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Delicious fried Rice there. Only to go. 25 cedi for a big portion. Really friendly team !

Fried Rice To go 7.58058, -1.93616

Great place for visiting the town of Denia. Quiet at night. Supermarket 5 mins walk away. Town approx 10 mins walk. lots of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The castle is worth a visit, great views.

Public Parking, 03700 Denia 38.84658, 0.10402

Beautiful beach, inexpensive, $150 pesos a night

La Poma 29.90858, -114.45959

Amazing ! It take us about 2 hours (go and return) with a nice break in front the second waterfall

Parque Pumalín – Sendero Cascadas Escondidas -42.67583, -72.57964

Very nice to have a swim in the river. The night was quiet there were only a lot of mosquitos. But with a mosquito net you are fine.

Wildcamp at river of TAH 7 8.87737, -12.80928

Dormimos no estacionamento 12 do parque da cidade. No dia seguinte iria ocorrer um evento e tinha segurança à noite que iria ficar até às 7 da manhã. No dia seguinte, muito movimento por causa do evento. O segurança até ofereceu para ficarmos em uma área isolada do evento, mas teríamos que sair antes das 7, por isso optamos por ficar no estacionamento mesmo.

Parking lot -15.78624, -47.83392

Stayed here 1 night with no issues. It’s in a busier area, so lots of foot traffic. But we slept like babies. There are also some public restrooms very close by that seemed to be open 24/7. We would definitely stay again!

North Straub Park 27.77685, -82.63024

This is an extremely popular spot. You’ll see all kinds of rigs from across the world here. Spots can run out so it’s necessary to show up early to get a spot. Unfortunately, there’s one pit toilet and with all of the overlanders around there’s a lot of use of bushes as well, which unfortunately means both human waste and quite a bit of paper waste around.

Parking Lot across from Visitor Center -49.33611, -72.87983

The only wifi around. Claro doesn’t work beyond text messages and WhatsApp despite our phones saying we have 4G / LTE.

Free WiFi -49.33208, -72.88604

As described, better than the other spots along this stretch of the 40. Very nice view and you have decent wind protection from a dug out gravel hill on the east side of the little hill. You’re visible from only one side of the road. We had a very quiet night (even with a pop-up roof). No cell reception.

near viewpoint el monito -50.34249, -71.52112

it's in a private area of a family. they are very Nice but yes you can not go on the beach with your véhicule, and stay at the end of the path... i m not sure this kind of place should be in ioverlander...

Beach -41.21846, -72.56694

We were moved on from here by a guy from a nearby finca. We moved to the very acceptable quarry to the west. It was much more secluded and quiet there.

Hidden from RN52 -23.46561, -66.10548

Nice place along the river, but now no acces for car, only by walk or bike.

wild spot on Percy river (Trevelin) -43.07125, -71.47235

Lots of potential spots to choose from here, easy to get out of wind, view from the road and what little road noise there may be. Only disturbance was some, presumably illegal, midnight dumping.

Roadside Quarry, Salinas Grande -23.43860, -66.15282

excellent Site at the river, only a few Kilometer gravel Road from the Highway a5. very scenic eucalyptus trees. No hot Water but very Clean bathroom. paid 17.000 Pesos for 2 Persons and 1 campervan.

Camping Aguas Claras de Victoria -38.30998, -72.40086

Quiet site with only a bit of room of hard packed sand otherwise might get stuck
One fire ring
Tide is out at least 1/2 mile leaving mud flats

By the sea 31.15405, -114.89194

the shower increased a lot, it is now 700 pesos, the guy said that the reason is that someone stole the shower device in the man's bathroom.
apart from that, everything is good

YPF - El Calafate -50.33105, -72.23037

Its the only place you can sleep inside the park. As mentioned,free, good bathrooms. Police will make you fill up some info and would need passport copies. Highly recommend it, quiet after 10pm in weekends.

Parque Tena -0.98605, -77.82090
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Lovely warm filling-the-stomach lunch in the cafe of the Estacion (lentil stew with meat and basket of bread and butter)

Municipal Camping - Ushuaia -54.84574, -68.57951
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Lovely warm filling-the-stomach lunch in the cafe of the station. Lentil stew with meat and basket of bread and butter.

Estacion del tren del fin do mundo -54.83230, -68.42194

What an amazing spot and such thorough information that was immensely useful! Thankfully we found a spot immediately as someone was pulling away; we felt so lucky and never imagined finding a free spot so near to South Beach! We felt comfortable enough to stay there 2 nights in a row, but we’re still extremely mindful in staying stealth as much as possible.

***Disclaimer***we unfortunately were a witness to a bigger rig (RV-style) getting towed. I doubt they intended to sleep the night (who knows!), but since they were bigger than 20ft, they were taking 2 spots and that’s a big no no. Parking agent had no pity and towed them!

We even validated with a parking agent about being parked there overnight, and he confirmed it was legit. He did disclaim that with all the condo towers getting built around, this will change probably shortly, so enjoy while it lasts.

West Ave & 7 Street 25.77720, -80.14212

Nice spots under roofs, also enough space for big vans on the grass. Electricity. Showers basic but warm. The nearby road is a bit noisy. Often pigs visit the area which is funny but not annoying.
Paid 7000 pP.

Puesto Mesa -44.12186, -72.45490

Stayed two nights. $13 with a Golden Age pass. Reasonably close to the gulf coast so we went there for the day. A lot of people here look pretty much moved in. Quiet.

Big Biloxi National Forest Campground 30.56776, -89.12842

William and his team are amazing ! Very profesional, they found our piece and ordered it right away in Guatemala City.
They changed the broken U joint on our Iveco from 1988 in 2 hours for a very reasonable price.
They will take the time to see what’s your pb and fix it even if it’s not a land rover :)

Landrover Specialist 14.53705, -90.76924
Happy Bones Family

Stayed here 2 nights because our kayaking trip was delayed. Fantastic spot! There are picnic tables for each "site." Some fishermen going in and out but overall quiet. There's a porta potty on site...quite full though. We stayed in a truck camper with a pop-top. No issues. We will stay here again if we're in the area! We used starlink here perfectly. Decent version service.

Ozello Community Park 28.86757, -82.66587

Es un lindo río con naturaleza alrededor, precioso para pasar la noche.

Orilla del Río -2.88423, -78.94993

Pretty nice camping. With a natural pool and hammocks. There is a bar and a restaurant. Not cheap but food was good. Staff friendly and we negotiate 700$ for 2 adults and 2 childs

Ecocamping Valladolid 20.66083, -88.19908

Don't follow directions to get here as it will bring you on the wrong road, follow Google maps or ask around.
The camping is one of the best we've seen so far, super clean, with a clean and furnished kitchen (the place is a hostel as well) and an amazing view of the surrounding landscape.
The place is perfect to meet other motorcyclists, there's a good atmosphere and the owner traveled a lot himself so have loads of good advices.
The place is still in construction and there's only one shower so I think the price at the moment is a bit too high (40reais pp) but when it will be finish it will be absolutely worth it.

Camping motochileiro -28.06883, -49.61127

$10 for a no hookups tent site. Flush toilets. Hot shower! Bathrooms are gross though. There’s one or two water spigots and electrical outlets near the tent sites. Wasn’t too busy the weekend we were there. It’s a nice site and for the price you get a lot. There’s just not much to do around!

Burns Campsite 29.57317, -91.53764

Its now 3usd for two people and a dog. Quite expensive for what you get. Its a 5minute stop. But impressive tree 😍.

Arbol gigante - Giant tree -1.02543, -77.66964

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