done. Having been present when the work was done I have no reservations in recommending Shaw Safari as a reliable and honest place to get some work done if you need it. As an added bonus they have a great campsite which makes any stay a pleasure. @a.truck.called.wanda

Shaw Safari -3.31297, 36.87438

Nice people here as in most of the country.
Clean bathroom with hot shower.

Cariblanco's -45.40399, -72.67576

Be aware that there is a city ordinance of no OVER NIGHT parking in Savannah. We stayed in a sprinter van and just as we were about to leave at 8:45 am, a city official appeared at our window to inform us that we were not permitted to stay overnight. He was very smooth and just issued us a ‘souvenir’ warning saying this law applied to the streets as well. We’ve traveled and boondocked all over the continent- this was a first for us. He did say they are trying to get signs made and erected for clarification. Had we left a few minutes earlier we would never have known. We did however enjoy a fun stop over in a beautiful town. Consider this an update!

Tennis Court Parking 32.06501, -81.09672

small but clean coin laundry. pretty cheap (1,75$ per load) . old machines but they do their work. restrooms too, but no WiFi (but you can use the WiFi "infowest" on the parking lot). they do have a changing machine

The Laundry Room 36.54070, -114.44290

Drove into Welcome Center/Rest Area. Didn't use the dump station but it's available and free. Sign says to ask attendant or security gaurd to unlock. It was locked when I drove by it.

Louisiana Welcome Center 30.98227, -90.51041

On the spot they built an house now, but a few hundred meters uphill there is a decent pull out where to spend the night

just spot next to the road on the mountain 0.47863, -77.95367

we stayed a little more west on the larger gravel lot next to the trees. sherrif parked next to us, didn't say anything

Peirce Island 43.07489, -70.74718

Definitely not free anymore, official booth collecting 3 soles per person. Honestly not much to see here, better do the tower down the road.

Nazca Lines II -14.70639, -75.10119

Very nice and quiet place just a few km of the main road, even if you don't plan on climbing Cerro Blanco. Indeed some sandy patches, up to the point where an old desolate bicentennial flag is flying, it should be doable with 2WD.

No cell service here, but some closer to the road.

Cerro Blanco trailhead from westside -14.83904, -74.86035

as described. good place, nice view, clean and quiet ( we are the only ones and sheltering for the snow!). We stood just before the cattle fence. Fine!

Beas Lewis Flat Road. BLM 38.29764, -111.38986

Great spot! Parked near the back, no one bothered me.

Cracker Barrel 34.47082, -84.91606

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