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Parking slot used by the lokals for parking their tracks, nevertheless pretty quiet for a place in downtown. The next metro station is only a few meters away.

Qatar National Museum - Doha 25.28459, 51.54936

Filled up with diesel and they let us use the water

Portal das Dunas Gás Station -22.89674, -42.04067

A couple of flattish spots for small campervan. No facilities but great moonrise and sunrise. Some shelter from wind. Building is currently under construction and open, so sheltered from wind to cook in.

Cueva de los Manos bush camp -47.17090, -70.68014

This a ⛽️ and they have DIESEL and when they are closed you can call a nummer. Sunday are open to 13:00 uur!

FJ Bande /tyres -29.66265, 17.07865

Local tranquilo, seguro e com chuveiro quente grátis.

Posto Abrolhos -17.91078, -39.82927

it was a good spot for one night to stay.

Los Tucanes 18.58845, -91.03903

we stopped here, but we couldn't find a mechanic here.

Taller mecanico El Negro 18.59667, -91.03289

It's parking close to the road. A little bit noise from trucks. Nobody disturb us at night

Roadside 30.08663, 31.96833

Stayed one night here, one other van with us. Great parkinglot and leveld. 11pm somebody came with a cleaning machine, would say like an hour.. but after that at 1am there were a lot of cars and they honked together and some guys were at the home depot (inside?) and stood in front of the door.. that was a little bit terrifying. Seemed like they drove around us and that didn’t feel good.. but as always in Cali no other places allowed to stay

Peaceful Home Depot 35.60710, -120.69212

Cabins near the canyons with all the infrastructure

Morada do Corujão -29.09929, -49.92084

The campsite offers on-site camping for socialising around the fire. There are 11 stands and every stand is on the grass and has a power point. The ablution block has showers, toilets and sinks. There is also a sink for dishes with hot water. Tents and stretchers are available on request. There is also a swimming pool and trampoline available for our camping guests.

Uncapped Wifi, Guesthouse on the premises as well as a Restaurant

Die Hut -33.15613, 18.65691

Lovely. Everything was amazing! Clean and neat ablutions, Each person has his own ablution. Soft lawns

Die Hut -33.15613, 18.65691

Several no overnight parking signs. No campers, TT’s or overnighters found

Walmart 43.03524, -85.69221

Nothing stating that the area is closed but the pit toilets are locked and the place is certainly not being maintained. Stayed here 2 nights without issue. Kind of close to the road and there’s a kennel up the road so some noise from the dogs barking in the evening but they settled down shortly after dark.

Moodys Landing Recreation Area 31.05397, -89.11765

Nice place, friendly people. I use my garden hose. Was perfect!

Planta Purificadora La Chulita 23.59240, -109.58846

nice plazoleta. wifi still work. some shadow, good place for a break. water tap in the center of the plaza.

Plaza 25 de Mayo . San Jose -26.81162, -66.07508
Kathy J

The review on iOverlander is spot on! We stayed between marker 102 and 103. 3 days max stay in 21 day period. Rangers will take your license plate to enforce but not a bad experience. They are very nice! No parking permit is needed here. Park 10 feet off dune, leave space for road, fires have to be on the water side not the dune side, dogs off leash if recalled by voice command. Any questions, a ranger will come by so you can ask. They are making sure beach is clean and people are doing what they should. Safe feel!

Free Marker 99-103 27.69836, -97.15361
Jacob and colleen

Perfect spot to stay overnight on a long drive just to sleep. Wouldn’t reccommend sleeping here to hang out. The parking is on both sides ! There was quite a bit of trash in the grass but a good view. Expect a lot of truckers as well. No one bothered us !

Designated Parking Area 35.73414, -105.04607

We recommend that you book your ferry in advance : +505 8966-4983 or +505 2569-4228
Departure from Jan Jorge to Moyogalpa 07.45 A.M. / 08.30 A.M. / 10.30 A.M. / 12.00 m. / 02.30 p.m. / 04.30 p.m. / 5.45 p.m. 50 c per person + 470 c camper van + 2$ pp impuesto.

Port Of San Jorge Ferry Terminal 11.45975, -85.79072

One of the really good workshops and spare parts places we encountered so far. Very friendly and helpful, all kinds if repairs on all kinds of vehicles

Spare parts and Mechanics 13.98584, -89.56857

US Army corps of engineers campground on Lake Allatoona.

150 sites, mostly back in and waterfront sites with water and electric. 34$ a night for waterfront sites, 30$ for regular. Beautiful and peaceful. reservations have to made online at

McKinney Campground 34.10484, -84.69700

Good wifi, but the showers for the womans are not working. Its broken. And the other shower is a bit working i gues cold

YPF -46.55038, -71.62754

Very cozy place!
We paid 15.000 each for 3 persons
Hot showe, wood fire, kitchen.
Oweners are really friendly!!

Cabaña Lomas del Sur -46.72723, -72.46685

Nice quait place to rest or take a beach and ocean. Enter from vila tishka parkong place

Beach without wind 32.72547, -9.05592

Decent beach & view of the city (4G with Claro), but the bush camping up top is littered and not very sexy. There is less trash if you opt for less wind protected areas. Also, there are rodents here - along with quite a few beach spots along the coast. We believe they made their way into our engine for a late night plastic snack and shelter. We heard them and found a chunk gnawed off from our coolant cap… the dunes just south of town is the prettiest and secluded spot near town! We didn’t look at the spots further up the coastline from here.

beach la compresora -45.78605, -67.39442

For 50cedi a person you get a tour to spot monkeys in the wild. You feed them bananas. They eat them out of your hand.
A guarantee to spot the monkeys and to walk through the forest. We had a nice time.

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary 6.90529, 0.38781

Still open and a great spot to do laundry! Washers range between $2-5 USD. Very clean.

Dolphins Wash 31.11431, -114.89954

The 8113B road off the Scenic Loop has maybe half dozen spots along here, all nicely spread out. The road conditions get worse the further in you go, especially past the cemetery. But we made it, slowly, in our Ford Transit. The road conditions probably changes frequently, depending when it was last graded or recent rainfall. If you are nervous about the road, best to stay on the Scenic Loop or over on Bates Road.
This road is also the Hello Mexico bike trail, if you happen to have one of the mountain bike trail maps from the visitor center.

8113B 32.33097, -112.89719

The dirt road fords the river at a shallow section. You can camp on the river Bank to the right. In the dry season big parts of the river are also dry and you can camp on those.
Perfect for motorcycles and tents, and 4x4 camping. There is space for small campers (less so in the wet season) but beware that a lot of it is loose sand and stones so I recommend walking it before you drive in. In the dry 2x4s should make it. (The dirt road in has some drive-in-drive-out type holes and ruts that can have mud.)

Idyllic place for swimming, camp fires and a few trees for shade. Little fish and tadpoles in the water. Lots of birds.

Locals came in the early evening to swim and wash their car in the ford. One car used the Ford after dark. But they just left us to it.

Mobile phone reception with data works mostly.

River Bank by Ford 16.98037, -88.40068

This was a great pull off for one night. It was a little muddy but the ground was frozen so that helped. Road is well traveled and not super long. No problem for almost any vehicle unless it’s muddy or snowy. It’s a bit of a tight space for larger RVs. Fit our 25’ van easy. Service was shorty but no road noise though someone drove through on what sounded like a can-am with every possible modification to make it louder around midnight. I’d still stop again.

Make sure you stop at Thunderbird if you’re heading north for breakfast. Breakfast was AMAZING

Kanab wild camping very nice! 37.07787, -112.54038

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