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Argentina -> Bolivia border crossing took a spectacular 4+ hours so we, and another car who was also nitpicked for every last little thing, real and imagined, ended up sleeping here. Safe, quiet enough, and we made do.

Estación Servicio 20 Mayo -20.28002, -66.98253

perfect spot! there's fiew places to camp. very quiet and beautiful. Camp there with my 17' RV.

k2 dispersed camping, beautiful 37.25289, -112.76888

Easy access from main highway. Seems to be a favorite spot for rock hounds and flint knappers.

Glass Butte BLM 43.56015, -120.00583

We slept great in our DGC. beautiful BLM with fire pit but no toilet. The site was very clean and beautiful for the sunset!

Sierra Vista Trail-BLM 32.32076, -106.63109

Dispersed campsite, good T-Mobile signal (2 bars LTE, 30 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up), requires high clearance and/or 4x4 to get up the road. 4Runner is plenty.

Five Mile Mountain Ridge 37.10220, -111.99835

Typical walmart parking lot. find a spot and nestled in for the night. no issues. very light noise from traffic. There is a Taco Bell, McDonald l, & Ihop all within walking distance.

Walmart 39.97440, -74.23850

Beautiful spot. Sunset was memorable over the river, quiet, level, a spot we’ll remember.

ATT 276mbps down, so bonus.

Memaloose Overlook 45.69368, -121.35156
Stéfan tremblay

We stayed for one night. Very quiet and peaceful! We paid 11.50$ for discover pass! Nice clear river with Little Sound of falls and small Fire ring next to river. The pull off is next to the road but only 2 cars on the road since 12 hours. We were enjoy to stay here with our rig ( truck camper with dually wheel pick up) 29 feets . No more bigger rig!

Quiet pull off on the river 48.06385, -123.56011

Fishing spot, has a trail to the dollar point fishing access, handful of spots with fire rings, road is pretty quiet, river pretty much drowns it out and not much traffic at night. 1 bar lte in and out for AT&T

Madison River - Raynolds Pass fishing access site 44.82666, -111.48748

Safe city RV Park restrooms closed but water tap is flowing.
Convenient. I saw a sign that said pay here but no provisions or price. I paid nothing

City Park Adair 41.49563, -94.64334

Stayed for one night on the street with no issues. Plenty of room and no “no” signs in sight. Walked over to van henion from here and it was pretty quiet all night. 2 bars AT&T lte

Industrial area 44.08682, -121.29254

Dormimos ao lado do posto Copec, como tínhamos abastecido lá, conversamos com o frentista e conseguimos usar o banheiro e esvaziamos o nosso porta potti. O local também dispõe de internet razoavelmente boa e é livre!

We slept next to the Copec station, as we had filled up there, we talked to the gas station attendant and managed to use the bathroom and emptied our potti door. The place also has reasonably good internet and is free!

Caleta Tortel -47.79578, -73.53108

The purified water machine is still here. Its hidden well so just ask for its location.

5 gallon water fill up in Basha's Diné Market 36.70892, -110.25122

Red potable water spigot over by the propane tank. Provided by the city, courtesy of Phillips 66. Clear, cold, fresh water.

Star Valley Quick Stop Water 42.91472, -111.00030

As described! Simple, flat and quiet! Thank you Cracker Barrel!

Cracker Barrel 37.13491, -85.97194

Nice big Pemex with plenty of room to park for the night. Felt safe. 70 pesos.

Pemex Hwy 83 23.70733, -98.99250

Quiet place to rest for the night, even though it's right adjacent to the highway. In the morning we dropped in for delicious coffee, snacks and friendly staff. I recommend, felt safe all night.

Cracker Barrel 39.93429, -76.68440

Superbe endroit aux pieds des dunes et de l’oasis. 50S/nuit pour le véhicule. Piscine, bar, resto, toilettes et douches chaudes, cuisine extérieur très bel endroit.

Ecocamp Huacachina in Ica -14.08910, -75.76382

Amazing food and fantastic service. I stopped on my way south, and made a special point to stop again on my way home north. Jorge speaks English fluently and is very friendly. He makes you feel like a long lost friend!

Cocina Mexicana Paty 26.72010, -111.90925

simple, but cozy accomodation, huge, green yard with hammocks and seating area. Dinner and breakfast (pancakes) are delicious and well prized. Wifi works well too!
good base to continue your hike in either direction at the Canyon, highly recommended!

Casa de Virginia -15.58131, -72.00899

Water still running. We needed to use a hose to fill our 20l canisters, because it is more like a fountain than a tap. Also the water is not 100% clear. I wouldn't drink without a filter.

Watertap beside the road 42.42400, 78.21634

Lodge near the Road.
10000 for simple room and shared bathroom and toilet.
15000 for self Contained Room.
Nice & clean Room with Mosquito Net

lake view lodge -4.91965, 35.81024

We passed by today and there was no checkpoint

Corrupt Police 13.36632, -87.28617

Traffic was slow here because of the control, we went through without any problems or stopping

Police check point 13.35969, -87.27969

Very friendly lady helping us to ship our drone to Costa Rica. The packaging was included and she cut a larger box to the right size.
We paid downstairs in the paint shop with a credit card. We declared the value to 50 USD.

DHL Store - Drone Shipping 13.30525, -87.19299

Correct place, with parking space inside the compound. Rooms were ok, we paid 350Leones for a room with fan (one room didn't have one) and breakfast, but electricity went off at 2am. No running water so it's bucket shower, European toilets but bucket flush. Can ask for toilet paper. Some bathrooms were not very clean.

The White House 9.49373, -12.23440

Giant Baobab tree follow sign from main road approx 3km drive on dirt track
Huge tree with some history
David the guide tells you the story worth a visit if passing by
R20 to visit
Possible to also camp for the night not an official camp but ask David for permission
Toilets on site
Water tap

Giant Baobab -23.95704, 30.57514

Super nice gas station with security cameras, free Wi-Fi, free coffee, brand new showers, air conditioned lobby, and a fast food chicken restaurant. It also has an ATM and you can buy 20L bottles of water.

Copedesa gas station -3.59921, -78.57267

We stayed for the night with our 6,40m pickup camper. We had to park on the upper deck, but at night it was surprisingly quite.
We had to pay 6000P for 8pm to 8 am.

Parking on the lago. -41.13252, -71.31298

Good place to park for the night, clean bathrooms

I-5 N Rest Stop 39.24021, -122.18014

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