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We stayed here last night.
50pp a person to camp and worth it.
Amazing beach/area, heard surf is good in season and very clean area. We were adopted by the sweetest black dog who didn’t leave our side the whole time 😔
People are super friendly, SUPER friendly
And we shared business between two places to help support them.
Very quiet we were alone except a few locals for drinks in evening.
Added location for second restaurant here but there is also a third.
End less sand beach and would spend more time if we didn’t have deadline.
I’m sure the turtles come here to hatch as well saw couple skeletal remains on walk to amazing dunes.
They need to start a sand boarding outfit here as well. Just couldn’t communicate that to them

Blue Rock Restaurant/Surf Camp 16.00841, -95.39994

We came up here to go see the ruins and what a treat.

Definitely abandoned but still quite the site
45-60mins of climbing up the trail, from the end of the road you will find the ruins.

Along the walk, almost immediately after you start, you will see remains of walls and structures. At the end of the trail is a grand reward.

We camped at end of road and it was beautiful evening but the BUGs are brutal FYI
Great sunrise

Zapotec Guiengola fortress (near Tehuantepec) 16.38206, -95.30746

we were there for changing the breakshoes and an inspection of the breaking system. The service was really great! we went to 4 different mechanics in town first, but the other shops were closed or not interested in repairing a diesel car. so we came to Vicar's Mechanic. the boss is very sympathic and competent, he knows what he is doing. thats a mechanic shop you hope to find abroad! i recommend this shop and would totally come back. the best thing: the autozone shop is right over the street, when you need some parts, just go there and buy it.

Servicio Mecánico 16.08224, -91.67340

Beautiful and silent place. Hot shower. The owners are very kind and friendly.

Camping Y Cabanas Las Bandurrias -41.48317, -72.83125

I asked him on the phone to come to Sharjah an fill our 5 kg Cadac gas cylinder. He whatsApped me, that this will cost 250 AED = 64 Euros. Negotiations failed. Far overpriced! Useless to say, that we didn't do it.

Gas Distributor 25.28016, 55.39327

We were disappointed with this campsite after previous reviews. The location is perfect for visiting Samburu NP as it is literally a couple of minutes from the gate. However I feel the campsite has been neglected, the toilets were quite frankly disgusting, the showers worked OK and we're refreshing but again dirty. I did engage with the team at the camp and although friendly they did not clean the ablutions even when asked, I cleaned a toilet just so we could use it. But we did have a huge elephant walk through the camp in the middle of the night and we stayed 2 nights to optimise our 24 hour park entry with an afternoon drive one day and an early morning drive the next day. I just feel it is a real shame as with a very small amount of work this campsite could be a gem. 1000 ksh pppn

Nashipa Eco Camp 0.62594, 37.64503

Campsite directly on a beautiful beach. Very friendly and helpful owners who live in the back. Basic facilities are there (pit toilet, bucket shower) and they cook delicious Gambian dishes. We ended up staying for 3 nights! You’ll need a 4x4 to drive to the place as you’ll have to cross some sand. It’s also possible to stay here with your tent.

2 Coconut Beach Camping, Bar & Restaurant 13.32356, -16.80424

Llegamos aprox 18hr y buscamos un claro para acampar. Es un buen sitio para carpa, hay que tener cuidado con las espinas. Pasamos una noche muy seguros por que no se ve prácticamente nada hacia la calle. El único problema es el tren y la planta de celulosa que hacen muchísimo ruido durante toda la noche.

Cruces River -39.55499, -72.89978

Still possible to tap drinkwater after you ask nicely 😁👍
Gave some tip and tanked diesel here.

Petrobras -25.41162, -70.47620

Need potable water? Every gazebo has a spigot at one of the corners. Fill a jug, bucket of pail. If you wish to stretch a host there are hose threads on the spigots. You'll need to get your rig close. Ok to park short term near gazebos as long as not blocking traffic.

Florida Welcome Center I-10 30.54455, -87.35189
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Adding this one because it’s not on Google. And can be very necessary when traveling. Delete if you wish. Just a general, all purpose pharmacy.

Farma Total -54.51078, -67.19368
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Very interesting collection. Fun to look around. Kitchen closes during mid-day but can still get coffee and desserts and toasted sandwich. Returned after it opened for a true meal. It was sort of blah in flavor. But the service is attentive and the place of fun to look around. Parking in front for any size rig. Even if it looks closed, it’s not. Ask to see second room of collection.

Museo Raíces Fueguinas -54.50541, -67.19434

I slept here one night, I was the only vehicle. No problem but I didn't feel safe. Very dark, lots of dogs, a bit of comings and goings of vehicles. If you sleep here add reassuring comments!

Playa Platanitos 21.35188, -105.23947

We went there with the aim of spending a night or two there, the place looked very beautiful. The lady at the entrance asked us 600 pesos per night for our class C 24 ft, impossible to negotiate (same price dry camping)... We finally slept at Platanitos. They should charge less and full there places and restaurant!

Paraiso Miramar Hotel & RV Park 21.44006, -105.19128

we stayed there yesterday and a police officer woke us up at midnight as we would not sleep there. he was very Nice and brought us to Texan gaz station 5min away. we finished the night there. i would not recommand staying there.

Wolters Park 29.67547, -96.90981

we spent two quiet nights here, but stood a little further to the right on the path because it smelled very much of fish

Wild Camp at rio Chico -51.69421, -69.22543

Perfect location to camp. Lots of trees to block the wind or setup a hammock.

Camp At Lago Escondido -54.65885, -67.80219

por longe um dos lugares mais mais onde ficamos! Não tem ducha, mas disponibiliza agua. No centro da cidade. Da pra fazer tudo caminhando na bela Mendoza. Além de tudo a atenção espectacular do Domingos e do Matias. Pagamos $1500 por diaria na nossa Sprinter, duas pessoas. Ficamos 4 dias. Excelente!

Parking San Lorenzo -32.89182, -68.84987

Old rundown and dirty (I had to pull a few long black hairs off the sheets and pillowcase before bed so I used my tshirt as a pillowcase). but great location with parking for large vehicles (see pic). It's right before the hotel on the same side of the road. Friendly staff.

hotel urdinola 25.42235, -101.00278

Standard Walmart
Lots of bright lights
Handful of other vans
Closest spot I could find to snowbasin

Walmart 41.23236, -111.98107

Very much covered in snow and not accessible this time of year

beach camping 41.28113, -111.81963

It appears Crisman Hollow Road is closed for the winter. Gate was locked. This is the only camp site available in the area right now! Good spot to spend the night, not good for trailers or super large rigs. I have a van and a tow car and was able to back both vehicles into the site separately.

Creekside Camp Site off Crisman Hollow, dirt road 38.73103, -78.51954

Great place on the beach. Low water pressure but we could fill our bottles. Nice view. Definitely recommended

Delegacion Policía de la Mujer -44.80122, -65.71061

Spent the night in the small lot to the north lot of BPS next to the boats. Didn't ask for permission and nobody bugged me. Good night's sleep, just a bit of highway noise.

Bass Pro 29.61076, -98.60240

The village is indeed in a nice location bit everything you could do as a tourist is quite expansive. Just to have the right to walk in the village, you have to pay 50 cedis. Waterfall and the canopee tour : 75 cedis. The walk to the top of the hill (20 min walk max) is 50 again... we left after a little talk with the tourist office woman. No hassle at all, but you have to pay.

Ametzofe 6.84379, 0.43507

A really great place to stay for a few night. Its peaceful, it gets fresh at night, toilet and shower available... Jean, the owner, is an amazing person, super friendly and really interested in travelers. He speaks french and english : half Togolese/half Ghanean. We paid 50 cedis each to stay the night. The food at the restaurant is really decent compare to every other restaurant we experienced. We are 3.2 meters high and we could park in a really nice and flat spot. There is indeed low branches but we just pushed them going very slow. We saw a lot worse but we wouldnt recommend for a truck much higher than us.
The owner´s phone number : +233549449140

Mountain Paradise Lodge 6.85063, 0.42018

They didn't let us park our motorcycles in the hostel, to be fair they only have a small patio that is used by the guests and they'd only let you park a bicycle or maybe a very small motorbike. We stayed anyway, there's few cheap private parkings around the area and the hostel was nice, for a private room during the week we paid around 11000ars

Puerto Limon Hostel -34.62048, -58.37560

went to the area on my hiking app called "camping Palomino". it's an old animal pasture full of coconut trees only accessible from the beach. there is a barbed wire fence but someone cut a hole in the fence at one end. technically the beach area closes at around 5-5:30 and cops will come start kicking people out so be sure to head for the campsite by then. as long as you walk with a purpose they won't bother you. we went to the back of the clearing so we weren't visible from the public area and no one bothered us all night. however by 9AM there was a local kid wandering around the pasture collecting coconuts so we packed up our campsite and hid it in the bushes. it was still there when we returned later that day (again around 5:30) and we weren't bothered again that night. nice tranquil spot. set up hammocks between palm trees. fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean. had coconut for breakfast.

Camping Palomino 11.42591, -73.09225

Only bicycle shop in town. Fair range of parts and accessories and mechanic available.

Owner Jesus Ordaz. ±1 830 7197475
[email protected]

Zen Bikes Bicycle Shop 29.41230, -100.26275

No need to get gas here if you’re heading to Panama. Plenty of gas stations directly after the border, and a lot cheaper!

Gas station before border crossing 9.59841, -82.74454

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