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Very good place for laundry. 5k ARS for a big bag. Super friendly and quick like other said.

Lave-Rap -24.79457, -65.40972
Hannah Y

Enjoyable Walmart experience. Clean, quiet and felt safe. Ended up staying 4 nights consecutively and had no issues. Thanks Wally World! :)

Walmart 29.77813, -98.72323

Really good hairdresser, for men, at least. Jaime is friendly and made me a very clean cut for 6k ARS. Apparently, this is the oldest hairdresser still standing in Salta, and he got some news coverage for this (he'll be eager to tell you about it).

Peluquería Salta -24.79277, -65.40850

Rancho San Dionisio, beautiful Rancho at the end of a long dirt road. Amazing hikes but no dogs allowed in the reserve.

We read the reviews about guests bringing dogs to the ranch. Connected with the Rancho via WhatsApp. Seemed straightforward, keep them leashed and there is off leash areas when needed.

Unfortunately, we arrived and seemed to surprise Isabel, despite connecting with her husband 3-4 days prior. We didn’t feel welcome at the ranch with our dogs. We were told the off-leash area for our dogs was outside the ranch but also that you can't have dogs in the reserve, which is everywhere around the ranch. Felt like we were a huge inconvenience and cut our visit short. We were in such a hurry to get out I can’t comment on any of the amenities except the hot coffee in the morning, which was great. We also paid $250/pp for a place to park, didn’t receive a bracelet for the biosphere reserve.

We were also told not to let our toddler be down if their dog was out.

Rancho San Dionisio, please just change your rules to no dogs and no small children.

Rancho San Dionisio 23.55867, -109.86533

Biggest swimming pool we've ever seen! Sadly it was emptied being off season. Only one of the bathroom buildings was open so most campers parked around the common area. Around 5000 Ars for 2 plus camper.

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81324, -65.41969

Free municipal place for overnight parking. pit toilet. water faucet. electrical outlet. lot of shadow.

in front of camping municipal el sauce (free) -32.82257, -56.49668

Side street between a church and storm drain. Not in front of any houses so does not cause any problems with the neighbors.

Street Parking next to Church 33.85858, -118.15059

Dormimos uma noite neste local, tinha outros MH no local! Dormimos muito tranquilos o local fica próximo ao centro comercial! Também pegamos água do lago para abastecer a caixa d’água para lavar a louça e tomar banho!


We slept one night in this place, there were other MH at the place! We slept very quietly, the place is close to the shopping center! We also took water from the lake to supply the water tank to wash the dishes and take a shower!

Muelle Puerto Guadal -47.25440, -72.57316

Just filled up today! They have a hose out front, cheaper than most places we’ve been. Highly recommend!

Agua purifica Centenario 24.09717, -110.38699

Friendly lady filled our tank and jerry can for 5 Bols / L without any issues.

NOTE: after a day we noticed that the gasoline is very bad quality! when we changed the gasoline filter, there were metal pieces, so better fill a water bottle first to check the quality!

Gas off the F3 -16.28688, -67.84984

excelente camping!

out of seasons it is free. in front of the Neuquén river... recomendable!!

Camping Municipal Andacollo -37.17662, -70.65953

Arrived at 2am. Plenty of parking. Close distance to I-10 therefore heard lots of traffic. We have a van, but they have pull through for RVs. Outside bathrooms open 24 hrs which is awesome! Unfortunately visitors centers was closed during their posted business hours (we left by 10am the next morning and they were still closed). Bummed to have missed out on the exhibit and free LA coffee.

Rest Area 30.34212, -91.72260

Third time over the years staying here. Okayish area. Lots of food and a Walmart within walking distance. Sometimes noisy sometimes not. Three or four dedicated long spots in the rear. Always others here camping as well. No issues

Cracker Barrel El Paso 31.83709, -106.56783

We had a really good time at this quiet place. The pool is destined for the clients of the cabins but when there's none you can use it as well. The views and hikes are beautiful, Luna the dog is really lovely. 10k per van

Swiss Eco Lodge La Linda Loma -33.00466, -71.06333

Very nice place. Lots of space on the grass to park your car. Entrance gate is small like described in comments below. Very kind owners. They even invited us to try two of their home-made desserts

Marian Whai -9.51088, -77.50384

Perfectly fine cheap DWNP campsite for a quick stopover just into the park in case you can't make it deeper in and are losing daylight. Campsite 3 is spacious and seems the most private. There are ablutions but they are not maintained and there was only a little bit of water the first day, the morning it was gone. just consider it a campsite like the rest of the CKGR, bring everything yourself.

the staff was very friendly and attentive.

the only downside is the noisy generator from the staff camp just across the fence, so no quiet bush sounds. but again, perfectly fine when you arrive 10 mins before park closure at dusk.

Khutse gate campsite -23.36590, 24.61858

excellent little campground, clean and quiet. good dump station and good water.

Robertsville State Park Campground 38.42047, -90.81031

They told me they don’t fill up tanks with a hose, only bottles.

Agua Purificada 26.01798, -111.35151

What an amazing place. We can recommend it. The last mile is a little bumpy but it's worth.
Dunkies, Horses, Goose and chicken and even some friendly dogs are running around.
Speedys pizza deliver delicious pizza and if you need a taxi driveezor tourist guide just call José on WhatsApp at +524341473461. I asked him if I can post his number here and he agreed.
I payed for a one and a half driving service to Pátzcuaro just 250 pesos.

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park 19.50218, -101.59499

Pour petit VR et pas beaucoup de place. Bruit venant de l'autoroute assez fort. Nous sommes allés à St-Apollinaire et c'était vraiment top.

Snowmobile Trail 46.65030, -71.41236

Endroit parfait. Il y a même une toilette très bien entrenue. Silencieux. Bravo St-Apollinaire!

Stationnement VR St-Apollinaire 46.60909, -71.49734

parking at Zabriski Point. WE are 3 to overnight here ... Pit toilets

zabriski parking 36.42061, -116.80994

Nous avons passé deux nuits dans cette rue sans problème tranquille et sur. Proximité du centre-ville et du supermarché Plaza Vea.

Parking lot -18.01835, -70.25424

Can confirm the same.
Very lovely guys.
Price of the day per litre was 9,50 GHS
Filled our bottles from Morocco without any problems.

Puma LPG station 7.27292, -2.85163

Côte d'Ivoire>Ghana.
No visa for Ghana in advance, no CDP.
No problems!

Rather quiet boarder post, officers on both sides (very) friendly, but also partly (very) slow.

No bribes asked at any time except at the "health check" on Côte d'Ivoire's side.

Côte d'Ivoire:
1. Customs on the left side: Kept our Vignette Touristique for themselves.
2. Immigration Building on the left: Wrote down our information from our passports and the caravan's documents in a book, but forgot to stamp us out-we realized it before literally crossing the boarder and went back. ;)
3. "Health Check" on left side in front of the Immigration Building: Noted down our passport information, asked to see the vaccination carnet (but did not take a closer look) and then very fast and directly asked for biscuits-as we happened to actually have one package open, we handed it over.

Ghana side:

1. Immigration and Customs Offices in the building on the left:
1a. Immigration office
As we had no visa, two VoA ("Emergency Entry") for 150 USD (1905 Cedi) each were prepared, valid for 30 days (did not ask for more days)-here, they took our passport information and prepared some stickers which we had to sign.
As we had to give an exact adress of our next stop (for them, this was only a person or a hotel), we quickly searched online for the latter in the next village (Dormaa) and gave its details.
(SIM-Card from Côte d'Ivoire still working here very good :))
1b. Customs's office
For the TIP, we got 60 days for 50 Cedis-this amoint, we could pay in CFA (3000).
2. Building on the right side across the street:
Got the visa stamped in our passports and paid the money (with official receipts).
As we only had CFAs availabe, the (really awesome ) officer called for a money changer from a shop nearby (on Ghana side) and we could change the money for a very fairy rate.

No health check or vaccination check for us that day.

Whole procedure took us 3,5 hours.

Ivory Coast to Ghana 7.24283, -2.95688

beautiful! unfortunate the cops chased us off and said Lake City was all closed after dark.

Alligator Lake 30.17509, -82.63210

Beautiful campsites on the luangwa river as you look onto SL national park. Stunning views. There is a little pool as well. We stayed here for 9 nights just relaxing and enjoying it the campsite. 15min drive to the park gate. We paid 11usd per adult and 5.5 per child pn. Well worth the fees. Excellent ablutions.

Wildlife Camp -13.10950, 31.75362
Chris and Tovah's Amazing Adventures

This is our second time camping here! Great place to camp with killer views of the volcanos. Our first time here was in Jan 2023 and the views and sunsets were spectacular. During second visit in March 2024 we stayed a week, it was overcast most evenings but we had some great volcano views in the mornings. The bathrooms were clean (for Central American standards) and were cleaned daily. The pool was cleaned a few times when we were there, but not super clean and clear (there is no circulation pump), we swam 1 day. An excellent place to stop around Lake Atitlan and perfect for exploring the town of Panajachel (15 min walk) or walk into town and take a water ferry to the other small towns around the lake.

Bahia Atitlan Inn 14.74725, -91.16405

Clearing in the St Francis NF. Has fire ring. Minimal Verizon. No T-Mobile data.

Bear Rd Clearing 36.01771, -92.13113

We parked here for 4 nights and left our bus there for days without any worries. Felt very safe, quiet nights. Good location, metro 700m away, a few small restaurants right in the neighborhood.
However, we were advised to leave our phone number visible behind the windshield; apparently concerned residents regularly call the police when people park for long periods! Although parking here is completely legal, the police have to come if they get called. If they find a phone number of the vehicle owner, everything can be sorted out simply by a call.

IG: compasschronicle

SURAMERICANA Aguamarina 6.25738, -75.57991

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