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Nice Guest House with save parking just in front of the house. Payed 25€ for a 3 bed room. So in case you travel in a group might be a good option. Walk down to the city center takes round about 8min. Washing machine can be used. Fast internet. And very friendly owner. Speaks German and English:

Guest House Kevser (motorbike friendly) 43.86623, 18.43526

We went to Pitu’s on a short notice to check some things that were left unchecked in a basic maintenance service by another workshop, like brakes (!). We got very efficient and professional service with our Defender Puma 2.4. Pitu’s staff checked the underbody thoroughly, too. And changed the front brake pads in no time. Good service and reasonably priced. I would recommend this place for Defender owners. Pitu’s communication in Whatsapp was also always very quick and helpful.

We sourced Ferodo break pads from Gupta’s that is right around the corner, they had good brands, too. So if you need spare parts, that is your place to go.

Pitu Mechanic - Arusha -3.37945, 36.68327

Nice guesthouse owned by a friendly and welcoming family in a small village. I stopped here after crashing my motorbike on a trail in the mountains nearby. The owners helped me find a welder in the village who was able to fix my bike and get me back on the road the next day. I had a small studio with two beds and kitchenette for 35 euro per night.

Apartman Ana 44.29840, 15.85231

Level, tarmac car park just outside the village. Lots of space and coastal walk nearby. Also another car park with several vans in, just down the lane near the sea that might be good for overnighting. Very quiet overnight. Approach road is initially steep and narrow but there is another access from the north along an unmade road.

Warkworth public car park 55.35009, -1.60560

this road is impassable at this point and at this time because of underwashed narrow road. only very small and light cars may drive through!

Road between Vathytopos and Achladochori 41.32030, 23.62380

Free water just ask inside for the key. Bring your own hose

Neste petrol station 65.58563, 25.19515

Inside the mall close to Hesburger, the laundromat with professional machines and dryers is named”24 Pesula”
Excellent service

Laundromat at city21 mall 64.95698, 25.52805
Miss Daisy

A beautiful camp as described. Unfortunately they are now charging a price for the car per night pe
and not for all the days you stay in the park. weak MTN signal.

Ishasha NP Campsite One -0.61609, 29.65782
Miss Daisy

Rules have now changed they require pay on vehicles by day and not one payment for all days

Ishasha NP main entrance gate -0.58582, 29.71757

Good place , quiet. We spent a night there. We were alone.
Nous avons passé une nuit à cet endroit. Calme.

Wendake 46.83465, -71.27579

Good ole’ Cracker Barrel for the win! It has a sign or 2 that point RV’s to the back.

Lots of level spots and the legendary grandmas sampler in the morning, if you’re so inclined.

A little noise off the highway, but overall nice and quiet.

Cracker Barrel 42.15990, -76.85667

Water hydrant in the back of the station. After filling up has, we kindly asked the clerk if we could take abt 30ltrs to top up our water tank and it qas ok.
Try no to take too long as you will probably be blocking the way to the charge station.

Petro Canada 48.45164, -89.25506

No change from previous reports it is quite noisy but safe well lit and a nice view visitor center looks like it’s open but there are no inside bathrooms just a bunch of Porta potty‘s out front

Snake River Rest Area I-84 Eastbound 43.99371, -116.93568

A well established campsite along the r539.
Very good facilities.
Grand for families with young children as there is a small river that is accessible to children.

Mankele Campsite -25.38685, 30.71198

Konya’da Karatay belediyesinde karavan park yeri. Su, Elektrik WC duş 3 gün bedava.şehiri gezmek için harika bir yer.

Karatay karavan parkı 39.94065, 32.85939

nice size, there’s 6 picnic tables (two covered) and plenty of space to spread out from others. pit toilets are clean. doesn’t seem like a popular spot, the entrance is a bit hard to see because it’s small and has trees on either side. stayed the night with our 12’ trailer, there was an rv and two cars. only one person stopped by in the morning. enough grassy spots that you could tent or hammock. i’d stay here again.

took a walk down the road on the right with the bridge then stayed left. found a spot big enough for one or two rigs past the bridge and up the hill. gravel/ sand road so id only take it in daylight.

Rest Area 49.53596, -92.13701

Not a formal Rec site but nothing here preventing you camping. No demarcated sites but plenty of room to set up either in the forest or on the beach. Very quiet and great views. We had no trouble moving our 22 ft C Class on the beach with no 4wd.

Pinch Creek Rec Site 50.42930, -127.37135

Small dirt road on the right going uphill (look for the big pylon heading towards Burundi/Tanzania border on RN12). Completely out of the way and not noticed by any locals so a great quiet night (which is very difficult to find here)👍 Suitable for big rigs.

Great Bush Camp by Pylon - not sure if coords are correct. 82kms towards border on RN12. -3.31155, 30.04323

Nice tiny loop off road with some small bushy trees to shield from road a little. could be private ranch pull off? We stopped late and slept well, moved on. Appreciated it. Has T-Mobile service. No late night traffic.

Loop off road 37.66267, -113.46750

Quiet street behind grocery store and in front of a small lake. Joined by 2 truckers. Orange street lights a bit strong but overall great for a one night stop.

Fernie - Independent grocery 49.51646, -115.05740

Amazing overlook with 360° views of Rangeley Lake area. About 15 min drive on dirt road to top of overlook. Nothing bigger than van. Full service ATT. Sign at gate says open 24/7 no signs prohibiting camping/ overnight parking. Stayed one night with no issues.

Quill Hill Overlook 45.04125, -70.52394

Hopeless - apparently the owners, currently in Germany, are sending a management couple and the current lady stops working end September - maintenance and cleanliness not at a acceptable level

Weaver's Rock Campsite (was Hohenfels Camping before) -20.69762, 16.84322

Open and free and clean. Very nice. There are large trash bins as well (no recycling bins). FYI there are signs that say no overnight camping.

There is a water pump with a red handle, but since it's away from the dump holes and is labeled as "water" seems safe to drink. there's also a flush water hose by the dump holes.

Sundance rest area 44.41397, -104.33883

Overnight camp basic R100 per night per person. Clean, Green Grass, Quite.

1 km from Western Entrance Gate to Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve.

Lots of parking space, great large showers hot water only if sun shines mid day. Great braai pits.

Call Clive Statoe or whatapp him to book. Cell reception only MTN. No Vodacom.

+27 (83) 890-7109

Fire wood for sale - good dry.

Laaste Kamp -33.59996, 24.19051

Large clearing away from the road a bit. This area is brushed back generously and has lots of room for the largest of vehicles or camper trailers to turn around.

Good for a nights rest

Wild Camping - Bring what you and remove what you bring

lots of cell service

Watershed before Gogama, ON Large Clearing 47.47028, -81.85257

There is a no camping sign (which also means no overnight parking) . Not suitable for big rigs, no space to turn around

Big Pond Cove Parking 44.23621, -66.36901

I agree full…a great view over the bay, clear water. On daytime some locals and vacationers come here.
In the north is camping forbidden.
We stand a bit in the south, along the coast are many places to stay.
We spend two wonderful days here.

Wild camping with the the perfect view 44.83878, 13.97979

dormimos 1 noite na beira mar da praia de tabatinga lugar tranquilo não tem muita iluminação mas tem policiamento a noite

Tabatinga II beach -7.31311, -34.80300
Jamie Zelazny

Beautiful spot right next to Teepee Creek.

Picnic table. Fire pit. Clear, cool flowing water. Flat grassy area to park or pitch a tent.

The road in is fairly rough gravel, though any passenger car could make it if you go slow.

If you have a capable vehicle, you can cross the creek here and camp a little farther away from the road.

Teepee Creek Camp 49.27901, -115.58270
Jamie Zelazny

Large grassy area with a fire pit and space for several tents and vehicles.

Off the beaten path; you will most likely have this place to yourself.

Road in is bumpy gravel, but navigable in any passenger vehicle.

Yahk Camping 49.23938, -115.70541

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