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$3.55/gallon (4/7/24) with 5 gallon minimum. They only fill until 3pm on Sundays, not sure but other days.

Mobil 34.64527, -118.14817

Très petit camping difficile d'accès. Il n'y a pas de cuisine, juste une salle hors sac pas chauffée, très froide, avec un évier

Bellavista Hospedaje & Camping -46.62886, -72.67421
Sir Def 110

Quiet place with great views of Death Valley, Sand Dunes. Ample space for multiple vehicles. Only 4x4 is recommended. No bivouac fire.

Death Valley Meat Ball 36.53618, -117.22721

A unique Cracker Barrel layout in that there are only what one would call “regular” parking spots, so a trailer wouldn’t work. Management is fine with overnight parking. I wouldn’t park in the back spots as delivery trucks do come through.

Cracker Barrel 40.05595, -85.65185

Large parking lot next to Valero. Lots of truck parking

Truck stop 32.69929, -97.95832

Closed due to low season.( April 2024 ) they will offer the pinguin tour again in october.
Sad that we are to late.

Darwin Expediciones -47.75089, -65.91946

Closed due to low season ( April 2024 ).
They will start the pinguin tour again in october.
But they offer the Ria Deseado tour to see dolphins, sea lions and birds.
Get before in contact to check the tours and conditions.

Los Vikingos, Nautic Tours -47.75678, -65.90124

There is a sign no camping in the beginning but it seems just to be for tents. A lot of Overlanders and big rigs are camping here. It’s for all kind of vehicles but in the final parts it’s easier with a 4WD.

Please take your rubbish and toilet paper with you!

View sleeping place -32.97897, -69.17217

I parked here for a night. It was very noisy, but thankfully, no knocks. Saw 2 homeless people. There is a security car roaming around. There were 3 cars and 2 vans parked all night as well.

Thomas & 40th St 33.48012, -111.99909

I think 5 other people were there overnight? Guy has a trailer in the turnaround below. So very limited privacy but also the safety of the herd.

Parking Lot - Riverside 51.31146, -116.99161

free unlocked wifi under wooden structure. pretty fast!

Codo de Pozuzo central square -9.66967, -75.46288

Impassable by two-track vehicles as of April 7th 2024. Bridge out, many landslides. I'm bicycle touring and was able to pass. Some motorbikes were passing through. Trucks and cars were not. Damage looked pretty extensive so seems like it may take a while to be fixed. Hence I add this warning.

road damage 5NA between Pozuzo and Codo de Pozuzo -9.84399, -75.53984

Big plaza next to the main road, ideal for one night, quiet. No facilities, just trashcans.

Anta - Mainplaza -13.46553, -72.14364

Big car park for the beach, quite at night and busy in the morning with lots of surfers. Has a public bathroom and a cold shower behind the wall of the male bathroom.

Highly recommend going for a walk/run along the walkway looking out at the ocean. No swimming allowed at this beach as it is too dangerous - only surfing.

Parking lot sanddunes 34.66364, 137.72901

Spent one night here in my sedan. Everything is accurate. Lots of flat places, free parking, and no problems. Many of the roads seem a bit busy until around midnight. I found a spot on a side street that was very quiet and under a tree, so relatively discreet.

Germantown street parking 36.17855, -86.78918

Today they were all dry, it wasn't possible to take any water

water source 27.33537, 37.78755

Had a wonderful quite & windless night. We couldn’t see marine wildlife. Maybe you need high tides.
Lovely place.

Viewpoint on the cliffs -44.49509, -72.57625

Douche accessible uniquement pour les chauffeur de camion. plus possible d'y accéder pour les voyageurs.

BP Wingfield Truckstop -34.84894, 138.56943

Not bad. A little semi traffic noise, but otherwise fairly quiet. Good for an overnight when you just need shuteye.

Pilot truck stop 32.70509, -100.86673

Great prove and food
Comida boa e preço justo.
Excelente atendimento

Restaurante Vieira -22.03046, -41.69346

Stayed one night at the top dirt parking lot. No one else was there and no one bothered us.

White Top Mountain 36.63661, -81.60682

Quiet (except for the freight trains), convenient to US 400.

Kiowa County State Park 37.61098, -99.30373

This is a fabulous place! We pulled in on a Sunday late afternoon, the day before the eclipse. There are three sites, right on the river, a very clean Porta John, and electric hook up all on a dead end lane. There was one RV on site. I did not call the posted number at city hall because it was closed. We stopped in at city hall in the morning to thank them for providing such a great, free place. I mentioned to the town clerk that there seemed to be a lot of traffic in the evening and she said that folks like to drive down there after dinner!

Golconda Dam RV Site 37.35921, -88.48336

Downtown by the river. Beautiful sight. Very quiet city. $2 per foot per night. Call chief of police 850-370-6050 Max 24 feet long

Apalachicola city 29.72832, -84.98292

Very nice place to spend one night next to the river. safe and not very visible from the road. Free

grassy spot next to the river 43.24621, 17.84666

this campsite has been abandoned. I spoke to the guy that works for the park. He lives in the house nearby. He agreed.
Taps are still running. In my case i stayed another day due to heavy rain. No issues. Traveled by bicycle

Gamaskloof Bush Camp -33.35329, 21.74378

This is the starting point of the trek. A large grassy area where you can easily park, also with a big rig. The way here is not known by google.maps and So use also I put a new spot in iOverlander for the right turn off point from the main road.

Parking lot to hike to Laguna Chiar Khota -16.21221, -68.25518

Good place if you are travelling on a motorbike. No camper parking available. It is a large hostel in downtown Santa Ana. Rick is a biker himself. Rents out bikes and if you arrive here on a motorbike you can get it off the road and into his large courtyard. He also has an area where you can do oil changes and general maintenance on your bike. Very very helpful. I did an oil change here and I wasn't even staying at the hostel and he didn't charge me anything for the space. Super helpful and location is a few blocks from the main square. He also has a campsite near Juayua 1 hour from Santa Ana on a farm so van people can park there. Speaks Spanish and fluent English

Ricks Hostel 13.99566, -89.55910

Not a bad price @ $25 a night. Fairly odd setup, it's essentially just a big old carpark with a patch of grass beside about half the size of the carpark.

We were the only people at the campsite strangely. Turned up at about 6pm, host told us we couldn't park on the grass as it was too wet although it seemed pretty dry and more than acceptable to drive on IMO. So we were told to park on the farthest side of the car park away from the host. A shame really as it's literally just a knackered old carpark with nothing near it except a chain link fence. Whereas the grass has got the bathrooms + showers nearby, picnics tables, and it's just generally nicer.

Felt fairly safe despite being the only people there. As it's off season in a county fairground, I guess the buildings and halls are being used for activities and other things, so cars coming and going up until around 9pm but not a bother at all. Woke up at around 8am, made some food out the back of our van, used the hot showers and bathrooms, and we were off on our way at around 10am.

Overall fairly good value for $25. Being on the grass would make it a no-brainer as opposed to being put in the corner (nobody puts baby in a corner). Unlimited hot showers and the quietness make it for me.

Humboldt Co. Fairgrounds RV Park and Campground 40.58567, -124.26552

Easy peasy here. Lots of people to choose from. Heads up that you’ll get a crappier rate on Sundays.

"cambio" street -34.60744, -58.37537

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