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I parallel parked on E Promenade right before Cutter St. Had great 180 view out the side door. 3 bars Verizon. Other vans/campers nearby. Great spot.

Street Parking East End Beach 43.66605, -70.24069

Showers use only for registered campers now

Salt Creek Showers 48.16499, -123.70001

daytime parking only. free parking in shade near small Park. park has restrooms and pavilions with electricity. the neighborhood is very fancy but the park is kind of run down and under construction with some homeless living in it. peacocks raccoons and cats also. here on a sunny September Sunday afternoon, many parking spaces still free.

Alice wainwright park 25.74768, -80.20563

Good for a nights sleep. Fairly quiet rest stop even on a Saturday night. There are train horns in the distance, but not too bad.

Lorain Rest Area W. Bound 41.40455, -82.33720

Ótimo local para pernoitar sem custo nenhum, apesar de estar da estrada que dá acesso aos demais canyons, a noite fica bem calma. poucas pessoas e trilha de fácil acesso ao canyon Indio Coroado. Ótimo amanhecer com vista imensurável e espetáculo da natureza.Vista dos balões da Cidade de Praia Grande/SC, nos dias limpo. Sem banheiros, a noite a neblina é muito forte, é Roots, mas recomendo pra quem é campista raiz.

Canyon Índios Coroados -29.95465, -50.97470

I just spoke to a couple of police officers and they told me this park (the entire park, even this section by the baseball field) closes nightly from 10p to 7a. I saw signs in other parts of the park but not here. Kind of sad I asked because now I'll have to leave. Lovely park with an aquatics center ($4!). Lots of folks doing photo shoots here. The wifi is super weak and I've only been able to connect once for about 5 minutes. I guess it's stealth mode for me tonight.

Murray Park / Ken Price Field 40.66110, -111.88443

Best free parking lot I have ever stayed at! Highway noise is minimal and great big green spaces for the dog. A few folks spending the night, all quiet. Would stay again and maybe check out the museum.

RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum 41.72891, -85.88126

Nice quiet night here. A few other RVs in the lot.

Tractor supply parking lot 41.79416, -107.21200

Yes, the road is rough, with big potholes, but the location was neat - pretty private, with great crashing waves on rocks. However, the lighthouse was blasting its foghorn continuously, so after an hour, we left to find another place for the night.

Western Head Lighthouse 43.99218, -64.66267

Excellent spot! Nice level paved parking lot in little park area right on the water next to the wharf. No signs forbidding camping and it seems staying overnight in a vehicle is fine here.

Lighthouse parking lot 44.13207, -64.57491

The spots fill up quickly and there were a ton of bugs so be prepared for this. The camp spots were clean and tidy. Great views of the lake. There are fire pits and grills so bring wood or charcoal.

Lots of road noise though.

Pahranagat NWR Campground 37.31656, -115.12995

Good easy access spot for long road trip overnight break

Young Field Wildlife Management Area 39.15146, -112.22490

well established, on the banks of the Vaal river, excellent ablusion. More known to anglers, but enough camp sites for non anglers. Pet friendly. R 300.00 per night per stand for up to 4 persons, enough space for big rigs. Electricity at all the stands and with a braai.

River Lake camp -26.74564, 27.57272

Good clean dump station with potable water. Long line ups on Sundays as people head back to Vancouver.

Also a possible boondocking spot - signs say no camping but there are clearly a few long-stay people set up. We stayed overnight with no problems. A bit noisy from the highway but otherwise good.

Dump station 49.03544, -122.30949

ADA accesible hot showers with park entry.
$10/day or $30/year for Washington State Parks pass.

Cape Dissapointment Showers 46.28208, -124.05863

nice place for a night or two. very quiet with a nice view over the lake. pit toilets, firepkace and firewood.

Ala-Vuokki strand 64.74414, 29.45474

Campsites are nice and shady with grass, we are the only ones camping so it’s peaceful, protected from the wind. Our toilet and shower looks like it hasn’t been cleaned properly as there’s still sand in the shower and on the floor. We watched F1 up at the restaurant/bar which was a plus. Free WiFi at the bar too. The “infinity” pool isn’t quite what I thought but good enough to swim in. The beach is a good 300metres walk, worth it though. Saw some monkeys while setting up camp but they haven’t been any trouble so far. All in all a nice place to stay over. 480mets pp

Sunset beach lodge - chidenguele -24.95716, 34.18940

24-hour post next to the mall. After 10 pm the place is quiet. Talk to the security guard before parking the car and they will let you spend the night in employee spaces, a quieter place and after a certain time no one has car access anymore.
There is free hot water for coffee or mate.

Posto 24 horas ao lado do shopping, possui segurança no local. Pergunte antes de estacionar para passar a noite que vão te oferecer ficar no estacionamento de funcionários. Bem mais calmo, atrás do posto e com restrição de acesso das pessoas que passam pelo posto. O wifi só funciona dentro da conveniência. Torneira de água quente gratuita para café ou chamarão.

Posto Peruzzo -27.79351, -50.28446

Great free showers - $1 per min, hot and pretty clean.

Lafayette Campground Showers 44.14345, -71.68364

Parking lot with dump station and water faucet. No sign if potable or not but should be potable

Dump station and water 44.03703, 10.65996

Dump station and fresh water. You can stay here at the parking lot for a night.

Parking lot 44.03688, 10.65990

"Fancy" campsite with bar, restaurant and swimming pool on site. Nice spots around the pool (with its own electricity), for tents we had to go behind the bar in the little forest (no electricity on site). Bar music was playing until 22.30 but not too loud.
Many clean bathrooms and showers. Cooking area with electricty, laundry for 3,50€ plus 0,50€ detergent. Payed 30€ for 4 people and 2 tents

Camping Legjenda 42.04283, 19.48819

This is the coolest pull off for sunset!
The area has enough space for a couple vans to back in and open up to an incredible view. Last nights skies were clear and we were fortunate to have this space to ourselves. We stayed overnight with no problems whatsoever. Woke up to a cozy drizzly coastal morning.
Great cell service (Verizon and metro at least). We were able to use our hotspot to stream TV easier than most places.
The traffic going by at night was very minimal. There is a cattle crossing grate that makes some noise as cars drive over but it’s not that disruptive at all, and actually makes me feel more safe knowing when folks are driving by.
Please be sure to keep this spot cleaner than how you arrived, we don’t want all these beautiful turnouts to become “no” zones.

Hwy 1, pull off 38.49144, -123.19446

All campgrounds within Custer SP require a reservation, but this one is same day only. Meaning, you can't reserve in advance so if you show up that day you're likely to get a spot. Vault toilets, no hookups. There's a dump station within Custer SP. No cell service at this campground for att or Verizon or TMobile. We paid $27 incl reservation fee and tax for a site.

Center Lake CG 43.80666, -103.42055

Just okay - sites are small and very dark. There are a few larger sites at the beginning of the road if you can grab one, otherwise the rest would mostly fit one small car with little room for hanging out.

Forest Road 17 Pulloffs 44.13371, -71.11206

Big Rigs welcome.
Very calm last night may be because of the rain.
Saw some vandalism: picnic table upside down, damaged donation box

Parking lot chute à Philomène 48.46460, -67.34307

Alberto and his wife Carmen have a beautiful finca here where they live when they are not in their other home in New Jersey.

They welcomed us warmly and invited us to stay in their generous driveway as long as we wanted, to use their restroom and shower and to wash and dry our laundry.
We also spent a lot of time together sitting around the table, talking and eating.
For all of that they did not want anything in return but we at least managed to share some self-made bread and German sweets.

Alberto and Carmen are in the process of building a campground and cabañas on their property so this place promises to become a fully equipped overnight spot soon. In the meantime they already like to meet and accommodate other overlanders and collect ideas for this ongoing project.

We highly recommend this place either for a quiet comfortable night or for a few days making awesome new friends.

IMPORTANT: Before you go, call/WhatsApp/text Alberto (+1 973 517 0237) to check if they are currently in Costa Rica or the US.
They speak Spanish, English and a little French.

Oasis Place 10.13023, -85.33996

Entrance fee now $20 but a worthwhile stop. 1 mile loop trail on rim; 1/4 mile trail down into crater. spectacular views.

Capulina Volcano National Park 36.78103, -103.97133

We are in side lot of the garden center and there are a few others. 5g TMobile. Not super quiet but nothing ear plugs won't s solve. good for an overnight.

Walmart 35.61883, -105.22578

Water still runs. Camping is possible but inclined.

Manazan caves 37.14309, 33.56702

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