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nice lodge, fresh water is an issue. but you can desinfect or buy water.
beautiful cabin 30k including breakfast and dinner.
bunk beds 10k.
dinner 5k, breakfast 2.5k
camping 8k.
beer 3k
this is the perfect spot to spend a night. if you do not want to pay, you can sleep in the intermediate hut, or hut 3 if you being your own blanket and mattress (cold nights). there is water captured from the roof in those places.

Fako lodge 4.19382, 9.19778

We travel by bicycle. We spent a night along the river. Few flat spots for several tents. Very quiet. Internet works perfectly there. Water river wasn’t cold.

nice spot next to river 40.38396, 20.30092
The Wandering Wasp

Dorm accommodation with 3 meals provided for 500 Nepali rupees a night. Parking available for motorcycle.

Korean Monastery 27.47886, 83.27154

It’s free with plenty of space. Great for a night or two. Don’t expect a quiet camping experience. I’ve stayed here twice. Locals use this place for recreation and fishing and will continue to do so regardless of what you are doing.

Lake Mauzy Designated Dispersed Campsites 37.62298, -87.85744

water spigot on the right of the building. no hose just a spigot. super nice staff, stay respectful folks.

bridgeway gas 38.44618, -122.86640

Aa described by everyone! Toilets are extremely clean and the family are suuuper nice and friendly!
But the thing that nobody comment is that was noisy. From the other campers, street, dogs, cats, etc. A looot of noise, I don’t understand why everyone says that is quiet!
55dirham one person, moto and tent.

Camping Said, Mohammedia 33.72554, -7.33681

Awesome view off the rock when you climb it. fire rings and some old chairs up there too. but no view from the spot itself. so consider that. road up is terrible. but we made it with a large truck camper and just in 2wd -f250

Mountain View Pulloff 49.92205, -123.15363

Hidden gem! Stayed two nights along the "lake" (dry). Nice and quiet, was only a few other RV's there. If you dislike packed RV parks this is the place for you. $15/night power + water

Lake McClellan Campground 35.21572, -100.86650

Arrive between 4 and 4:30 p.m. to park up for the night before your ferry the next morning. I didn't even have to be sneaky - the guy I spoke to said people do it all the time they leave a small gate open for people to go in and out. perfect!

Blackball ferry 48.42163, -123.37277

Very clean and quiet spot. There were a few other campers around but it wasn't hard finding a secluded spot when we pulled in around midnight. Smooth roads, very level ground and a few fire pits in certain spots. Highly recommend this spot, the sunrise is gorgeous!

Picket Post Mountain 33.27009, -111.18539

Local muito tranquilo. Excelente para descansar. Recomendamos.

Camping dos Vales -28.84113, -52.19891

Stayed here and other sites in the NF over the course of 4 days; there were plenty of sites to choose from spread out down essentially each road you take. Was even able to find a site during the weekend of the 2024 eclipse, so there's a good chance you'll find one yourself. Primitive, but simple fire pits seem to be at most sites.

HNF campsite 39.01099, -86.29379

Stopped off for an overnight camp on our way north, campsite was empty and at 440 , it was a bit steep. Reception wasn’t very accommodating.Decided to move on a bit more where we found an amazing place

Ombo Rest Camp -21.89269, 16.90696

Beautiful, peaceful campsite next to waterhole, large enough for our camper truck. Friendly staff and well priced for what you get. Clean private ablutions and clean swimming pool for hot days. Sad we can’t stay longer

Omatozu Safari Lodge -21.76288, 16.84957

nous y étions le 06/04/24 pas de probleme personne ne nous a rien dit
pas de poubelle ,il y a des panneaux indiquand de ramener ses déchets
se garer au fond sur le vieux goudron
bruit des trains et de la cloche du passage a niveau qui peut sonner toute la nuit si un train est garé sur le passage
beaucoup de barges sur le Mississipi aussi
mais c est mieux que rien

The Queen Casino 30.46100, -91.19152

nous y étions le 06/04/24 pas de probleme personne ne nous a rien dit
pas de poubelle ,il y a des panneaux indiquand de ramener ses déchets
se garer au fond sur le vieux goudron
bruit des trains et de la cloche du passage a niveau qui peut sonner toute la nuit si un train est garé sur le passage
beaucoup de barges sur le Mississipi aussi
mais c est mieux que rien,et surtout visiter le capitol qui est tout proche ,il y a des parking au pied de la tour gratuit

The Queen Casino 30.46100, -91.19152

A private cove, what a joy! The view of the island across the water is amazing and from the hill tops around you can see quite far.

The road into the cove is from the north west side and is indeed not the easiest. I did it with a 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser camper (7500lbs). It’s only 200m so you can walk it first to decide for yourself.

private dolphin cove 29.06205, -113.54323

Not the best spot but ok for a night, no body arround

Lakeside 42.50496, 76.50656

Nice place. Clean rooms with cold running water and shower. Western toilet. Mosquito net in every room. Simple room is 26,000 BUF, VIP room is 40,000 BUF. Nice view of the lake. Polite staff. Restaurant food is good 👍 Has WIFI but it is quite slow and sometimes no data coming.

Nyanza Lac Palace Hotel -4.34761, 29.59548

We had a wonderfull time at Gileboom. Stayed 4 nights. Room is perfect, breakfast is delicious. Enjoyed the walks in the beautiful surroundings and the great conversations and laughs we had with Mahin and Khosro. Would definitly recommend this place, good atmosphere. Love their nature philosophy. 

Gileboom Eco Lodge 37.00327, 50.49420

a cargado balón de gas de Perú.muy amable, recomendado

Eni gas glp -1.54206, -78.03335

Personnel très aimable et efficace.
Tout est fait en moins de 5 minutes.
Pas donné ! 21000 pour échange garafa 10 litres.
Mais gros avantage : prennent toutes les couleurs !

Riva gas -41.16951, -71.33204

Nice manager. We were two cars and two people. He gave us a room for 15,000 Kz, we could use the toilet and shower and we each got a decent breakfast. We slept in our cars in the guarded hotel parking lot.

GET Hotel -12.77369, 15.73826

We followed a small track along a beautiful side arm of the Senegal river. You can buy melons & mangoes along the main road. Along the track are many gardens and it’s a little tricky to find a section where you can stand close to the river. This spot seems to be no garden, it’s visible only a little from the few frequented track. The smaller the rig the further you can drive into the bushes. Coconut palms & a big mango tree, sadly both not ripe yet…

Leave the mainroad here:
16.5540822, -15.5215925

Along Side Arm of Senegal River 16.56139, -15.53531

You can see the stars at night. We're on a bicycle. Flat space to bring two to three tent. Stay away for the night, visit the day

col d'Abra pampamali -13.08361, -74.57114

Every Saturday there is the local market. Possible to eat, drink and buy food and clothes. There's all of them! Quick Restaurant: Pollo-dice Broster

Mercado -13.05139, -74.48362
looney _tunes

COE campground, beautiful forest area, short walk to the lake, hot showers with excellent water pressure.

The Narrows 35.56250, -92.19806

This shop can change or fill up your US propane bottle. Ours was a 20 pounds one. They gave us the posibility to change it, but their bottles were a little old, so we decided to ask them to fill it, it took from thursday to saturday, cause its sent to a neerby city for the filling. Price was 6020 Colones, so 12 dolars. Open from mon-sat: 7am to 7pm, sun: 8am to 5pm. WhatsApp: +506 8324 9595. Answer right away.

Multigas Express Z Sardinal 10.52299, -85.65032

As described. Please note that this machine takes quarters only. Not bills, no card.

Salt free water station 34.15072, -114.29468

Nice spots along this partially gravel and dirt road. Easy enough to drive on in my 2wd and 13ft camper.

Beautiful rocks.

You can hear the road noise a little, but not an issue for a short stay.

A few others dispersed around this road. A small sign at the entrance explains the rules (14 day limit).

2 bars Verizon.

BLM - about 20 miles south of Needles on the 95 34.59363, -114.63689

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