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Simple hotel for 50 soles matrimonial, has a parking lot but the space is limited. I have a Kombi and I barely fit in the entrance. Nice place but very basic.

Hotel Las Americas -14.88155, -70.59069

We paid 240 Som for registration and 50 Som per person for the GBAO Permit. They kept our passports. We could pick up everything up the next day in the morning. Everything was fast and smooth.

OVIR 38.57126, 68.79722

I spend 1 night here very expensive 380 rands 1 person whit a bike, there are good shops and restaurant, the camping are very clear, good bathroom and hot shower. the downtown looks a little dangerous lot of people drunk and drug, but in this place is very safe.

Kom Kyk Caravan Park -33.33209, 20.02384

They were asking for 20000 for one bag and told us they charge per item. We said our friends only paid 12000 here, they went down to 15000, I asked again for 12000 and they agreed with an annoyed face. They said it takes till morning but still finished it by 4pm on the same day

Elli Elli lavandaria -15.19416, 12.15007

The burgers are decent...but the service is poor. The staff are not overly friendly. They then forgot our order, didn't apologise, and then delivered look warm burgers. It did taste pretty good though. Just disappointing service, and yet they still demand their propina!

Holy Moly burgers -33.43996, -70.64658
Manuel K

As of 15th April 2024, this border is still closed for foreigners

India migration office 26.64171, 88.16793
Chris and Tovah's Amazing Adventures

WOW, parked steps from the crystal blue river. You can camp in the main upper parking lot or go about 600m back down the hill to a flat over flow parking and camping area. This is where we camped, go to the edge of the parking lot and right down to the river (rooftop tents, vans and tents -big rigs won't fit riverside). There are a few palapas next to the river. Bathrooms are open all night. This is a great spot to chill and swim/soak in the river (it is cold but refreshing). Hike to the falls first thing in the morning and you will have epic views all to yourself.

El Chiflon 16.18694, -92.27588

Cyclists: We seeked shelter from the crazy winds and this place was not really protected by wind or sight. We followed the riverbed around 300m upwards until we came to a basin in the narrow valley (-20.951516, -66.20238). The path is sandy, but if you are running out of options it is worth the hassle and you will be rewarded with a spectacular and solitude place for yourself.

Sand & rocks -20.95150, -66.20649

Clean. Chill place to stop, fuel up and get some food. Only a few spots that are shared between truckers and RVs. Overall very nice. Only downside is the truck running their generators so you’ll need some earplugs.

Caltrans Rest Area near a Chevron g.s. 36.04503, -117.94592

Large level site with fire ring in the forest but open enough for Starlink. Large enough for our 39ft Super C. We can hear and see traffic on Hwy 60 through the trees. We checked out the road both east and west from Hwy 60. Any farther than the first sites, the road would be too rough for most big rigs.

Rim Rd first site west 34.20561, -110.08150

We stayed here for a very quiet night. The view is magnificent! Since the road has been rebuilt, access to this dead end road is very easy. The back part of this dead end road is very muddy, so we stayed closer to the main road. There is very little traffic during the day and virtually none at night. It can get very cold at night, as it is over 4,000m!

IG: compasschronicle

Small dead end track hidden from the road 4.95160, -75.35525

10/10 would stay again. There is a bit of road noise from the highway just beyond the treeline, but we had the whole lot to ourselves and the walking path was a nice way to wind down the evening and start the day. Arrived after 8pm and left by 9am. 4 bars Verizon.

KS historical museum 39.05572, -95.77378

We paid 200. Was ok. Beach not super nice but did the trick. Restaurant Alonso’s wife thought was good shrimp, I thought was meh

Playa Santispac 26.76275, -111.88796

We paid 600. Nice has water tanks at the parking spots that sometimes have water in them. Hot springs were great, they made a concrete pool type thingy in the past couple months, worked for us!

Puertecitos 30.34988, -114.64003

Barely arrived at the parking of the station when an employee came to notify us we were not allowed to park anywhere at the station claiming it was an explosive area and we were “kindly” asked to leave.

COPEC Los Marineros -32.99951, -71.54829

We paid $20 for a spot in the H loop. Beautifully kept garden like camp ground. No shower! That's a bit weird but only a big basin and a swivel tap to wash hair - all outside. But still a good spot for this area.

Gilbert Ray Campground 32.21886, -111.14497

Close to Matetsi bridge on the eastern side of the river. Relatively easy access through a disused logging area compared to the western side (narrow with branches). 850 m to the bridge so a little truck noise but not disturbing in the night. Very calm and peaceful, no passers-by, not even cattle though there is a small path following the river.
With a tent you could even camp in the small hill close to the river with nice sunrise views overlooking the river and bridge.
Just little signal (econet) without Internet.

Matetsi River Bank easy access -18.24730, 26.04240

beautiful spot looking down on the lake, sun rise to the right. very quiet. I turned up just after sunset (I'd recommend going to the dam for sunset), so also very few people

wild camp overlooking the lake -20.26022, 31.01782

Agree with the other comments: great campsite! If you arrive and it looks full, please note that you might have missed that there are more spots to camp just a little further along the river wihh a second ablution block.

Richtersveld - De Hoop Campsite -28.12390, 16.89339

Plenty of space and close to the river. Definitely a great place to spend the night or more and do some fishing. The only downside is the bathroom is still locked mid April.

Montana, the last best place.

Pelican Fish Access 45.75772, -109.76985

Stayed here 4 nights. Great spot close to Arches & Moab‼️‼️🤙

Klondike Road Campsite 38.75147, -109.73085

yeah same I crossed Diama in the afternoon and the insurance guy had already left so I came here after. very nice man running this small shop. easy to spot as there is a big sign above the door that says assurance.

Car insurance broker „MedinAssurance“ 17.17221, -16.04672

stick to the west side, high side for the best chance at cell reception.
great place. it was busy while I was there but I think a lot were eclipse travelers headed home.

Joe Skeens - El Malpais NCA (free) 34.94190, -107.82015

Great first camp in BC, hot showers, super clean, friendly ranger, $35 for site, $10 firewood, cool wee walks

Goldstream BC Campground (Provincial Park) 48.45963, -123.55347

Car Park overlooking Crab beach , no signs to say no camping. Stopped here as all other campground closed. Hidden from beach road , a few locals walked through but said nothing.

Crab Beach Car Park 2 -25.10285, 33.77411

As of April 15 2024 both the bottle fill stations are still closed for the winter. They said I could get water in the cafe but that’s a tiny dispenser for cups of water. Not sure when they finally open them for the season.

Petrified Forest Bottle Fill 35.06539, -109.78280

An established campground that you can book on Hipcamp. We stayed here on our way to Bears Ears. Very nice views, quiet, safe, clean honey bucket, and trash receptacles. No water or electrical.

Sunset Campground on Ruin Road 37.60236, -109.49106

Great park. The beach is beautiful, bathrooms are clean and well maintained. Price is a little steep at $80/night. From the main campground there are 2 beach access points. Unfortunately the closest one to our campsite (#19) was closed due to flooding 4/15/2024 - 4/23/2024. The northern beach access is much farther. There is a separate Southern Campground that we rode our bikes to. There is a beautiful Gift Shop, a nature center and a "castle" on the grounds.

Huntington Beach State Park 33.50817, -79.06268

Tahito surf camping é pé na areia e prancha no mar! Excelente lugar pra curtir um bom banho de praia, e boas ondas para surfar, um mar menor é excelente pra quem tá aprendendo, e um mar maior é perfeito pra quem já tem mais experiência com surf, podendo pegar até ondas tubulares! Mas apesar das ondas também reserva um bom local para banho, pois elas não quebram forte no pé da areia! Um paraíso … valeu demais a estadia, além da hospitalidade e toda assistência de Léo !
Estrutura do banheiro ótima, com separação de banheiros pra homens e mulheres! E banho quente!!! A estrutura de cozinha não chegamos a usar porque usamos no motorhome mesmo!

Valeu muitooo tudoooo

Tahito Surf Camping -14.93814, -39.01468

Great place to overnight near Big Bend if you are out of luck booking camping closer. Close to HWY and small, maybe fits 5-6 rigs. Stayed 1 night no issues.

Picnic Area roadside 30.06666, -103.27436

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