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Their is a TON of camping just ahead of this sign. Just head on down any of the Forest Service roads and find a pull off... Easily identified with brown FS signs just off the main road. I stayed a week down a road and Forest Service never came down ma road 🪇

Fort Henry Road 36.45814, -88.01306

Came here on Friday 3PM to fill our EU bottle with an adapter. It took them half an hour because they didn’t have exactly the right fittings but they made it work. 30soles for 5KG

BIOGAS, Puerto Maldonado -12.60218, -69.24338

Highly recommended chalets, restaurant, bar and clean pool

Vioolsdrift Lodge -28.77224, 17.62807

Dump station is next to the air for tires on the south end of the parking lot. Dump station was working today and in good condition. $10 to get the key from the cashier. Follow the signs Car/RV on entry to the truck stop.

TA Express Travel Center 28.00935, -82.30177

Very simple, bear and clean accommodations. A full size bed, a chair, a shower, a toilet and a small sink. The best part is the air conditioning, as the town is very hot. Our room #7 looked at the street, so it was very noisy. We paid C60k for one night. We had asked people in town and everyone said we could sleep in our van for free in front of the main square, but we wanted the shower, and the AC.

Simankongo Hotel 10.10513, -75.20040

Free RV dumping: hassle-free waste disposal for your travel convenience. With flushing water and next to the pavilion potable water

Free RV Dump Site 35.53127, -97.97410

Rooms for 200, 250 and 300 (for 2 person)
Fair price, but Water in shower not clear (grey colour).
Need to ask fan in reception (room for 200K).

Insaka Guest House -16.03241, 28.84712

Gate closed (late afternoon), I am guessing closed over the winter and not opened yet for spring.
Didn't see any no camping sign at the entrance.

Rest/picnic area off Hwy 7 near Innisville 45.05929, -76.24848

large paved parking lot surrounded by trees with a view of silver lake. across the street from silver lake provincial park entrance. no amenities, but there is a gas pump in front of the smoke shop/convenience store.

it’s directly beside the highway, so there is some noise but not unbearably loud.

Silver Lake 44.82881, -76.57783

Beautiful campsite! If you continue to drive down NF-200 for about 0.6 miles, you will get to a campsite on your left that has a decently open sky for Starlink.
I had to put the satellite on my roof but it worked wonderfully.

Market 1200 44.46873, -121.68785

Beautiful shaded camping area. No one else around at the current moment!

First Creek Wild Camping 44.45904, -121.70170

Definitely BLM managed area. Nice 3 mile hike and this is the trail head. Nice big gravel parking lot with picnic area. No sign lane saying you can’t stay here in the lot. Security cameras as well.

Blue water Canyon 35.29212, -108.02318
Honey and Me

Still free! Easy in and out. Dump is level with the tarmac on the left side of the propane station. No cover or marker when we were there. Sign for water says not potable, but we were told it’s ok.

Orangewood RV - Dump and Propane Refill 33.63850, -112.30581

Great spots along this road. Very quiet and beautiful.

dispersed camping off the freeway 34.51055, -111.95895

Checked CG April 12, 2024. CG still CLOSED. Gate to park also closed.

Isaac Waltons Park 35.33359, -97.06849

Nice and clean Hotel with super friendly staff. There is a kitchen for use and free potable water. We paid 175 Q for a room for 2 people and shared bathroom. They have rooms with private bathroom too, but don't know the price. They offer secured parking for bicycles and motorbikes and also for maybe 2 cars. No big rigs. A lot of noise from the street.

Hosteria del Centro 14.63730, -91.22926

I arrived after 6pm, unfortunately the park is closed.

Ronald W. Caspers wilderness Park 33.54118, -117.55743

Ficamos 2 semanas com essa família incrível e acolhedora! Tivemos umas questões mecânicas para por em dia é Graham nos ajudou com indicações em Ibarra. Encontramos outros viajantes, confraternizamos e tivemos momentos inesquecíveis aqui!
Graham é um Australiano ex mochileiro casado com uma Equatoriana. Eles tem uma filha e querem que ela tenha contato com viajantes para um dia também ser uma! Oferecem uma estrutura incrível com um apartamento com uma ótima cozinha, banheiro e até quarto para quem necessita. Se pode lavar roupa na máquina de lavar. O lugar é realmente lindo lindo! Não cobram nada por disponibilizar toda essa estrutura, mas é de bom grado deixar uma contribuição para a conta de sua filha que irá viajar tbm um dia!

We stayed for 2 weeks with this incredible and welcoming family! We had some mechanical issues to catch up on and Graham helped us with directions in Ibarra. We met other travelers, socialized and had unforgettable moments here!
Graham is an Australian ex-backpacker married to an Ecuadorian. They have a daughter and want her to have contact with travelers so that one day she can be one too! They offer an incredible structure with an apartment with a great kitchen, bathroom and even a bedroom for those who need it. You can wash clothes in the washing machine. The place is really beautiful, beautiful! They don't charge anything for providing all this structure, but it's a good idea to leave a contribution to the account of your daughter who will also travel one day!

Grahams place 0.30694, -78.13194

The women's showers have rainfall shower heads and PLENTY of hot water! Best road shower I've had this trip!

planet fitness 35.09287, -92.42677

Parking and the 650W street seem to be a great place to (overnight) park. Place for bigger RV.
At the parking, there seems to be a hiking trail going to the canyon.
There are no signs that forbid (overnight) parking and no tine limit.
AT&T 4G/5G medium signal.

Parking near Nations of the Four Corners 37.61919, -109.49000

heading north on my motorcycle. google maps is a bit wrong in this region, easier to find the actual road to this border with, or use Google if you want a good adventure lol.

exiting Bissau, first is customs. was 1:30pm on a Friday. boss was on the phone and eating lunch and after a few minutes let me leave his desk and kept my passavant.exit stamp easy no problems. was beckoned over by 3 people near the final barrier, they were acting a bit suspicious, but ultimately just asked a few questions and I was free to go so no problems!

Senegal side also easy. immigration guy spoke some English and was friendly. customs guy also spoke some English and was also friendly. he ran out of passavants, so he gave me a laissez passer, and told me me to concert it to a passavant at the Duane in Manda, which is at the checkpoint just west of Manda in ioverlander. when I went there in the afternoon everything went smoothly and they gave me a 10 day passavant.

Pirada border 12.66898, -14.15567

I crossed into Senegal from Guinea-Bissau at the Pirada/Nianao border at which I only got a Laissez Passer for my motorcycle (no CDp), and had to come here to convert it to a passavant. everything went smooth no problems, some officers spoke English and friendly. there is a big permanent police/customs office here.

Manda checkpoint 13.76522, -13.67571

Amazing spot! Stayed for a handful of nights, there are a few hikers parked during the day and gets busy at night but no one bothered us. Spot is just out of cell service but if the orange bus is there they give free Wifi from their Starlink. Slept soundly other the the train and occasional honks from the road. 9.5/10

Bow Valley Trail 51.05245, -115.25601

IOverlander says there is no banjercito here so if you need to cancel your tip go Mexicali east

Line for border into USA Calexico West 32.66582, -115.48308

Wrong location. This is good location: -13.52622, -73.785905
We tried to contact Marco all day long. Never answered. When we got there, it was empty, except an impressive doberman, but he's nice if you stay nice. Google maps indicates a restaurant, there's no restaurant.
Cycled back to Callebamba and went in hostal (there are three).

Marco's house -13.52590, -73.79263

The road BR-364 from Porto Velho to Cuiabá has many big (and dangerous) potholes and countless irresponsible truck drivers. Unfortunately we drove through a big pothole, which yielded two flat tires. Please be extremely careful all along the road.

Dangerous potholes & high truck traffic -8.80106, -63.75894

Street parking next to a golf. A couple of gravel spot. Pretty flat. Spent one night there in a van and stayed stealthy. No one bothered us. Arrived late left early

Street Parking 24.57582, -81.74947

Stopped today to fill, water sign indicates they want you to fill, however spigot not turned on. No water here currently.

Shell Station - Free Potable Water 32.78780, -108.25414
Carlos Saraiva

Your run-of-the-mill commercial campground. Very clean with all the amenities you'd want. It's right next to the freeway, so it's noisy if your rig doesn't have enough insulation.

Wonderland RV park 38.29885, -111.40356

Watch the tide charts! If tide gets higher than +1,6 meters you might get wet feet. We stayed away from the water line a few meters inland from the original spot and stayed dry. Original spot was under water today!
Drove here along the beach at low tide with 4x4 which was easy. But getting to the beach is possible with 4x4 only because of very deep sand.

lonely beach at the cap 12.54305, -16.75426

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