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nice and clean with AC. my room is actualy brand new. laundry service. close to the port to go ask the captains everyday if thay can take your motorcycle. 50k pesos a night for single room. 6k parking for motorcycle or small rigs across the street, at the left of gaz station. feels safe. restaurants and D1 shop 2 min walk.

hotel Saussa 9.77076, -75.64259

nous sommes restés 2 jours. bon accueil. ombragé. Le propriétaire est passé en famille, et à partager les grillades et spécialités libanaise.

Greenland - 4x4 5.41429, -3.85385

very nice staff, since it was my first time using planet fitness they gave me a free trial. great private showers, bring soap and a towel.

Planet Fitness 40.64004, -111.88974

There are a lot of car wash places in this street, we went to this one as we fit in our 3.2m.
They were not sure how much they want to charge as they have never cleaned a campervan before.
We have a sprinter and we agreed on 10 USD to clean the exterior and beneath the car.
Very good service.

Car Wash 13.34287, -87.86338

Express Exchange. here you can change Euro or Dollar in xfa Franc for Cameroon and Congo. Good and correct change rate

Express Exchange 2.67028, 12.67667

they had no propane operators. they recommend diamond back shop which was super cheap and fast.

circle K 33.38800, -111.52801

Stayed way in back behind the buildings. Pretty quiet. There is potable water here too. See other icon.

TA travel stop 35.18924, -114.07025
Patrick Cashman

This is a semi trailer parking area, owned by the city (or town?) of Parkers Crossroads. I parked here overnight. There are no signs saying no parking, though there is a No Trespassing sign on the road leaving the lot to the east, into TN state land.

Warning: don't park in the grass if it's wet and you have a big rig. You may get stuck, as there is soft ground under the grass.

Parkers Crossroads truck lot 35.78618, -88.39136
Patrick Cashman

I parked here to work during the day. There is easy in/out access for big rigs. Lots of restaurants nearby, and of course the Walmart, which is nice inside. There are signs saying no tractor trailer parking but from satellite view and what I saw, there are semis here a lot. No signage about RVs or campers.

Walmart Supercenter 35.84852, -86.42790

There is no longer a washer and dryer here and hasn’t been for several years. The attendant is tired of telling overlanders there no laundry. Everything else is great. There are still showers, clean bathrooms and plenty of places to park.

Altoque Terpel Gas Station 4.24169, -74.61905

First they refused to have showers, after a help from another client, they offered us their showers.

They have one cold shower only. You can give tips (propina).

Water & Showers - Shell Station -30.01334, -70.83469

This place is permanently closed. No purified water anymore

Purified water -29.98203, -70.94729

Free water fill up!! Also a nice place to stop and take a walk on an otherwise very bland stretch of driving

Big Springs State Park 32.22934, -101.48190

The showers and sauna (steam pipe) are in the same rooms, which may be individual (12 Bs.), double (20 Bs.) or family (didn’t ask). One hour time. Good and comfortable facilities, very clean. Bathrooms included.

Sauna San Silvestre -17.94859, -67.11389

drove up a bit and slept at the trailhead. Great spot for the night and super easy to get to

big rig friendly 34.52083, -112.08384

You can buy purified water here for 1500 Pesos for 20l. Friendly owner

Ferreteria AND purified water -29.99942, -71.04620

probably best bicycle shop in Iran. They have many many shimano and dome sram parts. The knowladge of the mechanic is top tier he once was a mechanic for the national iranian cycling team. The owner of the shop speaks english, both a really friendly. they offered me chai und dates while I was waiting for my bike. This is the go to place when you need any maintenance for your bike!!! better than many european bike shops

Shiraz bike home Club 29.63767, 52.55118

This point for water don’t exist anymore

Puente del Inca- water -32.82465, -69.90916

We printed 27 pages/documents in B/W and paid 3,25 USD.

Copies/Printing (Foto Nelson) 13.34172, -87.85979

Water tap beside the sani station. Looks clean

Water tap at Eagles Nest Pub 48.94576, -125.54934

Sanitary grey waste sign only. It's on the left as you drive in, underneath the bushes, across from the pub. Look for the white piping. I went to ask someone but they were closed (maybe I was too early in the season at the start of April). There is also a water tap beside it.

Island West Resort 48.94589, -125.54941

Water is available free,i use my hose.
Water near the air station

One 9 Fuel Stop 35.22212, -112.47924

Quite and clean.

The place is located at the entrance of the National park. There is a little sign stating 5 lari per night / Camping.

But we didn’t pay as no one show up.

- easy to reach from the main road

Borjomi NP 41.83650, 43.33321

Spent 2 night here. Many pullout locations. I chose one on the North of Mallard Lake. Also more roads leading north with additional pullouts just check google maps to do a little recon.. Can be pretty busy on weekends with Anglers. You'll probably be up around 7 am just due to fishers drivin by. Not bad for a few days 🏕

Mallard Lake 35.86498, -90.09936

No longer able to accommodate any stays. Thank you

Grace Baptist Church Parking Lot 26.06036, -80.40477

Sorry but we are no longer able to accommodate any stays. Thank you

Grace Baptist Church Parking Lot 26.06036, -80.40477

Not possible to camp at this location. The armada/police came to say you need to camp where the parillas are (where the wild camping pin is).

na barca com Noah -34.20405, -58.06979

Large, paved lot right below the rest stop. There are signs posted everywhere prohibiting camping. We took that mean 'don't move in and set up shop'. It was great for one night. Potable water spigot up the hill.

Rest Stop - Trucker's Parking 41.23844, -105.43636

Ya no existe esta canilla de agua. Unos metros más adelante, camino hacia el pueblo de bocas, encontramos una cañería con agua con la que pudimos recargar nuestro tanque. Zona en construcción, nose cuanto tiempo va a estar disponible.

Vibe de Dois: tap on the sidewalk 9.37382, -82.23890

Good place to gas and water fill up

Big parking

road ranger gas and water fillup 34.91340, -91.19480

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