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Been staying here consistently since moving to the area. Has stayed quiet and worry free. have had a few travelers come through.

Sunset Lane 34.17492, -119.23434

Stayed here one night before dropping my brother off at the Las Vegas airport. Once you leave the pavement the road is a soft in some places but didn’t have any issues in my 2WD promaster. Just one other van there with us. Beautiful sunset views!

BLM near Valley of fire 36.42482, -114.71828

Here you can buy a ticket to officially enter the park. The man working there is very friendly!

It cost 2000 CFA pp. Apparently cars are forbidden in the entire park, but we’ve also read that you can enter for an extra 5.000 CFA for the car.

You are forced to have a guide, otherwise you’re not allowed to enter… we tried to discuss. The price is determined with the individual guide. We were given the offer of 9000-10.000 CFA for a day. I guess we could have negotiated but this was the point we already decided we didn’t want to visit…

There’s no real map where you can see where the park begins and ends. All quite disappointing and all seems about making money a little…

Palmarin Nature Park Tickets 14.02539, -16.76797

We sent a WhatsApp early in the morning and received an immediate response saying we should come over. We had problems with our handbrake. First of all, we were offered a very good coffee because we had to wait a short time. What a great service. Our handbrake including the brake disc and brake pads were changed quickly and professionally and we were given good advice. The price was also very good. The whole team was super friendly, very interested in our trip and our dog. At the end, "family photos" were taken. We can highly recommend the workshop. Thank you very much.

Frenar 7.13379, -73.13010

Camping closed after Easter (early April) until next season :(

Camping y Cabañas Millalen -42.90747, -71.30704

No pudimos quedarnos aquí, el lugar es pequeño y adicional a eso, cobran el parqueo

Plaza Yanahuara -16.38758, -71.54230
Phil & LuAnn

Beautiful, peaceful, 5 families of geese/goslings swimming and walking around our campsite. Campsite 13 has to be one of the best spots we've been. 31ft class c and TowDolly fit easily. cell signal varied from 2 to 5 bars. common water hand pump. pit toilets. $10/night on

Bussey Point Campground 33.72677, -82.29655

I think this is the best place for parking near Abidjan, but although only about 40km from the city, it takes a long time to reach due to constant traffic. I checked in the city and couldn't find anywhere suitable to camp with our van.

We stayed at Drogba beach while waiting for the Liberia visa, they charge 5k per night, large walled carpark and easy access to the beach through the restaurant. Toilets and outdoor shower, also an outdoor tap

Drogba Beach 5.19640, -3.74587

We stayed here and it was hot, as it was hot in many areas of Mexico :-)
Pleanty of space, A lot of shadow for us, but not for the car.
Shower head (women) had some problems: very few water came out. The 3 pools are defintelly a plus. One of them is very small (like a jacuzzi from the size).
We payed 150 PpP and would not negotiate for less. We would stay again.

Grutas de Candelario 20.72869, -89.27450

Prices from Belem to Manaus are 2000 BRL for a cabin with shared bathroom and bunks and 2500 BRL for a suite with double bed and private bathroom. Hammocks cheaper. Didn’t seem to be negotiable on the price but negotiable on the price for the motorcycle (800 BRL down to 600 BRL plus 50 BRL port fee). We ended up going with a cheaper operator but we do believe that Amazon Star has the better and cleaner ferries.

Amazon Star Turismo Ferry from Belem to Manhaus -1.45029, -48.49199

We booked with Marcio from Copabam ferries. Ferries leaving to Santarem/Manaus on Tuesday and Saturday. The ferry is not leaving in this place but in Porto Olinda further south.

The trip to Manaus took exactly five days including stops to load/unload. Might depend on water level too. In Santarem we could go on land for two hours. If you have time might be worth breaking the trip in two and going to Alter do Chão from Santarem.

From Belem to Manaus they asked for 2000 BRL for a cabin and 2500 for a suite (whereas the boat didn’t have any) and 1000
BRL for a 1000-cc motorcycle. Hammocks cheaper of course. Negotiable. We agreed on 2500 for a cabin with shared bathroom including the motorcycle. The ferry was large but a bit old and the bathrooms shared with everyone not only with the other cabins. It was fine as it was still off season but perhaps worth checking if you go for the cabin option how many people you share bathrooms with.

Amazon Star offer the same prices and go on Wednesdays (I think Saturdays too) and we had the impression they have newer boats. Harder to negotiate with though. Just as a heads up.

Passenger Ferry Terminal -1.44228, -48.49523

15 reales the day, Great place, they gave us electricity and theres a water tap next to the tennis court. This place is incredible if you want to explore Río, we left our car there all day and night. There are bycicles to Rent and explore h the city.

Este es el mejor lugar para dormir en Río de Janeiro. Estuvimos todo el día intentando buscar donde parar, fuimos a Urcos y los militares nos echaron así que vinimos acá. A pesar de que es estacionamiento pago solamente son 15 reales (los fines de semana son 60 reales). Vale la pena pagarlos, tienes agua, electricidad, bicicletas para alquilar, la laguna está buenísima para trotar. Muy lindo, nos quedamos una semana.

lavora Rodrigo Freitas -22.96249, -43.21066

nice spot at the sea, where you can watch the fishermen. Lots of locals come for dinner picknick. The guys who work at the lighthouse are super friendly. Extremely windy though!

Plage Cansado 20.85451, -17.02866

I had to go back to Brazil cause I didnt had insurance for my motorbike. Went the the carta verde place described in iOverlander

Argentina / Brasil Border -25.60001, -54.56206

I did not stay here but in the othe auberge that is a bit out of town. 2,500 XAF per night, clean sheets but no mosquito net. However, there were no mosquito or bugs at all. Friendly staff. There's another auberge next to the logging camp (north) and a really nixe restaurant in front of it.

auberge de rocky 2.62730, 17.18449

Flat car park near carrefour supermarket Accepts motorhomes overnight free as recommended by the local carrefour contact. Quiet and not overlooked.

Nouvion 50.21087, 1.78040

Nice, quiet spot. We drove a little ways down from the pit toilets and parked at a pull-off with a fire ring for 4 days. We drove over to Hocking Hills a couple days and came back to our same spot. Not much traffic during the week. Could hear some road noise and ATVs on trails but not bad.

Dorr-Run Red Oak Trailhead 39.48585, -82.29171

Good view!!
Road is verg muddy and even in the middle of the night a few locals passing to work in the fields. This spot is visible from the road (though not many pass at night).
We preferred the other wild camp spot near here. (Which is hard to find but easy to access)

Wildcamp that rocks!! :)) -9.67009, 15.56828

classic truck stop, we stayed on the regular side for one night. We felt safe and not a lot of noise except in the morning.

TA Travel Center 33.45958, -112.78221

On y a passé 3 nuits. Très bien situé près du malecon. Beaucoup de restaurant près. Assez tranquille rendu le soir.

Ensenada à de très bonne microbrasserie 😍 c’est pour ça que nous y sommes est rester 3 jours en plus d’une visite chez le dentiste ( nettoyage à 700 pesos) et le vétérinaire

Street Parking - Science Museum 31.85747, -116.62101

Decent campsite. But Antonio said so much ‘okay’ that we kept saying ‘okay’ for the rest of our holiday. Be ready for that!

Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite -18.07740, 13.88257

it's getting more built up here. There was a construction site going on, we stayed regardless, but be aware that some workers may come even in the night

Big parking next to church 42.42975, 44.50812

The road at the end is very very bad. I'm turning around.

Wild Camp D727 -27.33066, 16.70901

En la costa de Villa Paranacito, frente al colegio. Mucho ruido por la mañana por la llegada de las lanchas. baños en la terminal.

Rio Paranacito -33.71647, -58.65875

no amenities wonderful spot took my extended transit to the top great views dirt road large drop offs

North Pole Road Dispersed Camping 43.76345, -103.73154

pictures about sum it up. pretty quiet during the day. lots of road noise in the morning because there's a highway within a mile. extremely strong 5G Verizon. and go on the hike. it's pretty nice.

Stark Rd South Lot Hwy 59 42.88323, -88.50391
Rick Nugteren

Have to disagree with the negative reviews, we had a wonderful time here. The campsites on the river are absolutely beautiful and the location is conveniently close to the national park. They also organise game drives for $50 pp + park entrance fee. Little pricey, but we did it in the afternoon and saw a leopard and a large pack of lions, so definitely worth it!

The campsites are, as mentioned before, all right next to eachother. The amount of campsites is quite high, so if it's full I can imagine it could get annoying. However, when we were there there were 3 other sites occupied. We were all situated in one line on the river next to each other, and honestly we didn't mind. Had some wonderful conversations with everyone and we always enjoy meeting new people and enjoying their stories, it's part of traveling! There was a big overlanding truck as well, but they were placed more inside the park and we didn't hear them.

Place has a restaurant, pool, bar, electrical points for each campsite, and potable water. Would definitely come back! Price is $11 pppn.

Something unrelated to be aware of: for those who want to take the road that goes through South Luangwa, from the T2 to Kakumbi or vice versa, like we did; this is not a possibility during the rainy season and a challenge during the dry season. Every navigational tool will tell you can use the road, regardless of the time of year, and we couldn't find information about it until we specifically Googled it... So just be aware about that!

Wildlife camp -13.10560, 31.75278

2-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor, very clean, safe, secure and quiet. The compound is full of families and the owner, Chelsea, is very lovely and lives right next door. You can get there by vehicle or bicycle - the Google location is also correct (listed under the same name). Free parking space inside the compound and wifi in the apartment. She rents it for $10 per person, so I paid $10 but a group of 4 would pay $40. There is also a blanket $10 service fee per booking, no matter how long you stay. You’ll have the apartment to yourself. Note there is no elevator. You can contact her directly, she has WhatsApp +254721620095

Chelsea’s Airbnb -0.07386, 34.77310

Unfortunately it seems like it’s permanently closed now!

spot next to cafe 46.99531, 50.59639

Just asked at the gateof the Palast for a tour.
The old palast is tje place where all kings have been buried.
The new one looks like a conference place. Inside looks very fashionable with the king chair etc.
If you want to meet the king than you have to bring a present and also you have to give some money for tour.

Ogbomoso Palace 8.12891, 4.24813

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