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This place is permanently closed.

Camping Lapparent -46.29611, -71.93714

Posto 24h com estacionamento gigantesco, fechado e pago, mas o preço é ótimo e justificado pela segurança oferecida. Tem restaurante, banheiros e chuveiro. Sem estrutura específica para motorhomes, como tomadas e ponto de água.

Posto Sakamoto II -23.42904, -46.41747

Paraguay --> Argentina. I had a super easy crossing with my motorcycle there. You can forget the old buildings on the Paraguay side. They intelligently placed them all in one building on the Argentinian side. Jump the car que and park your motorbike right where the guys are inspecting the cars crossing. There are even dedicated Moto parking spot in the shade. Super cool!

Stamped out of Paraguay at one window. Into Argentina in the next. Handed in the TIP at a little camper and then new Argentina TIP in the air-conditioned office with a super nice younger guy with glasses that even spoke English. 100% great experience. Why can't all crossings be this simple?

Be a polite, respect their laws (like no food), and above all, be courteous gringo ambassador, and they will be courteous as well.

Going to cross again tomorrow and will update if anything has changed.

Poste de Migration, Sortie Paraguay Entrée Argentine -25.26451, -57.72604

Forget this old building. keep driving over the bridge.

Clorinda Border Crossing - exit Argentina and entry Paraguay -25.26430, -57.72238

didin't sleep there and it's not big rig friendly. visit is now 200 for kids 6+, 250 for 3 and more adult and 600 for 1 or 2 adult. sunday the factory is not running so you see the machines but not the process

Hacienda Jesus-Maria Chocolate Tour 18.18244, -93.23992

100 pesos now. big rig friendly. nothing fency

Orsan gas station 18.05310, -94.12234

On a Sunday night I was hard pressed to get a "site." I ended up parking in the grass. Looks like there may be some people staying for a while and/or just leaving their camper to save their spot. So far pretty quiet but on a weekend I would expect it gets a little unpredictable.

Lake Mauzy Designated Dispersed Campsites 37.61858, -87.85377

Newer upscale RV park, I was there during the off season on a Sunday and I was able to get a spot for $65/night. Very large pool area, onsite facilities, Ok restaurant, play area for kids and a swim up bar in the pool.

Camp Margaritaville Crystal Beach 29.43734, -94.67094
Loes Smeenk

Nice hotel like others wrote, but the noice from the street is enormously if your room is next to the street. It is located in a very busy area.

Hotel Posada San Agustin 24.02444, -104.67304

Stopped here for a coffee break - nice view, very quiet. There were two of us resting here so it’s a known spot.

A quiet small road next to sea, opposite pagoda 34.83379, 128.49841
Blue Sky Adventures

Updated coordinates, hopefully it fixes location.

Rest Stop 45.83763, -95.34507

Still a surprisingly nice spot relatively close to the highway (2-3 km). Still some white noise from the highway but not disturbing at all. We had a perfectly quiet day and night here, saw no one here.

Last part requires 4wd due to soft sand. We didn't drive all the way to the lake but camped a couple hundred meters before in the shade of palm trees, of which there are plenty.

Near lake 26.82660, 49.60440

Just wanted to update that this spot is actually open April 1st - October 31st. I decided to check it out even though other reports said it it was closed til May, and it’s totally open! Huge area with lots of other vans, RV’s, trucks and a couple tents. I have 3 bars LTE, which is way better than a lot of places I’ve stayed! Super windy, so it’s not a place to hang out and have a campfire or anything, but very nice for an overnight and feels safe.

Rufus Landing 45.69309, -120.75676

An amazing little operation with fantastic new washer/dryer machines and an English speaking owner ( Seong Hye ) and her daughter. Very helpful folks and good service !

Clean Topia Coin Laundry 34.89574, 128.56713

Very nice and well-kept site. Electricity and clean bathrooms. The baobab gives it a plus. The price is now 180 ppn.

Ombalantu Baobab Tree -17.51190, 14.98772

the roofs are gone and no looks very abandoned

Kook Fontein Rondavels -29.24883, 17.74485

At the mall there are minimum 2 ATMs, at the gas station and up the road towards a sports shop there is another ATM.

Capitec ATM & many others -29.66435, 17.88701

Nice breakfast/lunch place close to the airport, but a little of the main road. A beautiful, quiet, shady terrace under trees with loads of plants. Good free wifi. Quiches, sandwiches, ice cream, eggs/bacon/beans etc. Good coffee too! Lovely stop.

Hilary's -19.97778, 23.42688

Good food and quiet place to eat. It’s fare from the city hassle and you can even order vegetarian food. The price are between 1,5millions(vegi) to 2.5 millions Rials (meat) each portion.

Akhavan Restaurant 34.73726, 60.77763

Cool spot for good coffee and a bite with an art gallery and Nguni sheepskin and hide shop. Very eclectic and welcoming. Nice stop for a break.

Funky cafe and arts gallery -29.46452, 30.15377

Stephan is the friendliest and most helpful mechanic. As we had sludge in our expansion tank (and overheated more than normally) we were really afraid and came to him for a professional opinion. He took his time for us, even his phone rang couple of times and it seemed he had a lot to do. He was fortunately able to tell us that it wasn't oil. He gave us helpful tips for our radiator conversion and also for other issues. He also gave us his number in case we got into trouble. A few weeks later we were in Swakopmund with a broken torsion bar and were completely lost, as it was impossible for us to get a spare part. Here too, Stephan pulled out all the stops and helped us looking for the spare part in Windhoek. Simply a great address, so helpful, calm and always ready to help and assist you. THANK YOU STEPHAN :)

African Sun Car Hire -22.59414, 17.08656

It is a booth for drive through after customs on the right, CC payment.

Saudi Border Step 5. Insurance 24.13106, 51.57257

We spent the night here, a fantastic and mystical place. Don’t drive too close to the shipwreck or your car ends up as a new tourist attraction on iOverlander, we got stuck but luckily the tide was going back

Crazy shipwreck in the sand -15.95199, 11.76878

A hidden gem. Great communal kitchen with log fireplace, best showers in months. Big truck, motorbike, mountain bike and pet friendly. Good well appointed rooms too. Sue and Rory extremely welcoming and friendly.

Boston T Party -29.67972, 30.02877

Camped near this spot. Great spot, nobody around. nice sunset and sunrise. However we were overwhelmed by the great amount of mosquitos. Other than that: great wildcampingspot.

Another nice spot on the pan -20.71025, 25.20550

Small nature reserve off the main road. Beautiful trees, no facilities at all. Great place to camp, deer and birdsong in the morning.

Bodón Blanco 41.25871, -4.67475

Convenient hotel to spend your first night in the country off the ferry. Police will want an hotel address at the customs before stamp you in. So because I had no internet they booked me this hotel, perhaps there are cheaper alternatives.
Hotel is clean, hot water, slow WiFi and walking distance to the city centre.
I paid 4000DZD which is 16€ with the current exchange on the street.
There is an closed parking I think but brought the bike in my room (ground floor)

Hotel Palacio 35.92944, 0.08755

Posto de combustível. bom Wi-Fi. Passamos uma noite aqui. Muito barulho. Os funcionários deixam um som alto ligado o tempo todo.

Esperanza -51.02998, -70.77763

African supermarket!

it's left of the mall, the sim costs 5rand and the cashier helps you to charge online the 10gb for 149 rand for one month.

Sim Card - Shopping Center -29.66480, 17.88626

we filled up our water tank here, friendly stuff assisted us

Puma fuel and water -15.21119, 12.14435

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