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El sendero se puede hacer en auto o caminando, es facil. La segunda cascada de las mas bonitas

Cascadas del Rio Agrio -37.86857, -71.05101

Pase noche en la plaza, super tranquila. Hay canillas de agua potable. No hay wifi, solo 4G

Plaza -37.86862, -71.05096

Fantastic campsite, with loads of facilities (workshop, barbers, laundry, clean pool, gym). Very tasty home cooked meals. Kind and warm hosts. Great base for Luanda as a city campsite.

Can stay in rooftent, in a cabin or in tents provided by the site.

P.s. they even have an ostrich.

Kakuakos Lodge -8.79263, 13.39891

awesome stunningly beautiful secluded spot in the cactus forest surrounded by a horseshoe of mountains that create a sort of amphitheater effect. as stated there's about 5 spots with picnic tables and dedicated metal fire pits with grills. this spot at the end of the road is by far the best. surprisingly decent TMobile service. stayed here 3 days, would definitely stay again.

Sonoran national monument quiet spots! 33.03388, -112.45957

Stayed here for a night with no problems. There are other RVs and trailers parked on this street so you just fit right in. Great Verizon service. I would recommend this spot over that downtown parking lot by the train tracks by a long shot. Quiet and safe.

Street parking 41.32258, -105.53830

MUST HAVE MEMBERSHIP. Costco propane re-fill for on-board and tanks. If you are facing the Costco it’s to the far left across from the tire center. Costco pricing so it’s about 40% less what we normally pay to fill up.

Costco 34.96794, -85.19496

The day pass at this state park is $3, so we got to go hiking on their trails, park, have a picnic and best of all SHOWER for much much cheaper than those $17 pilot showers:p Happy with this find and sharing!

Showers at State Park 30.05924, -91.59941

Really friendly owners. clean bathrooms. great little campsites each with a shelter and area to sit. communal table to use near reception to get WiFi. I was the only one here. 150r. water is drinkable but doesn't taste great

Kroon Lodge -30.20670, 17.93527

Try not to listen to the previous review. I have to question the sanity of anyone that could say something negative about this spot.
It's free, clean, quiet, and there are porta potties. There might be some slight road noise in the distance but it's blocked by trees and not a disturbance. Great camping area, I'm surprised it's free. I'm happy I stayed and would definitely stop here again!

Concho Recreation Area 34.44202, -109.63244

We’ve stayed here twice in the tiny house and off grid cabin. Available on Airbnb and hip camp to book - this is the perfect place to unwind, explore, and visit with horses, chickens, and cows. The off grid cabin ($30ish) has everything you need- wood stove and electric heating, tv, grill outside, and super hospitable hosts! Bring your own kitchen supplies for cooking and enjoy the comfy bed. The cleanest best porta potty is there for your use too.

Tongue Creek Ranch Cabin 38.80365, -107.99870

The park is open but has no more shelters. Only the slabs remain but not accessible anymore. It is just a parking lot now. The women’s restroom has no door but do has toilet paper. A man come each day to clean the place. Also, there is a fishing pier. Don’t bother with the signs on the pier, the maintenance man told us they just forgot to remove them. Stayed a few days, nobody bother us.

Fred Stone Park 26.56896, -97.42899

Great location. Friendly staff. Very large rooms with private bathrooms. Secure parking for bikes, perfect place to do maintenance. I stayed 2 nights - paid 130 bol/night inclusive of parking fee (10).

Cadena Hospedaje -19.04278, -65.26142

Very large place in gravel , near the road. Facility to access with big truck. Very quiet place.

Quiet flat area off the road 10.43776, -84.72861

This place has nice camping spots, but we ended up leaving as there were no working ablutions. They were busy revamping the ablution block and could not give us a working one. Grass on campsites was not cut. Should actually have been closed until amenities are sorted.

Sterkfontein Dam Resort -28.61378, 29.12444

Vast open spaces for any rigs, little vegetation for privacy or wind protection. Seemed like a busy place on a Tuesday.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge 33.38217, -114.14804

Service and self service. $2:50 for small top load washers. $6.75 & $8.75 for large and extra large front load washers. 4 minutes for 0.25c for large dryers. 5 mins for 0.25c for regular dryer. Spotless. M-Th 7am to 11pm. Fri, Sat, Sun 7am to midnight.

Ritter Coin Laundry 27.69963, -97.36249

arsenico moved to another place but is still working.

Radiator repair -45.58334, -72.04924

É um excelente ponto. Fica em frente à praia, mas perto da estrada. Há guarda-sol e em alguns trechos grama. Muito espaçoso e plano. Serve qualquer tipo de veículo. Sinal 4G da Entel.

It's an excellent point. It is opposite the beach but close to the road. There are umbrellas and grass in some areas. Very spacious and flat. Fits any type of vehicle. Entel's 4G signal.

Malabrigo beach front -4.01570, -79.20176

The spot was amazing. splendid sunset. And the locals met on site super friendly. We love being woken up by the cows and roosters of the farm next door.

Lakefront Sunset View Complete with Cows and Roosters 11.58982, -85.64308

Clean and confortable rooms. A/C, tv, desk, shower. Single room 7500 kz, double room (one bed) 12500 kz, double room (two beds) 15000 kz. Included a little breakfast (coffee and eggs)

Pensão Kimaia -16.74643, 14.97379

Small parking lot. Stayed for one night. Nobody bothered me. Was quite and good night:) Shower water at Planet Fitness was warm not hot unfortunately.

Planet Fitness 25.88971, -80.18003

Next to the beach and the road. Perfect to sleep with the waves sounds and wake up to a wonderful sunrise. Not a lot of traffic noise. No signs along the very long road. Other RV's slept along the road. Dogs accepted on beach and there is a off leash beach not too far south. Outside showers from the beach. Definitely one of the best spot I slept in Florida so far.

Jupiter's Beach 26.90006, -80.05920

Large campground, we arrived after 19h and there was no one to pay, so we stayed for free. Showers closed after 19h.

Municipal Campground Dique F. Ameghino -43.69744, -66.47301

Very quiet at night, and safe! Because the military and the police are very close! At 7 am un poco de ruido

In front of the park -18.96140, -57.79571

Moved to this location two years ago. Need Cameroon residency for Nigerian visa

Nigerian Embassy Douala 4.02541, 9.69430

Good spot for a night, just ask before at the Museum. Also the Museum is really nice. In the evening many friendly Locals.

La Venta Ruinas and Museum 18.10363, -94.04243

Decent coffee shop for espresso-based beverages and a good breakfast menu. Recommend the pancakes with fruit for breakfast. Good prices. Service a bit hit and miss. popular with locals

Coffee Break 25.25619, -111.77684

on est venu le matin pour observer les oiseaux. on a demandé pour rester la nuit dans notre fourgon. 8$ adulte, 5$ enfant. soit 26$ pour une famille de 4 sur un parking... trop cher pour nous, nous sommes repartis.

Treehouse El Eden -0.06708, -78.77145

on a cherché mais l'on ne l'a pas trouvé. je pense qu'il n'existe plus.

Free tap -0.05251, -78.77498

very calm and beautiful view!
the road is a little bumpy but worth it!

Roadside - Hwy89/Bishop Tank 36.98570, -111.57125

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