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It is a safe place to spend some time. The owner speaks English. It is located in downtown.

Hotel Iberia 15.78697, -86.79287

This place is permanently closed.

Parc terrain jeu pour enfants 47.37676, -70.42452

So convenient. Dump station and water refill!

Sea Tac Rest Area Free water 47.27061, -122.31408

This place is permanently closed.

Pic Nic place at the Salda lake 37.54333, 29.64147

This place is permanently closed.

Long Lake Boat Launch 49.87171, -93.40590
Tariq fairaq

نتمنى ترك المتنزهات والبراري نظيفة بعد مغادرتها ليصبح المكان أكثر جمالاً.
We hope to leave the parks and prairies clean after they leave so that the place will be more beautiful.

Beautiful view and quiet 18.21540, 42.39947
Tariq fairaq

This place is permanently closed.

منطقة تخييم كرفانات 18.21182, 42.51722
Tariq fairaq

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 18.21190, 42.51728

منطقة تخييم كرفانات 18.21182, 42.51722
Tariq fairaq

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 18.21182, 42.51722

منطقة تخييم كرفانات 18.21182, 42.51722
Tariq fairaq

This place is permanently closed.

منطقة تخييم كرفانات 18.21182, 42.51722

Wonderfull wild camp on the beach. Able to big rig. Nice view on wales' dancing all along the day. Good place to walking fishing sea food. Really quiet at night. Lot of wind !!! #patagonia...

Playa Las Conchillas -40.82301, -64.82283

Was kicked out of the dirt parking lot near the Sinclair. Guy told me to go here. Cars aren't super loud. Lights stay on all night in the parking lot

subway close to Bryce canyon 37.69257, -112.15373

I wasn't able to find this place.

River crossing 14.73864, -91.16143

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 34.46562, -79.35194

North Carolina welcome center 34.46562, -79.35194

Small parking closed to the sea, really quiet.
Good place for a 4x4 or van.

Parking de Nantouar 48.80384, -3.38821

The good, stunning views, clean and friendly service.
It is on the main road, but it didn't bother us. But it wasn't a busy weekend.
The bad, very sloping (uneven at best) campground. Wood for sale was below par for the price.

Swallowtail Country Estate -32.60163, 26.93744

Quiet parking (music of the restaurant is turned off at night).
Free of charge. Dustbins around.

Wolga Parking in old town 57.76481, 40.91994

Nice Hotel at the Wolga in the Center with perfect parking.
THEY DO YOUR REGISTRATION for your legal stay in Russia (you need to register within first 7 workdays in the country).
The cheapest room is 30€. Note that cheap guesthouses, private accommodation and hostels often refuse to register your visa.
You‘ll get a paper slip. Nobody wants to see that until something happens (accident etc.) and you get in touch with authorities for any reason. So be smart and invest 30€ for your legality. :-) We had an accident on prior travels in Russia so we made the experience how important that little paper is.
Comfortable beds, fast WiFi, good showers, private banya available (extra cost), breakfast is extra but there is a nice bakery in the arcades. Alternatively you can just book the room and do as if you would sleep there and stay in your vehicle at the parking. For those in fear of theft. 😂

Moskowskaya Zastava Hotel 57.76512, 40.92084

Beautifully situated on the banks of the Olifants River, 18km from Groblersdal and 14km from Loskop dam petrol station, supermarket and butchery. Chalets available and a restaurant on site, small shop with amenities, firewood and ice. Hot communal showers, camping sites have electricity points. Management and owners are hospitable and friendly, we enjoyed our stay fully.

Ruby River Resort -25.30655, 29.42438

Good pressure drinking water tap next to the road.

Watertap next to the road 42.40467, 42.36839

nice place to sleep quietgjlpuggb gjophdtik kogfköpiz bkgsqwrzjcm

Hudup -24.48992, 17.06921

Valliere cemetery with a potable water robinet.
Only to fill water bottle.
Please be respectful of the location and people that might be there

Valliere Cemetery 45.90623, 2.04371

Right on the side of a main road across the street from Save On Food, there are few other small RVs here too, easy walk to downtown and all the restaurants shops, but it is next to the railway, so super super loud , constant trains noise through out the night!! Not the best choice!!

Rv parking place 51.00236, -118.19883

Camping R387 for 2 with a small campervan. Hughly overpriced, no working powerpoints, no braaistand, only one -filthy- ablutionblock, the others are broken. Open sewer on the field. Not recommended.

Witbank Dam Leisure Resort -25.89612, 29.29112

A great place for a couple of days on a flat field with hundreds of possibilities for a nice camp directly at the lake.
There's no trees and you're totally visible, nevertheless it has been super quite there. Nobody arrived here.
The spot is easily accessible, but the track to the spot could be very muddy, when it rained. We drove over the field on the right, which was easy as well.

The spot offers a fabulous view to the mountain range on the other side of the river.

Magti 4G+ worked very well.

Spectacular View At The Lake 41.43929, 43.84188
Verner Panton

Nice place, very new and clean. The family is very helpful. We stayed in our camper parked in their garden.

Pamirextreme Guesthouse 39.72139, 73.25317

Good and leveled place - even for bigger cars - with the perfect view onto the rockcity of Vardzia.
In the middle it's pebbled/graveled, but on the sides it's nicely grassy and good as a starting point for exploring the surroundings.
A restaurant is 100m away, but even though we wouldn't recommend it, as the quality of the food is not even average and therefore it's a bit expensive.
A water source you'll find in direction of the restaurant.

Magti 4G+ worked very well

In Front of The Rockcity 41.37841, 43.28723

It's a guesthouse where you can camp on one big grassy field. Suitable for 7-8 Van's. You can use toilet and shower of the guesthouse. It's also possible to eat here (breakfast/dinner), but you need to order it in advance.
The car entrance is narrow!
The daughter speaks good English. We spend one quiet night here and paid 10 Euro (2person+van).

Bujtina Lekë Gerla Guesthouse 42.38780, 19.78032

slept here on a Saturday night. definitely some other people sleeping in their cars. late September. not too hot with a fan going. unfortunately the bathrooms were not open yet when I woke up at 5am. Beach hours are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. it's pretty nice because the park lights are all orangey and dim, so it's not super bright in the parking lot at night. I slept here a second night and was not bothered but I did hear a cop having a conversation with a woman who's been living in the parking lot for a while trying to get her public assistance. he was very calm and spoke with her for at least an hour. I overheard him explaining that camping is against the ordinance and that any kind of living in your vehicle is considered "camping" whether you're sleep or awake. but he also was explaining that she didn't need to move right away, there's a whole system of warnings. can't say whether you could get away with a camper or van. so far I've done two nights in an suv in this parking lot and one night in another parking lot with no problems. attaching a screenshot of current prices and hours for the meters in Miami area.

Beach Parking 25.86122, -80.12035

Hallies instructions were spot on. Follow road 204 all the way to the end and you’re there! I spent the night maybe 200 yards up the road in a little off-road trail for some privacy due to the fact there were plenty of people at this spot. There is lake access and if you have a 4x4 there are some fun trails nearby

Lake Conroe Camping 30.46026, -95.62818

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